Throne and Liberty Patch Notes – 21th February

The 21th February Patch Notes give us the last milestone event and new types of open world dungeon quests allowing players to finally partake in the Tax Transport and obtain dungeon specific rewards using the new quest system.

 Chronicles: The border between courage and fear

Throne and Liberty Patch Notes - 21th February

​’ Tax Transportation: Vienta Village’ is now open.

※ Tax Transportation: For more information about Vienta Village, please refer  to the guidebook 

<Tax Transportation> .

 Update details

​Field dungeon request, ‘Resistance Alliance Request II’ has been added.

– “Resistance Alliance Request II” has been added to obtain quests that can be performed in field dungeons.

– The quest reward ‘Abyss Coin’ and the new accessory ‘Commander’s Necklace’ that can be crafted with Abyss Coins have been added.

■ Type– Four types of requests that can be completed in level 50 field dungeons have been added.

: Resistance Alliance Request II: Dark Crypt

: Resistance Alliance Request II: Abyss of Sileus

: Resistance Alliance Request II: Sanctuary of Desire

: Resistance Alliance Request II: Lizard Island

■ Where to obtain– You can purchase 3 quests for each dungeon per week through a general goods merchant.​- You can obtain 2 ‘Resistance Alliance Request II’ from the rare blessing bag.

※ You can definitely obtain two quests, but the type of dungeon you perform is provided randomly.

※ Request forms are not provided from rare blessing bags obtained before the update.

■ Request Reward– When completing the quest, you can definitely obtain one ‘Abyss Coin’ and ‘Dungeon Star Precious Blessing Pouch’.

: From the rare blessing bag for each dungeon, you can obtain items that can be obtained in that dungeon at a set probability.- You can craft the following items through Abyss Coins.

itemNumber required
Commander’s Necklace40
Dungeon-specific rare equipment boxes80

The progression method of the field boss and arc boss in [Peace] mode has been changed.

– [Peace] The boss can be conquered by entering the “Dimension Passage”.

– [Conflict] The boss progresses the same as before.

■ Field Boss/Arc Boss– [Peace] When the boss schedule begins, two “dimensional passages” are created at the location where the boss will appear.​

– When entering through the “dimensional passageway,” you enter the space where the [Peace] boss is located.

: In this space, the [Peace] boss will appear 5 minutes after the omen phenomenon occurs.

: If you die in the space where the boss is, you can resurrect inside and continue the battle.

: After defeating the boss, when the event ends, all players will move to the field outside the “dimensional passage.”

※ The “dimensional passage” in the field will disappear 5 minutes after the event starts.

※ [Conflict] Field/Arc Boss will be played in the field as before.

We have improved the playing experience of some content and systems.

– The ‘Gateway of Infinity’ monster skill presentation has been improved.

– When you obtain the box reward from Paola’s Dimensional Circle, you will receive an additional 500 “Token of Contract: Abyss” points.

– The difficulty and rewards of some field dungeons have been adjusted.

■ Gateway to Infinity– The rendering of the rage skills used by monsters that appear at the Infinite Gate has been changed.​

: To enhance perception, the entire body shining has been made clearer, and the existing light source has been changed to be output simultaneously. 

: Unlike regular rage skills, the Infinite Gate allows you to estimate the timing of defense by looking at the target’s attacking motion. 

■ Adventure Codex/Exploration Codex– If a large number of people are needed to proceed with the codex, the appropriate number of people will be displayed.- When transforming Henson in [Exploration Codex> Ursa Field> One-Eyed Hawk], you can use normal skills and defense skills, and the number of skills you can use has increased.​

■ Paola’s dimension– When you obtain the box reward from Paola’s Dimensional Circle, you will receive an additional 500 “Token of Contract: Abyss” points.

■ Field Dungeon– The recommended party number for each field dungeon is displayed.- The standard number of people in the field dungeon has been changed, and monster abilities and obtainable rewards have been adjusted.

Dungeon nameBefore changeafter
Abyss of Sileus, floors 1 to 4Sylabes Templeanthill6 people2 people
dark charnel houseLizard Island6 people4 people

– The group units of some field dungeon monsters have been changed.

: Some monsters in Sylabeth Temple have been changed from group units to individual units.

: Some monsters on the 5th and 6th floors of the Abyss of Sileus have been changed from individual units to group units.

The combat balance of the long sword has been adjusted and some skill errors have been corrected.

