Throne and Liberty Patch Notes – 6th February

Hello, this is THRONE AND LIBERTY.​We will inform you of the updates that will be applied through regular maintenance on Wednesday, 6th February, 2024.​Please check below for more details.

Throne and Liberty Patch Notes - 6th February

6th February Patch Notes

 Update details

When you reach level 50, you automatically acquire 7 types of ‘special growth skills’ (existing resistance skills).

– The 7 types of skills that can be acquired through existing resistance events have been changed to be automatically acquired upon reaching level 50.

– Existing related items can be changed to ‘Precious Training Book: Almighty’.

※ Characters who have already acquired a skill will be provided with a ‘Precious Training Book: Almighty’ item equal to the number of skills in question. (2 items per skill)– The 7 skills that could be obtained as resistance event rewards have been changed to be acquired by default at level 50.

: If a character who already has the skill is below level 50, the skill will not be usable and can be used when it reaches level 50.

: Even if the skill cannot be used, the skill’s growth information is maintained.

※ Characters who have already learned the skill will receive ‘Precious Training Book: Almighty’ items sequentially by mail after the maintenance.

※ As before, the 7 types of skills can only be grown with ‘Precious Training Book: Almighty’, and only ‘special growth skills’ can be grown and replaced.​- Previously acquired ‘Resistance Skill’ related items can be replaced with ‘Precious Training Book: Almighty’ using the method below.

: When holding a skill book, you can obtain 2 ‘Precious Training Books: Almighty’ by dissolving the skill book.

: Characters who possess ‘Rare Resistance Parchment: Training’ can craft it with two ‘Rare Training Book: Almighty’ through a skill book maker.

‘Rare Resistance Parchment: Forging’ x 10‘Rare Training Book: Almighty’ x 2
‘Opportunity for victory’‘Rare Training Book: Almighty’ x 2
‘Guillotine blade’‘Rare Training Book: Almighty’ x 2
‘Frantic Sword Dance’‘Rare Training Book: Almighty’ x 2
‘Wind Stealer’‘Rare Training Book: Almighty’ x 2
‘Quick resolution’‘Rare Training Book: Almighty’ x 2
‘Hellfire Meteorite’‘Rare Training Book: Almighty’ x 2
‘Ray of Disaster’‘Rare Training Book: Almighty’ x 2

※ When producing, the result quantity is displayed as 1, but there is a 100% probability that you can obtain 2 through a ‘Great Success’ result.

※ The production/melting of items related to existing resistance skills will only be maintained until before the regular maintenance on March 6, 2024.​​

Mastery has been expanded and some combat experiences have been improved.

– The maximum achievable level of weapon proficiency has been expanded from level 7 to level 13.

– We have strengthened the restrictions on attack distance and range to enable combat play that suits your intentions.

■ Expanding your proficiency– The maximum achievement level for weapon proficiency has been expanded to level 13.- The number required for skill growth has been relaxed.

: Accumulated proficiency is automatically reflected after reaching level 7, and the proficiency value may increase after the update.

■ Common– When defense is successful, the skill that inflicts counterattack damage has been changed to be affected by ‘attack distance’.

: Staff [Mystery Shield], Two-Handed Sword [Iron Blade Counterattack], Crossbow [Elastic Roll], Magic Wand [Chaos Shield]- We have improved an issue where area-type non-defensible skills can be hit by crossbow [Elastic Roll] and dagger [Sneak Attack Stance] skills even if they are out of range.​

■ Longbow– The effect of [Nature’s Grace] has been modified to be affected by the enhancement duration stat.​

■ Action mode– A feature has been added to maintain the mouse cursor while pressing a shortcut key in action mode.

: In Settings > Character > Shortcuts > Control Mode, the ‘Keep cursor while pressed’ option is provided. (Default setting: off)

※ Shortcut keys that cannot be held down: Alt, Ctrl, Shift

■ operation– The ‘Select Nearest Target Priority’ option has been improved to follow the setting of ‘Target Selection Method’ when operating.

: When there is no target, press the basic attack or skill key to affect the automatically targeted target.

We have improved the playing experience of some content and systems.

– The ‘Gateway of Infinity’ monster skill presentation has been improved.
– The Resistance event has been deleted and will resume in a new form later.

■ Gateway to Infinity

Directing the casting of rage skills
(Existing) Light source production(Change) Makes the entire body shine

– The rendering of the fury skills used by monsters that appear at the Infinite Gate has been changed.

: It has nothing to do with the timing of using defense skills, but we have improved the confusion caused by the presentation similar to the existing regular boss.

: When a monster casts a rage skill, you can estimate the timing of defense through its attack motion.- Problems occurring in some ‘Infinite Gates’ have been corrected.

