What will base building be like in Dune Awakening?

During a recent screenshot dump in the Dune Awakening discord. We got our first looks at what seems to be the first implements of the base building system in Dune Awakening.

Base Building
Base Building

There is a few distinct takeaways from these images!

Build Zones

This picture appears taken next to a large building. Which we can’t confirm is player made or a static within the game world. But if the latter is true it appears Dune might not be making use of traditional “no build zones” around static builds like other well known games within the space.

Build System

The build system displayed gives strong vibes of systems akin to rust and ark. With a simple base building deployment system and smaller deployable that can be placed within.


Within the screenshot we can see three modes of transport. An ornithopter can be spotted flying above the large building in the back supposedly coming in to drop further resources. It looks like its for the construction of whatever base the player in the bottom right is making.

There is also a small quad for personnel transport and a larger quad wheeled vehicle that appears to be serving as a mobile hub. This vehicle might be what’s enabling the player to build. But it might just be a deployable spawn or craft point.

We think Building is going to be a core part of PVP and PVE in Dune.

Free Placement

Looking at the screenshot it appears the base building system will allow us to freely rotate. At least on the X axis without any snapping to limit the player.

Building Tool

The player building can be seen holding a small device to start building with. Little info is known about this device. Other than it seems to be extremely portable and lightweight due to the player being able to handle it with only one hand.

We expect this will be something that a player can construct or spawns in with after loading up the game for the first time.

All info here should be taken with a grain of salt as this is from the “Pre Alpha” build of the game and is all subject to change 


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