Dune X Microsoft Flight Simulator DLC

You will soon be able to step foot into the world of Arrakis and pilot the iconic Ornithopters with the upcoming Dune X Microsoft Flight simulator DLC!

Microsoft Flight Simulator: The Dune DLC

What do we know about The Dune X Microsoft Flight Simulator DLC?

Xbox is collaborating with Legendary and Warner Bros. Entertainment, bringing its most iconic vehicle to life—alongside recreating several areas from the series, which includes the capital city of Arrakeen and other recognizable locations fans will be familiar with.

A trailer was released showing off the House Atreides Ornithopter from Dune: Part One. It could be seen flying over the endless desert and rocks of Arrakis. Xbox states that it is “one of the most dynamic aircraft ever conceived.” The DLC will be free upon release.

Dune X Flight Simulator Expansion Trailer

The new expansion trailer features a sneak peek into the movement and controls of the House Atreides Ornithopter while showcasing its flight expedition in the desert area of Arrakis. The Ornithopter has 4 wings and can carry 6 people at a time.

Expected Release Date

The Dune DLC will be dropping on November 3, 2023, the same day the upcoming sequel Dune: Part Two will make its way to cinemas.

Supported Platforms

The Dune DLC will be available on Xbox Series X|S, PC, Xbox Game Pass, and PC Game Pass, and for Xbox One.

How to Play the Dune DLC?

Players only need to download the latest version of Microsoft Flight Simulator to their respective platforms and access the DLC on the game’s main menu.

What to Expect?

Aside from the Trailer, there isn’t much info about the upcoming expansion. However, Xbox didn’t disappoint with previous Microsoft Flight Simulator DLCs, notably the collaboration with Top Gun: Maverick. Xbox is continuing this series as it is also expecting to release the next-generation sequel, Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024 next year.

So far that’s all there is to be known about the Dune expansion. We hope that you enjoyed our guide regarding this upcoming sci-fi DLC on Microsoft Flight Simulator! Want to stay up to date with updates, news, and upcoming games? Feel free to browse our other articles on other games on our homepage MMO Wiki or to stay on the topic of Dune you can also check out our complete guide on Dune: Awakening!


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