How to Increase Your Carry Weight in Starfield

How to increase your carry weight in Starfield

Running out of oxygen at a rapid pace due to being encumbered is an extremely annoying occurrence. Let me show you how to increase your carry weight in Starfield to avoid running out of oxygen fast!

Have you ever imagined what it would be like if Skyrim and Fallout had a baby and that baby grew up in space? Well, look no further than Starfield. As fans of Bethesda’s previous titles know, their games wouldn’t be complete without the encumbered mechanics that allow for immersive gameplay but can also be frustrating for some players.

In Starfield, running while encumbered will gradually decrease the player’s oxygen, which is crucial in certain situations. Here are some different ways to increase your carry weight in Starfield.

  • Weightlifting.
  • Your Companion.
  • Consumables.
  • Ship’s Cargo Hold.

If you’re struggling with carrying too much in Starfield, this guide is for you. By following the instructions in this tutorial, you’ll be able to pick up everything without worrying about the encumbrance mechanic. To learn more about increasing your carry weight in Starfield, simply scroll down.


This skill is the most sufficient way to increase your carry weight in Starfield. If you have some spare skill points to allocate, it would be a good idea to grab this very early on in the game.

  1. Open your Skills Tab by pressing “P” as default on PC.
  2. Navigate over to the first row of the Physical section and select Weightlifting.
  3. Proceed to the Weightlifting skill and allocate points by pressing “E” to rank up.
  4. Your initial carry weight will increase by 10kg and can be improved to a maximum of 50kg.

To learn more about what other skills are available check out our Complete Guide to Starfield Skills.


Giving your companions all of your unneeded items ( Junk ) is one of the best ways to get around Starfield’s weight restriction. By conversing with them and selecting the “Let’s trade gear” option, you can add items to their inventory. Doing this will not increase your carry weight but instead will help you carry less.

We have a guide to help you further understand What are the Companions in Starfield.



Consumables will temporarily increase your carrying capacity. Save them for when you are already overloaded and require swift travel in an emergency, rather than using them arbitrarily. When consumed, UC Battlemeal Multipacks add eight more kilograms for eight minutes. While UC Battlemeal will add four more kilograms for 5 minutes.

Ship’s Cargo bay

Accessing your ship’s cargo bay can be easily done through the Cargo Hold option located behind the pilot’s seat or via your spacecraft’s inventory menu. This feature also allows you to communicate with others from afar, making it convenient for selling, crafting, or conducting research. If you encounter any difficulties, no need to worry – we have a comprehensive guide to assist you in navigating your ship’s cargo bay in Starfield. Remember to keep your cargo organized and avoid unnecessary clutter.

All of these methods will help you not get encumbered in the future, allowing you to carry more objects around Starfield and further explore the mysteries of Starfield.

How to Increase Your Carry Weight in Starfield Conclusion

How to increase your carry weight in Starfield Conclusion

In conclusion, It’s important to note that the players’ Oxygen levels can decrease quickly while playing, causing Carbon Dioxide to accumulate. This can be dangerous, especially if the red bar is completely full. There are several ways to manage this issue, such as increasing your carry weight (Mass), trading items with your companion, consuming food or drink to temporarily increase your Mass, or storing items in the Ship’s cargo bay.

If you want to learn more about the game, to help you on your first playthrough, check out our Complete Guide to Starfield! to get a head start. If you like our guides make sure to leave a feedback on our Official Community Discord.


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