Blue Protocol BP Points – How to Get and Use

What’s up, folks? Here we are again for another Blue Protocol Guide, which will be all about Blue Protocol BP Points. Stay and continue reading this Blue Protocol BP Points to get some crucial information about its goal and where to find it, which is going to help you in the game. So what are we waiting for? Let’s get this Blue Protocol BP Points Guide going!

Blue Protocol BP Points

To start this Blue Protocol BP Points Guide, as of now, there is only one feature for BP Points, and it is used to buy things in the store. It’s important to take note that the things that you can buy in the store depend on your gender, and it changes monthly. So it’s important to exchange your desired products to ensure you get what you want before it changes.

How to Get BP Points?

  • Obtain it as a reward by using Connect coupons.
    • Connect coupons are discounted vouchers that can be shared with fellow players and are accessible from the upper right corner of the Rose Orb Store within the Regnus Store. By having others use the discount coupon you’ve issued, you can acquire BP points.
Blue Protocol BP Points Connect Coupons
  • Exchange costume items and more
    • Obtaining BP Points is also possible by exchanging your costume and mount items. Within the Regnas Store, there is a BP point exchange system, enabling you to gather BP points by trading in items that you no longer need.
    • Please be aware that the costume and mount items cannot be swapped if you are currently wearing or using them. Before attempting to swap the item for BP points, it is necessary for you to remove it.
Blue Protocol BP Exchange

BP Point Store’s Featured Rewards

  • Battle Imagine
    • Every month, there will be a Battle Imagine available in the store. In there, you can get the recipes and ideas you need to craft those Battle Imagine.
  • Gacha Costumes
    • In the Blue Protocol BP Points Store, there is a section for gacha fans where they may purchase costumes. Costumes will be available for purchase at Caster Gacha and Heavy Knight Gacha. But don’t worry, people who can afford Blue Protocol BP Points can receive it through exchange; there’s no need to pull it if you don’t afford it.
Blue Protocol Gacha Costumes

BP Expiration Date

There is an expiration date on BP points, and any points that are earned after this date are automatically gone from the game system. On the last day of the fifth month, which also happens to be the month of acquisition, this expiration happens at 5:23. So you better take note of that and don’t let your BP points to be expire. It’s important to use your points properly if you want to get the most out of them.

BP History

Are you having difficulty determining when you acquired your Blue Protocol BP Points? Rest easy since you can check whether BP is about to expire in “BP Point Entry / Withdrawal History.” If you have BP that seems to be five months after purchase, exchange it for an item immediately.

Blue Protocol BP Points History


That will be all for this Blue Protocol BP Points Guide, folks! By referring to this article, you will be able to learn everything about BP Points that can help you if you ever have them. Please take note that the Blue Protocol BP Points have an expiration date which will be in the fifth month after acquiring them. Remember those things if you don’t want to lose your Blue Protocol BP Points without using them first!

We hope this Blue Protocol BP Points Guide was able to help you gain information about its purpose and where to obtain it. For more Blue Protocol Content like this, please visit our Blue Protocol Homepage. You can also join our community discord if you ever have a question, or you can hang out with us!

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