Where to find the Rebreather in Sons of the Forest

Welcome to the captivating realm of Sons of the Forest, where survival is key amidst mysterious threats above and below ground. In this guide, we’ll delve into the depths to unveil the sought-after Rebreather, an indispensable device for delving into the underwater realms, safeguarding your well-being against the uncertainty of the deep.

How to Swim Long Distances Under the Water in Sons of the Forest?

Swimming long distances underwater in Sons of the Forest is essential for reaching remote underwater caves, exploring hidden areas, and effectively evading threats. It facilitates thorough exploration of submerged environments and grants access to valuable resources or secrets that may be otherwise unreachable. To achieve this in the game, you must acquire the Rebreather.

Swimming Underwater with Rebreather

What is a Rebreather?

The Rebreather is an essential piece of equipment designed to extend your underwater swimming capabilities significantly. Recycling your breath enables you to stay submerged for extended periods, crucial for exploring distant underwater caves, accessing hidden areas, and evading threats effectively. Without the Rebreather, your underwater exploration options are limited, making it a vital tool for survival in the game.


Rebreather Location

Starting with a crucial step in getting your hands on the Rebreather: knowing where to find it. Take a look below for a snapshot of the entrance to the Cave. You’ll find it nestled at the highest point on the map, so get ready for quite the trek ahead.

Rebreather Cave Location

We highly recommend tagging along with your friends as this will be a long journey. Also, remember that this cave is filled with wild creatures that you must face to advance and locate the Rebreather.

Entrance To The Rebreather Cave

Once you’ve found the Rebreather cave, proceed inside cautiously. You will find this area filled with items that you can collect, so make sure to take your time to collect them all.

Rebreather Cave Entrance

Important Items

Like other caves in Sons of the Forest, this one not only contains the Rebreather but also hides numerous secrets and useful items that will aid you on your journey ahead.

Important Laptop

As you enter the horrendous Cave, you will notice tons of items on the ground that you can pick up. One of the things in here is the laptop, which unlocks the location of the entertainment bunker.

Important Laptop

Newspaper Note

In the same room as the laptop, there’s a newspaper note near a corpse. Pick it up, then continue to the next area of the cave.

Newspaper Note

Now that you’ve got the newspaper note, keep pushing forward through the cave. Stick to the path where you found the note, but be ready to face some mutants. You’ll have to deal with them to move on to the next area.

Different Pathways

As you progress, you’ll encounter two pathways. If your primary goal in this cave is obtaining the Rebreather, take the left pathway. However, if you’re interested in exploring additional items, we suggest starting with the right pathway.

Left Pathway – Rebreather Room

Getting the Rebreather is straightforward if that’s your goal. After clearing the mutant pathways, head left. Stick to the right as you navigate the tough terrain. In the final room, amidst various items, lies the prized Rebreather.

Rebreather Room

Stun Gun

Unlock the secret Stun Gun in the game! Click here to discover more about obtaining this powerful weapon and its utility in your adventures.

Stun Gun Location

The ??? Puzzle Piece

Another important item in this area is the ??? Puzzle Piece. If you opt to first obtain the stun gun on the right side, backtrack to your entry point and take the left path. This cave section can be challenging, so remain vigilant.

Cross Light Blueprint

As you follow the left path, you’ll come across a fence you’ll need to break through, then take a zipline downward to continue. When you land, head to the left, where you’ll find a bunch of skeletons hanging around. Once you’re in this area, explore to find the Cross Light Blueprint lying on the floor. After grabbing it, keep moving along the path until you reach the final room, where you’ll discover the ‘??? Puzzle Piece’

??? Puzzle Piece

Exit To The Rebreather Cave

After acquiring the Rebreather, you must exit the cave by going through the water. However, before doing so, be aware that a shark is roaming in this area, so you will have to kill it first to safely swim and exit the horrendous cave.

Exiting the Rebreather Cave

Where to find the Rebreather in Sons of the Forest Guide

For precise details on locating the Rebreather, including its specific location and step-by-step instructions, here’s our comprehensive video guide to assist you on your journey!


Discovering the Rebreather in Sons of the Forest is a game-changer, unlocking new depths for your underwater adventures. Found within the cave, be ready for a journey. Once in hand, the Rebreather opens up a world of exploration, granting access to hidden treasures and resources beneath the surface, enriching your gameplay in Sons of the Forest.

Inventory - Rebreather

We hope you enjoyed the Rebreather location guide. If you want to know more about the awesome locations of Sons of the Forest, make sure to check out our Interactive Map. We can’t wait for you to share your creations with us on our Official Community Discord! Lastly, our Sons Of The Forest Homepage is a list of the latest news and guides of the game. You can have a look when you are free!


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