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Hekla, a Galdur known for her kind and caring nature, employs her considerable size to care for her friends. Her unwavering companion, Jina, first encountered her amidst the ancient ruins that scatter Kilima Village. Since that moment, Hekla has remained inseparable from Jina, drawn to her kindness. With strong maternal instincts intrinsic to her Galdur nature, Hekla dedicates her long life to fostering unity. Her home resonates with the soothing melodies of old human lullabies, often heard as she sings, adding to her charm.

Hekla's Appearance in the Game

Hekla’s Map Location

Hekla’s presence is often accompanied by her companion, Jina, who thrives on exploring the area of Kilima Village. Serving as Jina’s constant companion, Hekla seamlessly blends her quest for knowledge with her role as a protector, ensuring her dear friend’s safety amidst potential danger. Her frequent place is the Mirror Pond Ruin, sitting just above her home, located at the uppermost part of the map near the Mirror Fields.

Hekla's Location on the Map

On most days, you’ll discover Hekla stationed in the village’s main library, where she patiently awaits Jina to finish reading books. You would not want to mess up the books in the library, or Caleri would get furious at you. As night descends, Hekla often retreats to her shelter, settled below the Mirror Pond Ruin, seeking restful sleep.


Hekla does not have a lot of quests yet in the game. Most of her quests are focused on discovering things and doing favors for her companion Jina.

  • A Special Play Date

Friendship and Romance

A unique feature called the Friendship Level System was introduced in Palia, enabling players to build connections with the villagers. Friendship points, a form of virtual affinity currency, can be acquired through two distinct avenues. The first involves engaging in casual conversations with any of the villagers residing within Kilima village and Bahari Bay. These conversations refresh every real-time hour, providing you with frequent chances to interact with the villagers. The second approach to earning friendship points involves giving gifts. Once a day in the real world, you can present a gift to a villager, further enhancing your bond.

Hekla's Friendship Level

After uncovering these items, they are integrated into the weekly wishes section of the friendship user interface. As you progress through different friendship tiers with the villagers, accomplishing their quests brings forth a diverse array of rewards. The game acquires an extra dimension of thrill due to the unique nature of these rewards. These exclusive advantages become available solely upon the successful completion of quests offered by the villagers.

Palia also incorporates a romantic option, granting villagers within Kilima the opportunity to delve into more profound connections with players, transcending the boundaries of mere friendship once a specific level of intimacy is attained. Within Kilima, a cherished tradition revolves around the exchange of pins between partners, serving as symbols of affection and commitment. Additionally, in the world of Palia, maintaining multiple romantic interests or partners is completely natural and widely embraced. It’s worth highlighting, however, that the constraint of wearing just a single pin at any given time prevails! Unfortunately, you cannot have a romantic relationship with Hekla, as she is already content with her friend Jina.

Hekla and Jina Together


And that wraps up our introduction to the most exceptional companion in town, Hekla. Unfortunately, that’s all the information we currently possess about her within the game. The presence of a dynamic duo truly injects thrill and delight into the gameplay. With Hekla steadfastly supporting her friend, she undoubtedly assumes a significant role in the game. Just remember to treat her friends with care and kindness—no harm, please!

As the game is still in its open beta, we’ll work hard to bring you new information about him and update this guide in the future. If you found this guide helpful, let us know in our community’s discord. Check out more guides for Palia on our Palia homepage!


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