Dune Awakening Pre-Alpha Teaser Trailer

With Beta sign ups now open for Dune Awakening, FunCom shared the Dune Awakening Pre-Alpha Teaser Trailer. This trailer gives us our first real proper look into the ambitious Survival MMO.

We now know that Dune Awakening has ambitious plans for both PVE and PVP with extensive landscapes and adventures. For those interested more in PVP you will have the opportunity to fight over spice and claim land for your crew.

Lets break down the Dune Awakening Pre-Alpha Teaser Trailer

Dune Awakening Pre-Alpha Teaser Trailer

The first part of the trailer shows us a huge Coriolis storm with a crashed ornithopter on a sand Dune. This may not be part of any gameplay but it should give us an indication on what we can expect with the feeling of the environment.

Dune Awakening Pre-Alpha Teaser Trailer

Our next scene is a character walking towards a structure built into the cliffs. After checking other images we believe this is player claimable or buildable outposts or buildings. You can see a couple of vehicles at the bottom of the stairs which we should be able to craft too.

This was really good to see in the Dune Awakening Pre-Alpha Teaser Trailer.

Dune Awakening Pre-Alpha Teaser Trailer

The shot of the buildings on top of the rocks with the vehicle approaching and the space ship in the sky also looks like some player built or claimable structures. Again we can see this from another angle in other screenshots with the buildings in the distance. Potentially a smaller outpost for players to use.

PVE Trading Hubs

A first look at what we assume is going to be a PVE trading hub. We can see the vehicle we saw in a few of the previous clips here too. I am guessing as players we will be able to explore in these tank like trucks between the Dunes, our bases and the trading hubs!

We hope you enjoyed this look into the Dune Awakening Pre-Alpha Teaser Trailer.

This is an interesting shot. You can see two Ornithopters on the left as 4 players making their way into the “halls of the testing stations”. We can only assume that this is a point of interest in Dune Awakening and we will probably see multiple of these around the game.

We don’t yet know what size co-op groups we can have in Dune Awakening.

As we reach the halfway point in Dune Awakenings Pre-Alpha Trailer we see a group of aerial vehicles making their way to a spice deposit. 4 Ornithopters and 1 harvester carrier.

Take a look at some Digital Artwork.

This scene continues and shows a battle between a ground team and the aerial team we saw flying in above. We can only assume that this is a small scale pvp battle between two groups after control of the spice.

Influence from the Movies

As we move into the final scene in the Teaser trailer we get a scene that is reminiscent of something like Star Wars. A beautiful clean grey room with water either side and a mysterious character walking towards the camera.

As fans of the movie we thought we noticed similarities to The Fremen. Take a look at these two images.

Dune Freman
Dune MMO Freman

You can make up your own mind but the Darth Vader looking character defiantly has similarities to the Fremen. This may be a vision of your character you will get to play. Or maybe and NPC you get to meet and interact with throughout the Dune Awakening story.

Please note that the discussions in this article are just our opinions and may not nessicerily hold any truth. We are extremely excited about Dune Awakening and cannot wait for the next update!

Here is the Dune Awakening Pre-Alpha Teaser Trailer


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