How to Build your Outpost in Starfield – Advance Guide

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In the vast expanse of Starfield, establishing outposts is essential for resource management, manufacturing operations, and scientific endeavors. This advanced guide will walk you through every aspect of building and managing your base effectively. Whether you’re a seasoned explorer or just starting your interstellar journey, these insights will help you thrive in the cosmos.

Setting up Your Beacon

Choosing The perfect Location

Before anything else, you must find the right celestial body, be it a planet or moon, to establish your outpost. You have two options here: you can either select a location with a single resource type to build your outpost around, or you can find a spot situated between the edges of multiple resource-rich areas. The latter option allows you to mine two or more resources in a single outpost, increasing your efficiency and resource diversity.

Tip: Ensure you have essential resources like Aluminum, iron, copper, beryllium, tungsten, nickel, titanium, and platinum before starting your outpost construction, as these are vital for the process.

Placing the beacon

With your chosen location in mind, it’s time to put down your beacon. To do this, open your scanner and click [R]. The beacon will serve as the heart of your outpost, guiding your operations and ensuring you stay on the right track.

Deploying your Extractor

Selecting Your Extractor

The extractor is your primary tool for mining resources on your selected celestial body. It comes in various types, each designed for specific resource extraction. Clicking on the extractor, you’ll be prompted to choose the type of resources you want to mine. Make your selection wisely based on the available resources and your outpost’s goals. Once you’ve chosen your extractor type, it’s time to construct it. Click around the edges of your mining area to set up the extractor. Ensure you cover all the necessary ground to maximize your resource yield.

Powering your Extractor

Selecting the Right Power Source

To keep your extractor operational, you’ll need a suitable power source. The choice of power source depends on the celestial body you’re on. You can choose Solar Arrays, Wind Turbines, or Fueled Generators that is suitable. Observe your environment carefully to make an informed decision.

Establishing the Power Connection

With the power source selected, it’s crucial to connect it properly to your extractor. A secure connection ensures a steady flow of power to support your resource extraction operations.

Creating Efficient Storage Solutions

As you extract resources, you’ll need a place to store them. It’s advisable to create multiple storage units for the resources you’re mining. This not only prevents wastage but also allows you to accumulate resources for future use or trade.

Deleting Your Outpost

Sometimes, you might need to relocate or restructure your outpost. To delete, highlight it and press [R] on PC or [X] on your controller. The game will refund the full cost of the resources used in its construction.

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Developing Skills

To unlock the complete potential of your settlement endeavors, dedicate your resources to mastering pertinent skills. You can acquire these skills by expending skill points or by visiting the skill station at your settlement. Below, you’ll find the essential skill categories along with their prerequisites:

In Social

  • Outpost Management needed to unlock Rank 1-4

In Science

  • Botany needed to unlock Rank 1
  • Zoology needed to unlock Rank 1
  • Outpost needed to unlockEngineering Rank 1 to 4
  • Planetary Habitation needed to unlock Rank 1 to 4
  • Special Projects needed to unlock Rank 4

These skills will empower you to enhance the efficiency of your settlement for different objectives, enabling you to excel in your interstellar pursuits. For a comprehensive list of the required skill sets, please refer to our article for complete details.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I move my outpost after it’s been established?

Yes, you can delete your outpost by highlighting it and pressing [R] on PC or [X] on your controller, refunding the full cost of the resources, and then establish a new outpost elsewhere.

What’s the best power source in starfield?

The choice of power source depends on your outpost’s location and energy needs. Solar Arrays, Wind Turbines, and Fueled Generators each have their advantages, so consider your surroundings and energy requirements when making a selection.

How do I connect specific structures manually to the power source?

You can manually connect structures by running wires between them. Simply select the power source and the structure you want to connect, and follow the on-screen prompts.

What happens if my crew lacks the necessary skills for the tasks?

If your crew members don’t possess the required skills, consider investing in their skill development or recruiting crew members with the necessary qualifications.

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Establishing and overseeing your settlement in Starfield is a thrilling and indispensable aspect of your interstellar journey. Whether your primary focus lies in resource extraction, manufacturing, or scientific research, comprehending the complexities of settlement construction and administration is paramount. Armed with this advanced guide, you are now prepared to thrive in your cosmic expedition.

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