Everything We Know About Dune Awakening Complete Guide

Dune is on its way, transforming the desert planet Arrakis into a massively multiplayer online game. Here’s Funcom’s Dune Awakening Complete Guide.

The sci-fi novel and accompanying film adaptation inspired a tactical strategy game called Dune Spice Wars, but Awakening will portray Arrakis as we’ve never seen it before. The struggle to survive will push you against tremendous difficulties, forcing you to explore the harsh planet and hunt for resources, battle opponents, form alliances, and more.

Dune Awakening Complete Guide

Dune Awakening Possible Release Date

Funcom’s Dune Awakening might receive early access in late 2023 or 2024, depending on how far the game progresses, especially since beta sign-ups are already open via the Dune Awakening website. Expect to wait a little longer beyond that date for the complete release, potentially even a year, while Funcom works to further develop the game so that it is ready for distribution. Hence, we provide players with the Dune Awakening Complete Guide before it launches to understand and cope with the game.

Players can expect to play Dune Awakening on all major platforms, including PC via Steam, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S.

Dune Awakening Story

The plot is typically an afterthought in survival MMOs, but Dune Awakening appears to emphasize a core plot. Your adventure as The Sleeper begins on Arrakis, the legendary desert continent from Dune’s established universe. Dune Awakening will allow us to firsthand explore Arrakis’ landscapes and creatures, from deep gorges and rolling dunes to ancient Ecology Labs buried beneath the sand.

Dune: Awakening Arrakis

You will also encounter characters from both the novels and the movie here. We don’t know who those folks are yet, but given how rapidly things go wrong for Dune protagonist Paul and the Atreides family, it would be surprising to connect with this array of characters firsthand.

Nonetheless, the Dune Awakening plot promises to expand the Dune world into a new medium, where we’ll meet new allies and adversaries while attempting to “uncover the mystery that lies just beneath the surface of the sands,” according to the Dune Awakening Complete Guide website. This Dune Awakening Complete Guide doesn’t just focus on the mechanical gameplay itself but also the story behind it.

Dune: Awakening Protagonist Paul

Dune Awakening Complete Guide

This Dune Awakening Complete Guide focuses on the fundamentals of the game. We’ll talk about what Funcom has added or changed from the previous games.


Dune Awakening pits players against the hazardous environment of Arrakis, as well as the threat of other players. You will look for supplies such as water and other precious natural resources, as well as build shelters to defend yourself from the heat, perilous sandstorms, and enormous sandworms, like in the best PS5 survival games and top Xbox survival games. Crafting will be important for growth and survival, with players able to make new weapons, armor, vehicles, attachments, modifications, and other items to better their characters.

Dune: Awakening Gameplay

Furthermore, enormous Coriolis storms frequently modify the terrain beyond The Shield Wall, revealing new mysteries. This location appears to alter regularly, allowing players to explore further into Arrakis in pursuit of the greatest resources and mysteries the game has to offer, maybe even the rarest schematics.

A thrilling third-person PVP-directed and ranged combat. From lethal ambushes to large organic conflicts, with the fast-paced interplay between infantry, ground, and aerial vehicles, this game has it all. Use whatever you have at your disposal, from Holtzman devices to a variety of long-range weaponry. Experiment with combat skills and other powers taught by the Great Schools of the Imperium to push the boundaries of human potential.

Resource Gathering

One of the focuses of this Dune Awakening Complete Guide is its new resource gathering. Controlling Spice is the ultimate aim. Players will seek Spice in the desert to collect the galaxy’s most precious substance. Spice appears to be a cause of tension in the game, with players forming groups to battle over spice or sneaking by to scavenge what they can. According to Funcom, the spice may be sold or used to ‘increase your potential at the cost of addiction’ This is also where Dune Awakening’s guild system comes into play, with the ability to form and build a player guild into a Minor House in the Dune world, establishing control over Arrakis’ rich resources.

Dune: Awakening Vehicles

Gatherers are unlikely to be let down. Making flying cars, weapons and more will not be an easy or inexpensive endeavor. Gatherers may gather raw resources to create vehicles, for example. Perhaps gather the universe’s most precious resource and sell it on the exchange.

The exchange will function similarly to Dune’s auction house/trade post. This means that Dune Awakening will have a powerful player-driven economy. Crafters and gatherers who are astute will be able to amass vast wealth and influence. Stay tuned to MMO-Wiki for a Dune Awakening Complete Guide to Resource Gathering.


By allying with one of the Great Houses, you may form a guild and expand it into a House Minor. You may rise above your competitors by controlling important resources and exerting economic supremacy. Power in Dune Awakening shifts like the dunes.

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Crafting System

Another focus of this Dune Awakening Complete Guide is the newly added crafting system. Crafting is an intriguing topic in MMOs since it is something that individuals have strong feelings about regardless of how involved they are in the mechanics. Dune Awakening introduces its crafting system, where you can create weaponry, armor, vehicles, attachments, and changes, among other things. Crafting is something that other people do, and whether it’s good or bad is completely unimportant to certain players; what counts is whether created products are available for purchase or not, and everything else is secondary.

Dune: Awakening Crafting

This little information provides us with a glimpse into the massive crafting systems that Dune Awakening will have. While the ability to construct armor and weaponry in a Dune MMO is interesting in and of itself, the potential of being able to craft vehicles is genuinely thrilling. Dune Awakening Crafting has something for everyone, whether you wish to travel in luxury over the dunes or go to the sky with flying vehicles. Stay tuned here on our website MMO-Wiki for a Dune Awakening Complete Guide on crafting.

Base Building

A complex base-building game mechanism is planned for Dune Awakening Crafting. Allowing you to develop your foundation utilizing a range of different building parts. The location of your shelters will be critical to surviving the scorching heat and sandstorms of Dune.

Dune: Awakening Base Building

The building system exhibited has obvious resemblances to rust and ark systems. With a straightforward base-building deployment mechanism and smaller deployable that may be deployed within.

Character Creation

The last focus of this Dune Awakening Complete Guide is the character creation system. Here you will create your identity and prowess, from deep character creation to talents and powers that grow as you use them. Declare your allegiances through your clothing and make yourself known through your actions, whether you are a specialized master or a multi-talented adept.

Dune: Awakening Character Creation

We hope that this article will help you in your future journey in the world of Arrakis. If you find this Dune Awakening Complete Guide helpful be sure to check out our other contents about Dune Awakening in Mmo-Wiki.


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