Helpful King Legacy Codes February 2024

This Helpful King Legacy Codes February 2024 article lists all of the available codes that you can redeem in the game. Redeeming it can make your experience easier as it contains in-game rewards.

King Legacy Codes February 2024

Are you ready to begin your pirate adventure? King Legacy is a Roblox game where you will experience what being a pirate is like by doing adventure, training, collecting items, and defeating enemies.


In this game, King Legacy, you will have the freedom to choose what kind of fighting style you want, whether by using a sword, gun, or defense as your main focus. The main goal of this game is by going to an adventure, explore the different islands, and finish the quests, thereby defeating specific enemies just to level up and gain Beli, the main currency. By leveling up, you can upgrade your stats, which helps your gameplay to be much easier as the higher your level, the higher your stats are. But as well as your enemies, you need to be careful before fighting them and have strategic gameplay first!

King Legacy Codes February 2024 Gameplay

The game can be grindy as it has a lot of quests and the other quests can be repeated to finish in a day but it’s still limited. But it’s not required as you still have the choice of whether you’ll grind it or not. King Legacy is inspired by the anime, One Piece, but it is not their official game. It has features such as Hakis, different kinds of Devil Fruits which can be consumed to unlock different kinds of abilities. You can also use Beli to buy weapons, items, and boost your stats, and even reset it.

King Legacy Codes February 2024

In this Helpful King Legacy Codes February 2024 article, you will be able to learn all of the gift codes that can be redeemed. Its’ contents are in-game rewards that will be able to help you as you progress in the game. So make sure that you stay in this Helpful King Legacy Codes February 2024, as we are going to continue updating this article so you can get the game codes and redeem them immediately before they expire!

Active Codes

  • ExperienceDoubling – x2 EXP for 30 minutes
  • Sub2Leepungg – 30 minutes of x2 EXP and 10 Gems
  • YT10K – 30 minutes of x2 EXP
  • shutdownhotfix – 2 Gold Keys
  • UPDATE5 – 5 Copper Keys
  • Peodiz – 100k Beli
  • DinoxLive – 100k Beli
  • Peodiz10k – 10 Gems
  • quickshutdown – 25 Gems
  • 2MFAV – stat reset
  • 10KYZX-4LPQ8-WFJ – stat reset

Expired Codes

  • Update4.7
  • Halloween2023
  • Update4.6YAY
  • Thx4Waiting
  • 1MLikes
  • 2BVisits
  • 3xilescha1r
  • UPDATE4.5.3
  • 950KLIKES
  • 2023
  • delayedchristmas2022
  • UPDATE4.5.2
  • UPDATE4.0.2
  • UPDATE4.5.0
  • 900KLIKES
  • lagshallnotpass
  • 1MFAV
  • 650KLIKES
  • UPDATE3.5
  • Update3_17
  • 550KLIKES
  • Peodiz
  • DinoxLive
  • Update3
  • 500KLIKES
  • Update2_5
  • 900KFAV
  • 800KFAV
  • 700KFAV
  • 600KFAV
  • 300KLIKES
  • 400KLIKES
  • Update2_17
  • BeckyStyle

How to Redeem?

There are only a few steps that need to be followed for you to redeem the gift codes;

  • Open the game.
  • Click the Menu button under your HP bar.
  • Click the Settings icon.
  • Enter the redemption code into the box and press Use.
King Legacy Codes February 2024 Redeem Code

By just following these easy steps, you will now be able to enjoy your rewards as it will help you play the game with much more fun as you can progress better than before!

That would be all for this article, folks! We hope that this Helpful King Legacy Codes February 2024 article was able to help you at all! If you ever want to see more content just like this, we also cover other games and you can check those out on our website. You can also hop into our community discord channel if you ever want to hang out with us or ask us questions!


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