Throne and Liberty Patch Notes – 14th February

Hello, this is THRONE AND LIBERTY.​We will inform you of the updates that will be applied through regular maintenance on Wednesday, 14th February, 2024.​Please check below for more details.

Throne and Liberty Patch Notes - 14th February

14th February Update details

Some combat experiences have been improved.

– Changed the monster’s ‘rage skill’ range to be distinguishable through color.

– Some skill errors have been corrected.

※ Skill changes related to ‘Long Sword’ are scheduled for February 21st. We would like to inform you of the next update first.

※ We are aware of the imbalance between weapons, and we will do our best to improve it in the future.

■ Common– When a monster uses a range-type rage skill, the color of the rage display is white for characters outside the range.​

■ cane– [Inner Tranquility] has been modified so that it is not affected by the enhancement duration increase stat while the skill is being cast.​

■ Longbow– Fixed an issue where some monsters were unable to perform certain patterns when hit by [Whirlwind Arrow].​

※ The information below is scheduled to be updated on February 21st (Wednesday), and details are subject to change.

※ The counterattack efficiency and survivability of the long sword will be adjusted, and some direct damage abilities will be increased.

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■ long sword

– Increases the damage of all grades of ‘long sword’ equipment.

: Increases by approximately 20% based on non-enhanced equipment.

Major Sword And Shield Balance Changes

– Adjust the cooldown time and damage of [Chance for Victory] and add basic effects.

: Reduces skill reuse time to 27 seconds.

: Adjust the basic mana consumption to 290.

: The damage of long sword skills increases by 20% for 6 seconds after using the skill.

: Increases damage by level.

heroBefore changeafter
Level 1615% + 41725% + 49
Level 2615% + 50725% + 62
level 3661% + 59780% + 75
Level 4661% + 68780% + 88
level 5730% + 77860% + 101

– Increases the damage of [Reply Strike] .

: Increased damage increased to 65% when rage defense is successful.

: Increases damage by level.

advancedBefore changeafter
Level 1250% + 14265% + 21
Level 2250% + 20265% + 30
level 3250% + 26265% + 39
Level 4250% + 32265% + 48
level 5250% + 38265% + 57
rareBefore changeafter
Level 1250% + 44320% + 66
Level 2250% + 50320% + 75
level 3250% + 56320% + 84
Level 4250% + 62320% + 93
level 5250% + 68320% + 102
heroBefore changeafter
Level 1250% + 74380% + 111
Level 2250% + 80380% + 120
level 3250% + 86380% + 129
Level 4250% + 92380% + 138
level 5250% + 98380% + 147

– Increases the damage and strike accuracy of [Blow Shield] .

: Increases the bashing accuracy increased per 1% shield defense probability to 20.

: Adjust mana consumption by grade.

RatingBefore changeafter

: Increases damage by level.

advancedBefore changeafter
Level 1340% + 15420% + 17
Level 2340% + 23420% + 26
level 3340% + 30420% + 35
Level 4340% + 38420% + 44
level 5340% + 45420% + 53
rareBefore changeafter
Level 1440% + 53530% + 62
Level 2440% + 60530% + 71
level 3440% + 68530% + 80
Level 4440% + 75530% + 88
level 5440% + 83530% + 97
heroBefore changeafter
Level 1540% + 90640% + 106
Level 2540% + 98640% + 115
level 3540% + 105640% + 124
Level 4540% + 113640% + 133
level 5540% + 120640% + 142

– The damage and rare grade special effect of [Resolute Charge] have been changed.

: Increases damage by level.

advancedBefore changeafter
Level 1170% + 19200% + 19
Level 2170% + 28200% + 28
level 3170% + 38200% + 38
Level 4170% + 47200% + 47
level 5170% + 56200% + 56
rareBefore changeafter
Level 1200% + 66240% + 66
Level 2200% + 75240% + 75
level 3200% + 84240% + 84
Level 4200% + 94240% + 94
level 5200% + 103240% + 103
heroBefore changeafter
Level 1240% + 113280% + 113
Level 2240% + 122280% + 122
level 3240% + 131280% + 131
Level 4240% + 141280% + 141
level 5240% + 150280% + 150

: Changes the special effects of rare grades.

RatingBefore changeafter
rareDeals 98% damage to enemies in front after charging.When used on a target that is immune to collisionIncreases base damage by 40 for 6 seconds.

– Adjust the damage and distance of [Shield Throw] .

: Adjusts the shield’s movement distance to 500% of the attack distance. (minimum 11.25m)

: Increases shield damage to 260%.