– The direct damage ability of ‘Long Sword’ has been increased, and the counterattack efficiency and survivability have been adjusted.

– Fixed an issue where some skills did not work properly.

■ long sword​

Major changes (compared to prior notice on February 14th)- The effect of [Wavelength of Pain] is maintained.: We have maintained the function as we have accepted that many players use this skill to progress in battle.※ In the process of maintaining the effect of the active skill, the increase in damage ability has been adjusted to be lower than prior notice.– Some restrictions on the damage application method for the [Shield of Counterattack] skill have been removed.– The damage of the [Blow Shield] skill has been partially adjusted.

​- Increases the damage of all grades of ‘long sword’ equipment. 

: Approximately 6% increase in all equipment levels.​- Adjust the cooldown time and damage of  

[Chance for Victory] and add basic effects.

: Adjust skill cooldown time to 27 seconds. (Previously 30 seconds)

: Adjust the basic mana consumption to 290. (Previously 250)

: The damage of long sword skills increases by 20% for 6 seconds after using the skill. 

: Adjust the damage by level. 

heroBefore changeafter
Level 1615% + 41725% + 49
Level 2615% + 50725% + 62
level 3661% + 59780% + 75
level 4661% + 68780% + 88
level 5730% + 77860% + 101

​- Increases the damage of  

[Reply Strike] .

: Adjust the amount of damage increased by 65% ​​for each success in enrage defense. (Previously 50%)

: Increases damage by level. 

advancedBefore changeafter
Level 1250% + 14265% + 21
Level 2250% + 20265% + 30
level 3250% + 26265% + 39
level 4250% + 32265% + 48
level 5250% + 38265% + 57
rareBefore changeafter
Level 1250% + 44320% + 66
Level 2250% + 50320% + 75
level 3250% + 56320% + 84
level 4250% + 62320% + 93
level 5250% + 68320% + 102
heroBefore changeafter
Level 1250% + 74380% + 111
Level 2250% + 80380% + 120
level 3250% + 86380% + 129
level 4250% + 92380% + 138
level 5250% + 98380% + 147

​- Increases the damage and strike accuracy of  

[Blow Shield] .

: Adjusts the increased bashing hit per 1% shield defense probability to 20. (Previously 18)

: Adjust mana consumption by grade. 

RatingBefore changeafter

: Adjust the damage by level. 

advancedBefore changeafter
Level 1340% + 15360% + 16
Level 2340% + 23360% + 24
level 3340% + 30360% + 32
level 4340% + 38360% + 40
level 5340% + 45360% + 48
RareBefore changeafter
Level 1440% + 53470% + 56
Level 2440% + 60470% + 64
level 3440% + 68470% + 72
level 4440% + 75470% + 80
level 5440% + 83470% + 88
heroBefore changeafter
Level 1540% + 90580% + 96
Level 2540% + 98580% + 104
level 3540% + 105580% + 112
level 4540% + 113580% + 120
level 5540% + 120580% + 129

※ Some figures have been adjusted downward compared to the pre-release content.​- The damage and rare grade special effect of  

[Resolute Charge] have been changed.

: Increases damage by level. 

advancedBefore changeafter
Level 1170% + 19200% + 19
Level 2170% + 28200% + 28
level 3170% + 38200% + 38
level 4170% + 47200% + 47
level 5170% + 56200% + 56
rareBefore changeafter
Level 1200% + 66240% + 66
Level 2200% + 75240% + 75
level 3200% + 84240% + 84
level 4200% + 94240% + 94
level 5200% + 103240% + 103
heroBefore changeafter
Level 1240% + 113280% + 113
Level 2240% + 122280% + 122
level 3240% + 131280% + 131
level 4240% + 141280% + 141
level 5240% + 150280% + 150

: Changes the special effects of rare grades. 

RatingBefore changeafter
rareDeals 98% damage to enemies in front after charging.When used on a target that is immune to collisionIncreases base damage by 40 for 6 seconds.

​- Adjust the damage and distance of  

[Shield Throw] .

: Adjusts the shield’s movement distance to 500% of the attack distance. (minimum 11.25m)

: Adjusted so that the shield can track a certain distance more when it returns. 

: Adjust the shield damage to 260%. (Previously 210%)

: Adjusts the increase in hard hit accuracy of the following skills by level. 

heroBefore changeafter
Level 140 per victim60 per victim
Level 250 per victim70 per victim
level 360 per victim80 per victim
level 470 per victim90 per victim
level 580 per victim100 per victim

​- Adjust the damage of 

[Annihilation Slash] and add effects. 

