Dune Awakening Concept Artwork Shows off a Perilous Beauty

Dune: Awakening is an upcoming survival MMO inspired by the original novel & movie based around Dune. Over the past couple of weeks we have seen more and more of the game be revealed to us. And what a wonder it is to see Arrakis visually. Recently, the developers Funcom have been dropping Dune Awakening Concept Artwork that shows off a perilous beauty in each of their offerings.

Dune Awakening Concept Artwork

The first image seems to potentially be a headquarters or base within Arrakis. There is a very unique architecture to many of the structures in Dune: Awakening. This particular base appears to have a landing pad for Ornithopters at the top and defensive weaponry, potentially a dangerous neutral base perhaps that you can explore in the open world!

Dune Awakening Concept Artwork of Portable Defenses

Dune Awakening Concept Artwork

Within this image appears to be a set of weaponized defense towers, the design is not particularly aggressive or evil looking. With massive legs there’s a potential for these machines to be mobile, or perhaps a defense system for a friendly settlement or player-made settlement.

A beautiful yet barren landscape

Dune Awakening Concept Artwork

A beautiful yet dangerous looking setting in the above concept art that really shows off some of the beauty of the natural world in Arrakis. However in the far fiery skied distance you can just about make out some ships in the sky, transport potentially? Or maybe combat based vessels. We can also see a man peering out towards them with his arms held up, maybe binoculars or a zoomable system usable in-game to scout ahead?!

Black Hawk Down

Dune Awakening Concept Artwork

Within this deep red rock formation it seems there is a crashed Ornithopter with a human heading towards it. The Ornithopter itself though seems not entirely in destroyed condition, perhaps it is salvageable or repairable? Or maybe even just a potential loot-able area! We think this Dune Awakening Concept Artwork is beautiful.

Future Tech Lost in Time

A very modern but oddly ancient looking piece of architecture. Potentially a base of technology from an earlier period of time overgrown with greenery almost everywhere. Something to note here is the cloaked figure on the left, potentially a cloak to protect you from the elements outside, or maybe an entirely separate faction within the game.

Modern Housing

This weekly concept artwork shows off a perilous beauty from within its sleek and futuristic interior. However you will have seen a man looking out into the dangerous but honestly impressively beautiful looking Arrakis. There is a chance here this could be an example of later game player housing, or maybe just a very high-end city!

Tower Defense

Another set of weaponized defense towers on display, however of a much different design. These towers will pack a powerful punch with railgun-like cannons. There is potential that in-game they can provide assistance against bad actors, if there’s a morality system that is!

Futuristic Trading Hub

The above image is one of our first real glimpses into a settlement or city within Arrakis with plenty of Ornithopters flying in from above. With a beautiful yet futuristic, and perhaps even industrial feel to it. Settlements of this type could very well be a hub for many players of all factions & backgrounds to buy, sell and socialize, using Spice and its immense value to leverage yourself.

Natural Disaster

A fantastically beautiful yet terrifyingly powerful artwork shows off a Ornithopter hurrying away from what seems to be a gigantic eruption from what seems to be a volcano. However on closer inspection there is no lava, potentially outbursts of Spice? If that happens to be the case we may see dynamic events in which huge Spice quantities appear on the map – of which it can and will be fought over in PVP!

A Tense Rivalry

In this weekly concept artwork we can clearly see a clashing of factions and different walks of life. A woman of which seems to be smoking something like Spice pouring water – which you would imagine is special in a desert world in front of the other differently dressed individuals. A subtle additional touch to the concept is a man on the right slowly pulling a dagger out from behind his back. With this in mind perhaps we can expect to see a lot around factions both in PVP and an overarching story, or perhaps this is part of a big questline!

Cargo Bay

In this final concept art image we see a beautiful horizon being shown off, trying encapsulating the alluring pull but inner danger Arrakis has within itself. We can see a person climbing into the cockpit of a lone Ornithopter, preparing to fly out into the world ahead. Perhaps another example or hint of base building within the game, having a hangar of your own!

Dune Awakening doesn’t currently have a release date. You can sign up to the beta which we think may arrive early 2023. As fans of Open World Survival games we are extremely excited at this ambitious project from Funcom.


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