Dune Awakening: Everything we know so far about the open-world Dune MMO

Funcom, known for developing some of the best MMORPGs in recent history, has announced that it is working on a new Dune MMO, called Dune: Awakening.

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Dune Awakening Announcement Trailer

Back in August we had our first glimpse of Dune Awakening with the launch of their announcement trailer! Its safe to say people are excited about this ambitious Open World Survival MMO with a single video racking up over 6 million views.

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Dune Awakening Concept Artwork Shows off a Perilous Beauty

Recently, the developers Funcom have been dropping Dune Awakening weekly concept artwork that shows off a perilous beauty in each of their offerings.

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Dune Awakening Pre-Alpha Teaser Trailer

With Beta sign ups now open for Dune Awakening, FunCom shared their Pre-Alpha Teaser Trailer. This trailer gives us our first real proper look into the ambitious Survival MMO.

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Does Dune Awakening Have Crafting and Gathering?

As you explore the deadliest planet in the universe in Funcom’s upcoming MMO Dune Awakening, you will quickly want to make a name for yourself, craft powerful items, then rise to power and control the spice.

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Dune Awakenings First Developer Update

Dune Awakenings First Developer Update brings us a closer look at the key inspiration for the dev team and gives us an insight into their minds while creating Dune Awakening.

Dune Shigawire Reels Part 9

Dune Shigawire Reels Part 9 gives us a great look at the sandworms of Arrakis, Where to find them and how to specifically avoid them.

Dune Shigawire Reels Part 8

In Dune Shigawire Reels Part 8 we take a look at the various methods of combined arms featuring within Dune Awakening, all of these will be extremely crucial forms of fighting for both PvE and PvP alike.

Dune Shigawire Reels Part 7

Dune Shigawire Reels Part 7

Shigawire Reels Part 7 gives us our first look at Ornithopters and Spice blows, both seem to be major components of the hinted at Spice related timed events.

Dune Shigawire Reels Part 6

shigawire reels part 6 gives us a first look at the mythology and culture of the Fremen with the desert mouse and the two moons of Arrakis.

Dune Shigawire Reels Part 5

Dune shigawire reels part 5 gives us our first hint towards dungeons and what is required to raid and pillage those locations. We get a look at an abandoned Ecology lab location.

Shigawire part 4

Dune Awakening Shigawire Reels Part 4

Dune Awakening Shigawire Reels part 4 gives us a short run down of the layout within the Shield wall. home to The Exchange and a large population of non locals living their life in peace, For now.
Riches are made and taken here on the daily, resources trade and distributed. Policed by the Sardaukar to make sure The Exchange is safe for all to enter.

Dune Awakening Shigawire Reels Part 3

Dune Awakening Shigawire Reels part 3 gives up a quick inside into the day and night cycles of Dune Awakening and a short background on a Heighliner belonging to the renowned Spacing guild, the spacing guild looms over the sky of Arrakis monitoring it. They depend on Spice from Arrakis to safely foresee paths to space travel through.

Dune Awakening Shigawire Reels Part 2

Dune Awakening Shigawire Reel – Part 2 highlights desert construction and two of the vehicles you will pilot in Dune: Awakening. Always be on the lookout for wormsign. A mere shelter or vehicle won’t save you.

Dune Awakening: Shigawire Reels- part 1

With a recent post on the official Dune Awakening discord we got an introductory look at the first episode of the new Shigawire Reels series, Shigawire Reels-Part one.
A series aimed at getting survivors the knowledge they need to keep themselves safe in the infinite deserts of Arrakis.