Dune Awakening Weapons Sound Amazing!

As we’re edging closer to getting more news about Dune Awakening we take a look into some of the Weapons we can expect to see in Dune Awakening!

Dune: Awakening is on its way, turning desert planet Arrakis into an expansive MMO. The sci-fi novel and subsequent film adaptation spawned a tactical strategy game in Dune: Spice Wars, but Awakening will show Arrakis as we’ve never seen it before.

Dune Awakening Weapons

In Dune Awakening you can expect to see many different types of weapons from across the universe, drawing upon the books and the movies.

Dune Awakening Weapons

  • Lasguns
  • Maula Pistols
  • Scatter Guns
  • Pellet Guns
  • Crysknives
  • Kindjal
  • Short Swords
  • Rapiers
  • Holtzman Shields

Credit: Knife, Lasgun

Dune Awakening Weapons

In addition to the weapons you will be able to use, players will have abilities that they can learn through the great schools of the universe. Some of the abilities you will be able to use are Mentat Abilities and Benny Jeserate skills.

There is a system involved in combat which will allow players to get close to other players as the Slowblade penetrates which will aid in getting through shields quicker.

Anytime you step onto the sands of Arrakis you risk drawing the worm. This is multiplied by using the Holtzman Shield, driving vehicles or Suspensor belts – and more!

As gamers ourselves, we are a little concerned about the balance between range, melee, tanks, air and the abilities, however the Devs seems to be talking about balance and how its going to work already which is good to know.

Dune Awakening Weapons

We’re extremely excited for the game, especially getting to use the Dune Awakening Weapons you’ve seen in this article, as I’m sure you are. Make sure to keep an eye on our Discord and Website for more Dune Updates!


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