Blue Protocol Crafting – How and Where to Craft?

Hello, folks! Blue Protocol Crafting is one of the features in the game where you can select a certain material that you want to have. Before being able to have that, there will be ingredients you need to have before being able to craft that certain material. In this Blue Protocol Crafting Guide, you will be able to learn how and where to craft in the game. So hang on and stay with us!

blue protocol drafting - craft list

How to Craft?

To start this Blue Protocol Crafting Guide, learning how to craft is an important thing to learn since it’s crucial knowledge while proceeding with the game. There are three easy steps you need to follow so that you can learn how to craft!

Three Easy Steps

1. Get the Recipe2. Get the materials you need3. Go to a place where you can craft

Before being able to craft, it requires to have both crafting recipes and ingredients. Crafting recipes can be acquired as rewards upon completing missions and from treasure chests found in the field. If you are short on the required materials, add them to your wish list. This way, you’ll receive a notification once the materials are collected.

Where to Craft?

  • Imagine Research Institute
    • Within the Imagine Research Institute, you can craft both Monster Imagines and Enhanced Imagines. Equipping an Imagine can enhance your battle score, so if you currently lack one, it’s important to get those and equip them.
Blue Protocol Imagine Research Institute
  • Rolling Ball Forge
    • Within the Rolling Ball Forge, you can craft various items and weapons. Crafting weapons requires a significant amount of materials, so it’s important to add these materials to your wish list when you have a weapon recipe.
Blue Protocol Rolling Ball Forge

Blue Protocol Crafting Conclusion

And that will be all, folks! Learning this Blue Protocol Crafting is important since you can use this knowledge while you are progressing in the game. Remember the three easy steps to craft, and you will do fine! Make sure also to remember the two locations where you can craft, and you can pin those so that you will not forget them.

We hope this Blue Protocol Crafting was able to help you understand crafting in the game. You can visit our Blue Protocol Homepage to see more guides just like this. We also do guides to the other MMO games, and you can visit our community discord to ask us about them!

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