: Adds the effect of reducing the remaining cooldown time of [Annihilation Slash] by 8% in proportion to the number of targets damaged. 

: Adjusts the damage by level and the damage to the weakened target. 

heroDamage per levelDamage dealt to weakened target
Before changeafterBefore changeafter
Level 1240% + 19280% + 23310% + 23420% + 34
Level 2240% + 23280% + 28310% + 28420% + 42
level 3240% + 26280% + 32310% + 31420% + 48
level 4240% + 30280% + 37310% + 36420% + 55
level 5240% + 34280% + 42310% + 41420% + 63

​- The damage application method and hero grade special effects of  

[Counterattack Barrier] will be changed.

: Adjust cooldown time to 21 seconds. (Previously 18 seconds)

: Adjusts the shield defense probability by level. 

advancedBefore changeafter
Level 113%13%
Level 215%14.5%
level 317%16%
level 419%17.5%
level 521%19%
rareBefore changeafter
Level 123%20.5%
Level 225%22%
level 327%23.5%
level 429%25%
level 531%26.5%
heroBefore changeafter
Level 133%28%
Level 235%29.5%
level 337%31%
level 439%32.5%
level 541%34%

: Adjusts the counterattack distance. 

divisionBefore changeafter
close range3m150% of attack distance (minimum 3.37m)
long distance12m500% of attack distance (minimum 11.25m)

: Change the way damage is applied. 

divisionBefore changeafter
Damage250% of damage reduction200%, 250% of damage reduction (Heroic)
Defense stat impactDamage cannot be reduced by defenseDamage is reduced according to the hit’s defense.

※ Damage cap and hard hit functions were excluded from the pre-released content.​

: Changes the special effects of hero grades. 

RatingBefore changeafter
heroEffect duration increased by 3 secondsCounterattack damage is 250% of damage reduction

※ The damage reduction value has been lowered compared to the previously released information.​- Reduces the cooldown time of 

[Male Charge] and changes the way it is applied to area collisions. 

: Changes the cooldown reduction method for area collision. 

Before changeafter
Apply basic collision equal to the number of collisionsBasic conflict applies to 1 person + additional conflict applies to up to 3 people

: Adjusts the remaining cooldown reduction of the skill upon basic collision from 20% to 14%.

: Adjusts the reduction in the remaining cooldown time of the skill upon additional collision by level. 

heroBefore changeafter
Level 14.50%3%
Level 26.30%4%
level 38.10%5%
level 49.90%6%
level 511.70%7%


[Wavelength of Pain] has been modified to work with the basic attacks of this long sword.- Fixed an issue where 

[Resolute Charge] skill could not be blocked with defensive skills.

■ Two-handed sword– Fixed an issue where the 

[Da Vinci’s Spirit] effect was not applied in ‘stealth’ state.

■ Dagger– Fixed an issue where the [ 

Assassination Stance] effect was not applied when transformed into a wild character after using [Cloak of Stealth] .

■ crossbow– Fixed an issue where the skill level of 

[Selfless Infiltration] was not reflected properly.– Fixed an issue where the effect and duration of 

[Wind Stealer] could not be enhanced with other equipment or skills.

■ Longbow– The movement distance of 

[Whirlwind Arrow] has been modified to be affected by the wind.​

■ cane– 

[Heat Wave (Heroic)] Fixed an issue where the damage amount was displayed multiple times to the target I ignited.​

■ magic wand– Fixed an issue where the 

[Corruption Full] effect was applied to players other than the caster.

 Fixed an issue where [Rapid Heal] could not be used on yourself or a friendly target while in stealth mode.​​

Other conveniences and improvements have been made.

– Improved UI visibility and resolved inconveniences

■ Content Marker– The shape of the content marker has been changed so that it can be distinguished by shape in addition to color.

: The “Appendix” in the adventure codex has been improved to be classified separately.

contentsBefore changeafter
Adventure Codex – Main
Adventure Codex – Appendix
Exploration Codex
Resistance Request
Guild Request

■ Content Management/Content Notification– “Chronology” has been changed to be included in 

[Content Management] and 

[Content Notification] .

: The chronology can be checked in the [Content Management] – [All] tab.– The “Auto Pin” function in the Exploration Codex has been changed to the “Recommend Exploration in Region” function.

