Pax Dei Alpha Announcement

Greetings, fellow gamers! Have you heard the news? Mainframe Industries announced that the first large-scale alpha for sandbox MMORPG Pax Dei Alpha has begun! Join us as we explore all the info around the latest Pax Dei Alpha Announcement!

Pax Dei Alpha

Pax Dei Alpha Home Valley

Mainframe Industries announced that the first large-scale alpha for sandbox MMORPG Pax Dei has begun! It will start on November 14, 2023, at 10:00 am UTC (11:00 CET; 2:00 am PST; 5:00 am EST) and close on November 27, 2023, at 10:00 pm UTC (23:00 CET; 2:00 pm PST; 5:00 pm EST).

During the stream on November 10, 2023, Mainframe Industries developers introduced the unique feature of the first large-scale Alpha, code-named Home Valley,  where players can claim a plot in a shared world, making it their own. The game will feature four provinces for house planting, resource gathering, home construction, guild organization, and a “first taste of adventure” in enemies, camps, caves, and dungeons. However, PvP is disabled, and the game’s combat is still in progress. This focus on uniqueness and customization is a significant feature in the upcoming game.

Pax Dei Alpha Gameplay

Pax Dei Alpha Home Valley

Pax Dei Alpha aims to create a virtual home where players can claim plots in a shared world, making it unique in an MMO setting. Testers have been impressed with this feature, and the developers are excited to see it become a reality when enough players join. The goal is to fill the map with such creations. The first large-scale Alpha, code-named “Home Valley,” focuses on peaceful gameplay, including the following:

  • Explore a vast world. They recently doubled the size of the world, now offering four Provinces covering nearly 300km² (116 mi²). There are over twenty valleys to choose the perfect spot to inhabit.
  • Find abundant resources. Gather or hunt a vast array of resources, set up multiple crafters, and unlock a ton of recipes for crafting gear, weapons, and potions to aid in your adventures.
  • Build your home. Dozens of building pieces are available for you to combine into the perfect home on your own plot.
  • Gather your friends. Group up as a Clan to share storages, crafters, or plots, making collaboration for larger projects much easier.
  • Get a first taste of adventure. Encounter numerous enemies and rare spawns in various camps, caves, and dungeons. Exercise caution! Some areas can be perilous, and death carries consequences.
  • Discover bugs of all shapes and forms.

Frequently Asked Questions During the Stream

Will there be PvP in Pax Dei Alpha?
  • PvP is currently disabled to prioritize testing other game features. But it will definitely be part of the game’s core concept and will return.
Can you share a plot with your friends?
  • Yes, each players can claim a limited plot and create a combined plot with their friends.
Can you choose your skills?
  • It is a skill-based game that means gears, food, weapons, etc., have a fundamental effect on combat and survival. Thus, there is no selection of class (combat class, warrior, cleric. etc.) Players can do anything as long as they have their resources.
Is there a Currency or Economy?
  • Yes, there will be gold for trading and the economy.
What does the Map look like?
  • There are four provinces (Ancien, Merrie, Kerys & Innis Gallia) with six heartlands each. Each province is connected and can explored.
    • Heartlands are the area where players can build their own villages and clans.
Will there be a mode of transportation when exploring the map?
  • There is no mode of transportation yet during the alpha. Thus, players should walk to go to other places.
Is there a fall damage?
  • Yes, there is fall damage, and you will spawn near your body when you die. You can also retrieve your stuff in your grave to collect the things in your inventory.
Will the things in your inventory vanish after you die?
  • Your items in your inventory will only disappear after you die if you do not collect them over a long period of time.
Can you steal the stuff of other players when they die?
  • No, you cannot steal their items after they die.
What do the different colors represent when building?
  • The different colors represent the structural integrity of the building. 
    • Green is the strongest, light green is stable, etc. 
Will there be dungeons?
  • Yes. the will be big dungeons and ruins. Thus, you can experience a PvE!
Can you stream the gameplay in Pax Dei Alpha?
  • Yes, you can stream your gameplay in Pax Dei Alpha. Non-disclosure agreements (NDA) are lifted. Thus, you can stream, screenshot, and share the contents of Pax Dei Alpha.

How to Participate for Pax Dei Alpha?

Pax Dei Alpha Home Valley

To get a chance to participate for Pax Dei Alpha, be sure to:

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