: [Maze of Approaching Death] Fixed an issue where Roaring Abolos Dark Wizard would not die intermittently.

: [Fall! Shock! Destruction!] Modified the beam transfer to occur more quickly.

: [The Stealer and the Reclaimer] Fixed an issue where health and mana were not recovered after killing Dren.

: [Revenge and Resurrection] The Vengeful Skeleton Commander has been improved to use the resurrection skill immediately after the first death.

■ Special dungeons– Recommended level information has been added to Paola’s dimension list.

■ Resistance Event– The Resistance event scheduled to take place on February 7th has been deleted.

※ The Resistance event is scheduled to resume in a new form through sufficient improvements in the future.

■ Item– The quantity of some items stacked in the bag and warehouse has been changed. (The stack quantity of existing items will be maintained.)

itemNumber of existing stacks possibleNumber of possible change stacks
magic powder200500
Stellaboom Element200500

We have improved the playing experience of some content and systems.

– Guild identification and recognition have been strengthened, and the guild system has been partially supplemented.

■ Guild emblem– 13 guild emblems that can be used by level 30 guilds have been added.​

■ Guild Request– When changing a guild request, it has been changed to use ‘guild resources’ rather than the guild leader’s personal goods.​

■ Guild Rewards– Marind, which was given as a guild reward when entering the rankings in the Peace Zone event, has been replaced with a training book and a polishing book.​

■ Guild experience– Guild experience growth values ​​have been changed.> [Hunting] There is a limit to the guild experience points that can be obtained through daily hunting per individual.> [Guild Request] The proportion of experience points for ‘general hunting’ quests will be lowered, and the proportion of experience points for ‘dungeon’ and ‘local event’ quests that require cooperation will increase.> [Regional Events] The higher regional events you perform, the higher your experience points will be. Additionally, in order to increase the proportion based on the number of participants, the proportion obtained through effort rewards has been increased.> [Guild Raid] The proportion of experience points has been increased, and the amount of experience points gained increases based on the unlock level.​

■ Guild production– Street expressions affected by guild revival have been removed from being displayed in the world.​

Transformation, expression of emotions, and use of Mirror Boutique become more convenient.

– Usability has been improved so that transformation and emotional expression can be performed more quickly.

– The convenience of Mirror Boutique has been improved.

■ Transformation– Instead of entering the transformation menu, you can immediately transform into Yugi or Camouflage by entering ‘/transformation name’ in the chat window.

: Example) /Transformation box crayfish

※ The convenience of recreational transformation and camouflage transformation will continue to be improved.

■ Expressing emotions– A button has been added to the HUD to allow quick use of emotional expressions, and has been removed from chat.- The position of the emote button in the HUD has been improved to allow editing.​

■ Mirror Boutique– Changed the items ‘Dye’ and ‘Sewing Thread’ to be stored in the warehouse.- Improvements have been made so that items in the warehouse can be used immediately when changing appearance or dyeing a costume.- The size of the acquisition location in the appearance list has been modified to enhance the recognition of the acquisition location.​​

Some adventure and exploration codexes have been improved.

– Improvements have been made to inconveniences while progressing through the adventure and exploration codex.

■ Adventure Codex

 [Act 8. [Devil’s Smile]

: Habreth’s health has been reduced by 40%, and the last heart has been modified to appear below 25% health.- [Act 9. Contract of Fire and Darkness]

: Jarek’s health has decreased by 30% and Arthur Talon’s health has decreased by 20%.

: Bombs appear at 40% of Jarek’s health, the damage dealt to Arthur Talon increases, and an additional ‘increased damage received’ debuff is applied.

: Jarek’s Fury skill has been changed to a single projectile attack.

■ Exploration Codex– Fixed an issue where the gauge was incorrect when using a wooden bucket filled with rainwater during [Golden Rye Farm > Cursed Rain].- [Abyss of Sileus 3rd and 4th floors > Army of the Dead > Liberation of Bound Souls] The respawn time of ‘Bound Souls’ has been shortened.- [Tyrant’s Island > Strong upon the strong] Changed ‘Reinforced Raptilian Brawler / Defeat Reinforced Raptilian Spearman’ to ‘Defeat Berserk Raptilian Swordsman / Defeat Berserk Raptilian Shaman’.- [Tyrant’s Island > Boiling Blood] Changed ‘Escape from the bondage of the Berserk Raptillian Executor’ to ‘Crash the Berserk Raptilian Gladiator and destroy the Raptilian Totem’.- Changed to only expose items that have not yet been performed.

: If you uncheck the ‘Show incomplete items’ checkbox at the top, all items in that area will be displayed.