: The name of “Pin” previously displayed in [Content Management] and [Content Notification] has been changed to “Favorites.”

: The “Exploration Recommendation in Region” function displays “Exploration Codex” that can be progressed upon entering the region, but does not force registration.

: You can change the way [Content Notifications] are displayed by turning the “Recommended exploration in the area” option on/off.

Change optionsDetail
Recommend exploration within the area – On
Recommend Exploration in Region – Off

※ This option can also be changed in [Preferences] – [Gameplay] – [Content] – [Codex] .

■ Other UI usability improvements-HUD

: We have improved the ability to check with the gauge when the stamina is sufficient to use defensive skills.

: The chat viewer can now be moved in HUD editing.

: The character social interaction menu can now be called when right-clicking on the target UI or party member list.

: The character social interaction menu has been modified to close when the character menu button in the target UI is clicked.- Search exchange characteristics

: After selecting a specific item, it has been modified so that you can search for characteristics in the entire item list, rather than in the sales list.

: A function has been added to search for exchange characteristics through the equipment characteristic information window. – post

: The “storage period after reading” for personal mail/guild distribution/local event mail has been changed from 3 days to 7 days.- Character information

: Stat distribution -/+ button has been changed to continuously increase/decrease the stat continuously.- Battle Pass

: Accessibility has been improved by default displaying a subtab with a red dot when clicking on the parking tab.- Distribution of siege rewards

: In the siege reward distribution, the amount of Solant and Lucent has been improved to display more digits.

: The “ratio” of siege reward distribution has been improved to display without decimal places.- Special transformation

: We have improved it so that you can immediately transform into a play or camouflage transformation specified through a shortcut key.

: You can change the shortcut key through [Preferences> Shortcut Key].​​

We have improved the usability of the gamepad.

– Improvements have been made to enable intuitive operation in terms of battle and menu operation.

■ HUD– We have improved the ability to recognize registered skills and cooldowns by displaying skill icons in the skill slots on page 2. ​

■ Item quick slot– We have improved the ability to change items intuitively by using the “D-pad left/right” controls on the HUD.

※ You can change to the pre-update operation by changing the Turn on Stellar Vision item in Settings > Gamepad > Controls > Customization to “Left D-pad.”​

■ Improved UI operation– All UI elements on the screen have been improved so that they can be operated with the “direction keys (D-pad)”.

: Equipment Enhancement – ​​Growth, Succession, Characteristics / Skill Enhancement – ​​Growth, Conversion / Crafting NPC​

■ bag– Improvements have been made so that selections can be cycled in the bag list.- We have improved the ability to continuously move the selection by pressing and holding the arrow key.​

■ Item tooltip– We have added the “View full menu” function to enable navigation of all menus on one page. 

: Frequently used and important operations are provided with the same shortcut buttons as before, and have been changed to allow access to the full menu when operating L3.

Before changeafter
page transitionSee full menu


 Error correction– Fixed an issue where the same screen was displayed repeatedly when using “View Rewards” in the local event reward window.- Fixed an issue where the camera was minimized when opening the instantaneous seat area.- Fixed an issue where the presentation did not appear when selecting a disabled UI.

 Fixes and Improvements

■ Content improvement and error correction

– Paola’s Dimensional Jin

: The issue where the lever and lift were displayed intermittently in the elevator in [Butcher’s Canyon] has been corrected.

: After the poison bag is destroyed in [Underground Cave of Destruction], it has been modified so that it is not targeted by the dagger skill ‘Frantic Sword Dance’.

– Gateway to Infinity

: Fixed an issue where the ‘Old Wizard’s Eyes’ in [Into the Unseen] did not go berserk even after 5 minutes.

: In [Swirling Flame Storm], the phenomenon in which the flame whirlwind summoned by the ‘Scorching Flame Desert Wizard’ attacks intermittently has been corrected.

: Fixed an issue where the boss’s [Gateway Magic] buff icon was not displayed when retrying.

– Field Dungeon

: Fixed an issue where monsters could not be tracked in some areas of Lizard Island.

: Fixed an issue where nearby monsters would suffer status abnormalities when using glowing coral on Lizard Island.

: The ‘Thin Raptilian Tail’ and ‘Thick Raptilian Tail’ buffs that can be obtained on Lizard Island have been changed to be visible in the party UI.

: The duration of ‘Thick Raptilian Tail’ has been changed from 2 minutes to 5 minutes, and the ‘Thin Raptilian Tail’ buff cannot be obtained when the ‘Thick Raptilian Tail’ buff is present.