: Increases the bashing accuracy of the following skills by level.

heroBefore changeafter
Level 140 per victim60 per victim
Level 250 per victim70 per victim
level 360 per victim80 per victim
Level 470 per victim90 per victim
level 580 per victim100 per victim

– Adjust the damage of [Annihilation Slash] and add effects.

: Adds the effect of reducing the remaining cooldown time of [Annihilation Slash] by 8% in proportion to the number of targets damaged.

: Adjusts the damage by level and the damage to the weakened target.

heroDamage per levelDamage dealt to weakened target
Before changeafterBefore changeafter
Level 1240% + 19280% + 23310% + 23420% + 34
Level 2240% + 23280% + 28310% + 28420% + 42
level 3240% + 26280% + 32310% + 31420% + 48
Level 4240% + 30280% + 37310% + 36420% + 55
level 5240% + 34280% + 42310% + 41420% + 63

– The damage application method and hero grade special effects of [Counterattack Barrier] will be changed.

: Adjust cooldown time to 21 seconds.

: Adjusts the shield defense probability by level.

advancedBefore changeafter
Level 113%13%
Level 215%14.5%
level 317%16%
Level 419%17.5%
level 521%19%
rareBefore changeafter
Level 123%20.5%
Level 225%22%
level 327%23.5%
Level 429%25%
level 531%26.5%
heroBefore changeafter
Level 133%28%
Level 235%29.5%
level 337%31%
Level 439%32.5%
level 541%34%

: Adjusts the counterattack distance.

divisionBefore changeafter
close range3m150% of attack distance (minimum 3.37m)
Ranged and Magic12m500% of attack distance (minimum 11.25m)

: Change the way damage is applied.

divisionBefore changeafter
Damage250% of damage reduction250% (Rare), 300% (Heroic) of Damage Reduction within the amount of damage that triggered the counterattack.> Counterattack damage cannot exceed the amount of damage that caused the counterattack
Defense stat impactDamage cannot be reduced by defenseDamage is reduced by the amount of defense ability of the hit person.
hard hitCan’t hit hardCan hit hard

: Changes the special effects of hero grades.

RatingBefore changeafter
heroEffect duration increased by 3 secondsCounterattack damage is 300% of damage reduction

– Reduces the cooldown time of [Male Charge] and changes the way it is applied to area collisions.

: Changes the cooldown reduction method for area collision.

Before changeafter
Apply basic collision equal to the number of collisionsBasic conflict applies to 1 person + additional conflict applies to up to 3 people


: Adjusts the remaining cooldown reduction of the skill upon basic collision to 14%.

: Adjusts the reduction in the remaining cooldown time of the skill upon additional collision by level.

heroBefore changeafter
Level 14.50%3%
Level 26.30%4%
level 38.10%5%
Level 49.90%6%
level 511.70%7%

– Corrects an error where [Wave of Pain] damage is applied to the target of provocation when attacking with a long sword skill or other weapon.

Fixes And Improvements

Costumes and some systems have been improved.

– A feature has been added to hide ‘decorative elements’ such as capes in costumes.

– The operation method of the ‘Escape’ function has been changed.

– Some of the Amitoy ‘Quantity Effects’ have been significantly changed.

■ Costume​– Added the ability to hide ‘decorative elements’ such as capes in costumes.​

: You can set it with the ‘Show decorations’ option added to [Mirror Boutique] – [Costume] – [Style]. 

: You can hide the Illusionary Tracker, Concentric Guardian, Midnight Traveler, and Fighting Warrior decoration elements.- Costume styles have been improved to display different icons depending on gender.​​

Decoration display settingsTurn off decoration display
Costume before.pngAfter costume.png


■ Escape​– When using [Escape], the action has been changed to move to the previous location you played at, rather than the respawn location.​

: In instance spaces such as Codex space and Paola’s Dimensional Jin, you will be moved to the resurrection point as before. ​

■ Army Toy​– The ‘Token of Contract: Abyss Creation Efficiency’ in the Amitoy quantity effect has been changed to ‘Token of Contract: Abyss Consumption Efficiency’. 

■ Local events– In the local event reward box, ‘Token of Contract: Abyss Point’ has been modified so that it does not appear in the reward box, but is obtained immediately.

​※ Points lost during the process of acquiring ‘Token of Contract: Abyss Points’ and due to compensation changes are scheduled to be restored during the regular maintenance on February 21st (Wednesday).

■ Personal information​– To protect personal information, masking has been added to the account information exposed in [Preferences] – [Information].​​

■ Guild UI– [Personnel] has been improved to display guild leaders, staff officers, and guards in different colors to distinguish them.- An issue where the consumed resources shown in [Guild Skills] were displayed as skill level 1 costs has been corrected.​​​

The content schedule and some settings have been adjusted.

