Combat In Starfield Looks Epic! Everything We Know So Far!

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There’s just so much to cover when it comes to the topic of Starfield and just like any previous Bethesda release, fighting stuff is going to be a huge chunk of it. So here’s what to expect from Combat in Starfield.


First things first, combat in Starfield can be played out in first-person or third person! Whatever you prefer! With most of the footage shown in trailer’s, leaks & imagery so far seeming to lean more towards the first person aspect which we can only assume is seen as the more organic way to play & potentially the best way to experience it & get fully immersive but hey, it’s all up to your preference.


When it comes to combat in previous Bethesda titles like Skyrim & The Fallout series, it is commonly known that getting into a fight can have a history of movement & engagement with enemies at times, being quite clunky & not exactly fluid. Combat in Starfield looks to change that from what we’ve already seen with the ability to run, jump & slide built in. Gone are the days of having to add such movement to The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim with a community made mod. Its exciting to see smooth movement being shown in each video release from running and sliding into cover to jumping high and raining fire down on enemies with a jetpack, or ‘boost pack’ as the Bethesda team are calling it. That’s right! There’s a boost pack that can seemingly enhance movement & things like energy consumption.

Another aspect worth noting when it comes to how it feels to be in combat in Starfield is that as opposed to the item swapping & adaptation whilst mid combat in previous titles like Skyrim. Wherein the player would often be forced to pause the game mid-fight and go into their inventory to switch weapons, potions, items or spells. There seems to be a smoother option available shown as a + sign pad style menu with quick options such as different weapons, healing & equipment shown for quick selection, allowing a much smoother flowing combat experience.


Speaking of energy consumption. Whether you prefer to use less energy & sit and pick enemies off from afar with a long range weapon or get up close & personal either in a stealthy manner or just straight up brawling face to face. Combat in Starfield will offer players the opportunity to completely tailor make their character to their preferred style or style’s of combat. The classic stealth system that Bethesda games are so well known for makes it’s return with several clips showing the ‘hidden’ status on the HUD of the player as they’re seen sneaking through ventilation shafts to drop down on unsuspecting NPC’s or creeping past a patrolling group of hostiles.

If that’s not quite your cup of tea, then maybe you can get stuck in with your bare fists as a complete & utter brawler with traits catered to making your characters physical attribute’s much more formidable. There’s even a perk from what we’ve seen that allows a stun effect and bonus damage when throwing big haymakers while unarmed.

Or maybe you’re a fan of blowing stuff up like a Michael Bay movie! In which case, of course, there’s a full stack of traits tailored to having big explosive, bang-boom style weaponry & being super effective with it. Launchers, miniguns, rocket launchers & laser style weaponry has all been shown in great variation.

Within combat in starfield there will be an incredible amount of options in variation with combat styles with everything from run and gun shooting gameplay where you can shoot environmental hazards such as cryogenic tanks, explosive barrels or crates and more to sneaky backstabbing with unique blades & swords. There seems to even be option’s to develop the ability to use some form of mind control on hostile alien life form’s potentially for combat usage against other enemies.


Starfield has an incredible range of weaponry with some of the development team claiming that it’s by far the most insanely, large catalogues of weapon and upgrade options in any game they’ve worked on so far as a studio.

The types of weapons we’ve seen confirmed so far in Starfield are:

Ballistic Weapons

Firearms as we know them today with traditional projectile ammunition.

Energy weapons

Laser or pulse fire style weapons using raw energy as ammunition as opposed to solid projectiles.

Mag Weapons

The mag weaponry has been described as magnetic multi barrel weapons, which look to deal heavy-set burst damage.

These weapon types in Starfield are then spread across categories like:

Sniper Rifles and Precision Weapons
SMG’s/Submachine Guns, Pistols & Compact Weapons
Swords, Knives & Various Melee Weapons
Heavy Weapons like Launchers, Machine Guns, Miniguns & Shotguns

All of these offer their own insane amount of unique customisation options with everything from scopes, optics, barrels, suppressors, magazines & different types of ammunition being customisable.

It’s worth noting that when fighting in low-gravity environments it’s been revealed that firing a ballistic projectile style weapon can force you to be kicked backwards in the air whereas energy based weaponry will not have an effect on the players movement in such environments.


From what we’ve seen so far in gameplay footage & imagery there looks to be 5 main subcategories of skills and each of these could have differing effects on combat.

The categories shown so far are:


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