Sons of the Forest Guides

Patch 14 ??? Artifact Item Location Guide

he latest ??? Artifact item location is in the new cave which was also introduced in Patch 14. You will find this at the North East side of the Island relatively close to the water.

Solafite Mineral Locations

With Sons Of The Forest Patch 12 we got a new resource called Solafite , Only harvestable with the new Pickaxe.

Hard Survival Difficulty Guide And Information

But the biggest addition is hard mode. In hard mode, Food spawn rates in crates have also been reduced. No item storage crate respawns on load in this game mode. Fish and animal spawn rates have been lowered. Health and stamina regen speed is also decreased when cold. Lastly is the increased penalty for consuming raw or rotten meats.

Ultimate Stone Building Guide in Sons of the Forest

The biggest change with Sons of the Forest Update 6 is the new stone buildings. You can not only build walls, columns, and beams out of stone but also a cozy fireplace, and it won’t be surprising if they’ll be adding more in the later stages as well.

Advanced Log Sled Guide

A simple tool used to pull Logs from Chopped Trees back to your base to help you build. The log sled can now also carry stones, sticks and bones!