Where to find the Rebreather in Sons of the Forest

In Sons of the Forest, one of the steps to finding the shovel is locating the Rebreather. So here below we have put together a simple guide on how to find the Rebreather.

Where to find the Rebreather

First you must get yourself geared up with your friends and be ready for another crazy adventure in a big cave! You will need to go to the coast line at the bottom of the map as seen in the photo below.

Where to find the Rebreather

Once you are there, you can head on through the cave entrance and enjoy your time with the creepy-looking monsters like the Fingers. You will notice many pathways in this cave, but I have noticed it is best to stick to the left side.

Where to find the Rebreather

If you are in no rush, make sure to check out all of the caves. There is a pathway that will take you to a body that is hanging, which has a Stun gun next to it. Please check the image below to see this.

Where to find the Rebreather

Finally, when you’ve gone through all the caves and managed to tackle all the craziness that the developers have thrown at you. You’ll notice the Rebreather on the floor, you can pick this item up and equip this from your bag.

Where to find the Rebreather

Now watch out for the shark that is swimming around and dive into the water. Following this pathway will lead you to the exit of the cave. Please check out the Rope Gun guide as you will need both of these items to obtain the Shovel.

Take a look at our Interactive Map for the full location and other items too!


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