: If all items in the area are completed, a full list will be displayed.

: When there are rewards available for items completed in the area, you can use the ‘Receive All’ button to obtain all rewards.​​

UI convenience has been improved.

■ Common– When dragging an item/skill icon, an emphasis has been applied to the designated slot to make it easier to recognize the registration/replacement range.- The information expression of limited-term items has been improved.​

■ map– We have removed the feature that shows the map being aligned to the center when clicking on a teleportation stone, so that the teleportation stone pop-up window can be launched immediately even when the last state is maintained.​

■ Event calendar– In cases where the progress schedule and reward exchange schedule are separate, we have improved them to display them separately.​

■ Codex– When entering the codex window by clicking the hyperlink in the growth log or main menu, the location of the selected list is now highlighted.- Improvements have been made so that the selected area is displayed on the screen when entering the exploration codex window by clicking on the content details view of the content notification or the list of acquisition sources in the pop-up window.​

■ Battle Pass– Button expressions have been improved to make it easier to recognize premium pass purchases and pass store functions.- The design at the top of the Battle Pass has been changed. A banner for the battle pass product has been added, and you can purchase the battle pass by clicking on the banner.​

■ Special stores– When the View Details button in product details is inactive, it has been hidden.​■ 

party– [Party Recruitment] has been improved to display recommended levels for each dungeon.- We have improved to notify you through a system message before posts registered in [Party Recruitment] are deleted.​

■ Character information– The unused stat ‘global skill reuse speed’ has been removed.- The tooltip description for hit has been changed from ‘normal attack’ to ‘attack’.

: ‘Hit’ and ‘Dodge’ affect both normal attacks and skills.- The ability to hide/show worn equipment has been added.​

■ Coupon– Improvements have been made so that the coupon reward list can be checked in the coupon reward pop-up window.​

■ HUD– The button expression has been improved to make it easier to recognize the exit button from the instance space.​​

We have improved the usability of the gamepad. ※ Please check ‘Corrections’ for other gamepad-related error corrections.​

■ Friendly target– We have improved an issue where it was difficult to select an attack target when the attack target and friendly target overlapped. > Preferences > Gamepad > Other provides a ‘Select Friendly Targets’ option. (Default setting: off)​

■ Glide operation– The L-stick rotation speed has been reduced when gliding, improving gliding operation. ​


■ System error correction– [Bonfire] The issue of occasionally jumping over a bonfire when attempting to sit down has been fixed.- [Party Recruitment]

: An issue where the selected category was not maintained intermittently when the window was reopened has been fixed.

: An issue where, when changing the party recruitment post being registered, registration was not possible by only changing the category has been fixed.

: An issue where the category would be reset intermittently when changing a registered party recruitment post has been corrected.

: An issue where the list was displayed only after refreshing when selecting a different dungeon has been fixed.

: An issue where the number of party members in my party was not displayed intermittently has been fixed.- An issue where the entered information was not reflected properly when entering [Chat] has been improved.- An issue where the communication status (ping) was displayed one level lower in [Lobby] – [Character Creation] – [Server Selection] has been fixed.- [Mystic Key] ‘Guild Request’, which was missing from the guide, has been added to the main acquisition location.- An issue where distribution did not proceed normally if there were guild members who had withdrawn during siege distribution has been corrected.

■ Correction of content errors– Fixed an issue where the siege golem could not come down from the top of the castle wall or battle carrier.- Fixed an issue where the ‘Isolated Area Warning’ tutorial was continuously displayed on the outskirts of Stoneguard Castle.- Fixed an issue where delivery merchants would not appear intermittently in the local event ‘Desert Caravan’.- Fixed an issue where the requiem rain was not activated intermittently in the local event ‘Requiem of Light’.- Fixed local event reward error.

: The issue where guild rewards were not paid when obtaining rank rewards has been fixed.

: The issue where certain rank rewards were paid incorrectly in ‘Stop Magical Overload’ has been fixed.- The issue of HP/MP not recovering to maximum when retrying in the special dungeon [Infinite Gate] has been fixed.- In Paola’s Dimension [Demon Abyss], the reinforced Archeum swordsman has been modified to not use area-of-effect skills.- In Paola’s Dimension [Temple of Slaughter], a water sound effect has been modified to sound when the second magic power regulator is activated.- Fixed an issue in the field dungeon [Sanctuary of Desire] where the player did not die immediately after receiving fatal damage.- [Guild Raid]

: After maintenance, the issue where the last guild raid boss was automatically selected and opened has been fixed.

: The issue where ‘Adentus’ and ‘Azrael’ among the bosses were misdirected has been fixed.