– Local events

: When attempting to acquire items after the maximum quantity of 999 for delivery in a local event, a system message has been improved to inform you that acquisition is not possible.

– Codex/Request

– Fixed an issue where if you die during [Grey Claw Forest> Moon and Wolf], the goal is not achieved even if you use runes on the selected tombstone.

– An issue where the action would stop when multiple people attempted to talk to the escort at the same time in a personal quest has been fixed.​

■ System improvements and error corrections

– When forming a [party], the issue where “party member number” appears different for each party member has been corrected.

– An issue where the camera rotation was released when pressing the Alt/Ctrl key while rotating the camera by dragging the mouse has been fixed.

– An issue where the “Show Decorations” setting was not reflected to others intermittently immediately after purchasing “Style” in [Costume] has been fixed.

– An issue where the size of the pattern was not reflected properly when applying it after changing the size of the “pattern” in [Costume] has been corrected.

– An issue where the guild leader of the guild ranked 1st in guild rankings could not use [Transcendence Skill] – [Transcendence Power: Gale] has been fixed. 

– Fixed an issue where the tooltip of the ignition effect icon in PC information disappeared.

– Fixed an issue where chat categories could not be switched using the Tab key in the chat input field.

– Improvements have been made so that voice chat guide messages are displayed in the chat window when voice chat is available.

– The terms “damage” and “damage” in the game have been unified as “damage.”​

■ Equipment error correction

– Fixed an issue where the ‘Tevent’s Invincible Life’ effect was not applied in situations where there was a large elevation difference.

– Fixed an issue where the ‘Vast Destruction’ proficiency was not applied to the ‘Queen Blandy’s Baton’ effect.

– Fixed an issue where ranged and magic critical hits were incorrectly displayed in the growth information for ‘Kowanzuki’s Twilight Sword’.

■ Improved graphics/direction

– The icons for ‘Sophia’s Fighting Spirit Bracelet’, ‘Lutein’s Mystery Bracelet’, ‘Sophia’s Fighting Spirit Necklace’, and ‘Robert’s Focus Necklace’ have been changed.

– When selecting a request list, we have added a visual to the contract and abandon buttons to make it easier to recognize that the selection is reflected.

– An emphasis effect has been added when entering the Mirror Boutique after acquiring a new costume.

– The presentation and sound shown when the weapon appearance is equipped have been improved.

– Added sound output when opening the emotional expression UI.

– When you click on the regional exploration codex notification at the bottom of the content notification, the list selected in the content management window is highlighted.

– Improvements have been made to display ‘characteristic growth status’ on items in the equipment growth window.

– When multiple icons overlap on the map, we have improved the ability to check the icons in a list format.

– The design of the hunting ground information window has been changed.

– The visibility of characteristic information displayed on equipment items has been improved.​

■ UI error correction

– Fixed an issue where the mouse could not scroll in the configuration description area.

– Fixed an issue where the obtained solant was not visible in the lucky bag usage results window.

– Fixed the issue of UI overlapping when there are many equipment items in the equipment characteristics window.

– Fixed an issue where a temporary icon was displayed when selecting a locked item in attribute switching.

– The ‘Siege Golem Untransformation’ icon has been modified to not be displayed when transforming in content.

: Henson’s transformation in the Ursa Field Exploration Codex, Double Key’s rat transformation in Tyrant’s Island, etc.​

 Event & Promotion Information

[Event] February 21st event information

– Attendance event with Herpy will be added.

[View event details]

 known issues​We will do our best to quickly correct any abnormalities occurring in the game below.We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.​

■ Battle– There is an issue where the magic wand 

[Filled with Corruption] effect is not applied intermittently when used by multiple people on the same target.- When the shield returns after using the long sword 

[Shield Throw], there is an issue where the shield presentation does not follow the increased tracking distance. ​

■ Tooltip– When checking the comparison tooltip while dual-wielding weapons such as a dagger or crossbow are equipped, there is an issue where secondary weapon damage is incorrectly displayed.​

■ Chat– There is an issue where the items I have acquired are not displayed in the chat window.

: This is a phenomenon in which the message is displayed in all messages/system chat tabs, but not in World/General/Guild/Party.​

■ Growth diary– There is an issue where the “Boss Defeat” item during the growth mission is not completed in the “Peace” field boss.​​We look forward to seeing you with more exciting updates in the future.

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