All Sons of the Forest Item Locations

Sons of the Forest puts you against all the elements, and cannibals in this Horror Survival Game. We’ve put together a Guide and Interactive Map to show you all Sons of the Forest Item Locations you need, should you decide to want help. Of course, reading on in this Guide or clicking the links will take you to spoilers.

Our Dedicated Sons of the Forest Map has all the Important Items, Weapons, Equipment, Cave entrances and Exits, Camps and Turtles… lots of cute Turtles! And of course everything in between.

Sons of the Forest Item Locations

Sons of the Forest Artifact Locations

We will be updating this with Guides for each artifact, but for now, you can find all the artifacts on our Interactive Map.

The Shovel Location

One of the most important Items in Sons of the Forest: A Shovel. Who would have thought it? Yup. Lets get Digging.

Before you head over to get the Shovel you are going to need the Rope Gun and the Rebreather. These pieces of equipment are required to access the location of the Shovel.

Below is an image of the Cave entrance to where you will find the Shovel. If you need a better view, take a look at our Interactive Map and look for the Shovel on the filter on the left.

Sons of the Forest Item Locations Shovel

Rebreather Location

The Rebreather is an important piece of equipment for your adventure in Sons of the Forest. You are going to need this to explore all the under water areas on the Island. Including the Newest Cave System.

Sons of the Forest Item Locations Rebreather

The New Cave System Location

In the latest Sons of the Forest Patch. The update opened up an entire new mountain cave system, linking multiple cave entrances around the snowy central mountain! Various item locations have changed too such as the Golden Armor!

Sons of the Forest Item Locations Caves

The New Demon Boss Location

In order to see the Demon Boss in Sons of the Forest. It requires opening the Golden door. Doing this will progress you to the final cutscenes and the end of the game. You will need to do this, in order to get to the Demon boss.

Demon Boss

The New Pufftons Mini-Boss Location

You will find the Puffton’s in the Food Bunker! The Food Bunker is one you will remember if you’ve been there before, if not, take a look for the “Mini Boss” on our Sons of the Forest Interactive Map.

Mini Boss Sons of the Forest Item Locations

Revolver Location

The Revolver isn’t a super powerful gun, but its a cool gun. It’s really worth going to pick up! You will need to make your way over to the Golf Club as this is where you will find your Revolver. Make sure you have your shovel as you’re going to need to do some digging… If you need help finding the revolver you can take a look on our map.

Sons of the Forest Item Locations

Guest Keycard Location

Guest Keycard is now a very important keycard, this is a must have! Thanks to the Patch 01, the guest keycard has 2 functions. The first reason is to get out of the leisure centre area and find the chainsaw. But the most important reason is to get the Golden Armor and Katana.

Guest Keycard

VIP Keycard Location

Finding the Yellow VIP Keycard is extremely important. This is required to proceed further through the game. Although to get the VIP Keycard, you MUST have the maintenance Keycard to access this area. You can follow our maintenance keycard guide here.

VIP Bunker

Maintenance Keycard Location

The maintenance keycard is the first keycard a player encounters during their playtime in sons of the forest, its required to get into the VIP keycard location later on in the games story. Its not a one time consumable as its useful for getting into a handful of doors like the VIP keycard location as of right now, this might change in future updates.


How to get into the Luxury Bunker

Previously you could use your Keycard to enter the Luxury Bunker, but now you’re going to need to find the CCTV room and Unlock the door. You’re looking for the Bunker near the largest lake on the Island, near the mountain on the east side of the map.

Walk up to the computer and you can unlock the door to let Timmy into the luxury bunker residential area. This NEEDS to be done in order to progress through the story and to get to the Golden door.


Finding the Golden Armor

In order to get through the cave, it will require you to have the Rebreather as there is some water zones. Once you are ready, get yourself to one of the locations on the map. Each one of these cave entrances will lead you to the Golden Armor.

Golden Armor Cave

Sons of the Forest Item Locations Conclusion

We hope you found this Guide on some of the Sons of the Forest Item Locations useful. You will be able to find every item on our Interactive Map if there’s anything on here missing. We can’t wait for you to share your creations with us on our Official Community Discord! Lastly, our Sons Of The Forest Homepage is a list of latest news and guides of the game. You can have a look when you are free!





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