– The schedules for ‘Siege of Stoneguard’ and Archboss ‘Queen Blendy’ have been adjusted.

– Some settings during the siege have been modified.

■ Schedule changes– The ‘Siege of Stoneguard’ progress schedule has been changed.

: It takes place every two weeks and starts at 21:00 on Sunday.- The progress time of ‘Queen Blendy’ Archboss has been changed to 22:00 every Saturday.​

■ Siege modifications– When the castle is destroyed, the character at the top will fall immediately without delay.​- When transforming into a usurper, a freeze immunity buff is applied. ​​

Some exploration codexes have been improved.

– Improvements have been made to the exploration codex’s attendant NPCs and required quantities.

■ Exploration Codex

 The NPC to kill ‘Slayer who returned from the grave’ in the ‘Turane Ruins’ exploration codex has been changed.

Before changeafter
Defeat the skeleton soldiers and skeleton archers under Tevent’s control.Defeat Adentus

 The quantity required for exploration codexes for ‘Cursed Wasteland’ and ‘Butcher’s Canyon’ has been adjusted downward.

: The changed exploration codex is as follows.

regionExploration Codex Name
Cursed WastelandApollos protects the wasteland
one who fights the darkness
The light that embroiders the wasteland
Butcher’s CanyonWatchers of the Canyon
burning sacrifice
lives of the canyon

 Fixes and Improvements

■ Correction of content errors– Fixed the phenomenon of falling intermittently when jumping on a crystal pillar in ‘Underground Cave of Despair’ and ‘Underground Cave of Destruction’. – Fixed an issue where Talus did not speak in dimensional space Talus. – Fixed an issue where the execution skill of Kowanzuki and Lycan Kowanzuki did not show the floating effect intermittently. – Fixed an issue where Junobot’s health would recover when the player was killed by Junobot. – Monsters on the 5th and 6th floors of the Abyss of Sileus have been modified to be immune to lava damage. ​

■ Item error correction– The grade of the event item Five-Colored Rice Cake Soup has been changed to rare grade, and the category has been changed from elixir to food. – An issue where the deletion dates for the three event items, five-colored rice cake soup crafting materials, were not visible has been fixed. ​

■ System error correction​– The issue of intermittently receiving a death penalty in areas where there should not be a penalty upon death has been fixed.- [Ranking] – An issue where the confirmed ranking score was not displayed properly when [Guild Ranking] was reflected has been fixed.​

: There is no effect on the ranking, and an error in the score notation has been corrected.​
– Fixed an issue where the ranking list was not displayed properly when clicking on another ranking on the [Ranking] screen.
– An issue in which local event information was not displayed after the screen moved from the map to the local event when selecting an ongoing ‘local event’ in [Ongoing Schedule] has been fixed.​
– An issue where an incorrect system message was displayed when there was a reward that was not obtained in [Guild] – [Reward] has been fixed.​
– An issue where the locations of party and guild members were occasionally displayed as past locations on the [minimap] has been fixed.​
– An issue where the player appeared to move into the air intermittently when attempting to attack or interact with a target lower than the player has been fixed.​

■ UI error correction– The issue where the ‘Tevent’ Archboss schedule at 22:00 on the 14th was incorrectly marked as ‘Peace’ has been corrected.
– Fixed an issue where dragging was not possible on the Battle Pass screen.
– [Map] Fixed an issue where checks were not activated/deactivated in the legend window.
– Fixed an issue where locked items were displayed in the equipment enhancement window.- Fixed an issue where the scroll UI did not disappear in the warehouse.
– Fixed an issue where the search could not be initialized after searching for a character in group chat.
– Fixed an issue where the chat input UI disappeared after leaving a party or guild.
– Fixed an issue where the UI went out of bounds when setting a combination key in the main menu. 
– Fixed an issue where the text on the Delete all tokens button in the token panel UI was constantly rolling.
– Fixed an issue where the Chronicle window was not called when clicking the Chronicle icon.
– Fixed an issue where the image of the last worn Stella Boom was displayed when the Stella Boom slot was empty.​​

 Event & Promotion Information

[Promotion] New product information on February 14th (Wednesday)

– Red Flower Officer and Battlefield Romance costumes have been added.

Red Flower Officer Map Banner_1920x545.png

[Promotion details]

 known issuesWe will do our best to quickly correct any abnormalities occurring in the game below.We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.​

■ Costume​– Immediately after purchasing a new style, there is an intermittent phenomenon where the ‘Show decorations’ setting is not reflected to others. ​​We look forward to seeing you with more exciting updates in the future.

For more Throne And Liberty Patch related news and guides check out our Throne And Liberty Section or if you have any burning questions feel free to join our community discord where our helpful community can lend you a hand.


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