※ ‘Adentus’ and ‘Azrael’ can challenge guild level 17.​

■ Item error correction– Fixed an issue where some equipment items were not exposed to the supplier.

: ‘Spider Web Clothing’ has been modified to be displayed on the list of obtainable items for ‘Worker Spider’.

: ‘Spiderweb Cloth Pants’ have been modified to be displayed on the list of obtainable items for ‘Poisonous Worker Spider’.​

■ UI error correction– Fixed an issue where a pop-up would not appear intermittently when clicking on a teleportation stone.- Fixed an issue where checks were not activated or deactivated in the legend window.- Fixed an issue where the number of appearance change tickets currently held could not be retrieved from the appearance change window.- Fixed an issue where the list and detailed information tabs were not synchronized in costumes.- Fixed an issue where the scroll UI did not disappear in the warehouse.- Fixed an issue where dragging did not work on the Battle Pass screen.- Fixed an issue where locked items did not appear dark in the equipment enhancement window.- Fixed an issue where the search reset function was not possible after searching for a player in group chat.- Fixed an issue where the input window would disappear after leaving a party or guild in chat.- Fixed an issue where the focus changed when opening a box on the production screen.- Fixed an issue where the image of the Stella Boom worn just before was displayed when the Stella Boom slot was empty.- Fixed an issue where the Chronicle window could not be loaded when clicking the Chronicle icon.- Fixed an issue where the text of the ‘Delete all tokens’ button was always displayed in the token UI.- Fixed an issue where the UI went out of bounds when setting a combination key in the main menu.- Fixed an issue where the endurance and evasion ability values ​​on the equipment rubbing paper were displayed differently from the actual equipment.- The phrase “endurance reduction” that was incorrectly written on the monster’s [Status Weakness: Bleeding] has been removed.- Fixed an issue where the skill level information of other characters who had reached hero level 5 were displayed incorrectly in the chat window.​

■ Improved graphics/direction– The recovery coin box item icon has been changed.- An issue where the rank display image of the boss monster was displayed incorrectly in Paola’s Dimension has been fixed.​

■ Gamepad error correction– Fixed an issue where the R3 operation menus and operation guide overlapped in the bag.- Fixed an issue where focus movement was not smooth in the box result pop-up.- Fixed an issue where Stella Vision could not be used in safe areas.- Fixed an issue where the screen was enlarged when moving the R stick up/down in ‘Investigation’.​

Event & Promotion Information

[Promotion] New product information on February 7 (Wednesday)

– Sunrise headdress costume has been added.

– New Army toys ‘Tengpaeng Ogi’ and ‘Kokaot Inky’ are added.

[Promotion details]

[Promotion] <Magic in Legends, Ardeo> Weapon Appearance

– 7 types of Ardeo weapon appearances will be added.

[Promotion details]

[Event] Sunrise Happiness Prayer Festival

– You can complete <Five-Colored Rice Cake Soup in the New Year> Paola’s Dimensional Jin and create five-colored Rice Cake Soup.

– <Find the lucky bags!> You can obtain five-colored rice cake soup and salt by acquiring the lucky bags scattered throughout the field.

– <Lucky New Year Coin> You can complete the Resistance quest and collect New Year Coins to exchange for various festival items.

[View event details]

[Event] New Year’s cards have arrived!

– You can create items by receiving New Year’s cards during the 4-day holiday period from February 9th to 12th.

[View event details]

[Attendance list] Magpie Magpie New Year’s Day

– During the Sunrise Happiness Prayer Festival, a special attendance register will be held every day.

[View event details]

known issuesWe will do our best to quickly correct any abnormalities occurring in the game below.We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.

■ Combat
– [Frantic Sword Dance] When the target is attached to a wall or object, there is a phenomenon in which the skill is interrupted during use.- There is an issue where the magic wand [Filled with Corruption] effect is applied to players other than the caster.

■ Arc Boss
– There is an issue where Tevent’s Fury attack is displayed in white.

■ System
– ‘Option not to display other players’ skill rendering’ does not work properly.

: You can change this in [Preferences>Gameplay>Character>Attack], and the default setting is ‘Print all’.
※ We have corrected an issue where another user’s skill rendering attacking the target you are targeting is displayed, but some range indications, etc. are displayed, so further modifications are scheduled.

■ Item– The item category of ‘Five-Colored Rice Cake Soup’, which can be obtained as an event item, is incorrectly displayed as ‘Elixir’.> ‘Five Colored Rice Cake Soup’ is in the ‘Food’ category and cannot be used simultaneously with other ‘Food’ items.> This will be corrected during the next regular maintenance.We look forward to seeing you with more exciting updates in the future.

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