Where to find Artifact B in Sons of the Forest

We’ll be your guide in this article, showing you where Artifact B is. So get ready, and let’s go on this trip together. Are you prepared to explore Sons of the Forest’s secrets further? Whether you’re a novice or an experienced player, you’ve probably come across the mysterious artifacts strewn all around the game.

What is an Artifact?

Among other things, the Artifact may be used to teleport and change into gold. You need the teleporter blueprint to teleport, and you need to activate each one with the Artifact. A teleporter can only teleport if it is enabled.

Artifact B Appearance

However, to use the artifact, you must first assemble all of the components on your crafting menu, thus requiring you to gather them all beforehand. For the locations of each artifact, refer to our Sons of the Forest webpage. After assembling all the parts, you’ll receive instructions to reload it, which involve Solafite Ore. To switch between usage modes, simply press R.

Crafting The Artifact

Artifact B Location

The location of Artifact B is on the northeast part of the map, specifically in Cave F, also known as the Pickaxe Cave. Refer to the image below to pinpoint the precise location of the cave entrance.

Artifact B Location

Navigating The Artifact B Location

You’ll have to go down to the cave after finding the rope on the stony mountain. It should be emphasized that obtaining the Rebreather is a prerequisite for obtaining the Pickaxe location. You can swim underwater with this equipment for a considerable amount of time, which is necessary to reach the Artifact B position.

Cave Entrance

After descending into the cave, continue forward until you reach a cascade. Follow the water flow, but be careful of the risk of falling at the end. Hop onto the right to discover a path, but exercise caution as it may be steep. Continue pushing forward in this area, do not worry because there are no mutants found in this area of the cave.

Water Cascade

Once you’re at the bottom, there are several items to gather, including an oxygen tank. Utilize your Rebreather to navigate through the underwater portion of the cave and continue your exploration. After following the trail, proceed to the left when you reach the ground, as the right path leads to a dead end.

Diving Using Rebreather

Solafite Plating Blueprint

Upon choosing the left path, you’ll encounter an area obstructed by wooden planks. Use your Axe to smash through them, and there you’ll discover the Solafite Plating Blueprint.

Solafite Plating Blueprint

After obtaining the blueprint, continue advancing in this area until you reach a rope that you need to use to descend further into the cave. Once you’re down, follow the long, straight route. A cross hanging from the ceiling will signal that you’re getting close to Artifact B.

Moving forward to Artifact

Acquiring The Artifact B

After passing the hanging cross, you’ll encounter another rope leading further down into the cave. Take it, and you’ll arrive at the Artifact.

Acquiring The Artifact B

Exit To The Artifact B Location

Once you have obtained Artifact B, go back up to the entrance of the cave and go back to the first room where the blueprint was located. You can choose to leave the cave from there. On the other hand, you can also get the Pickaxe if you carry on exploring the cave.

Backtracking To Exit

Where to find Artifact B in Sons of the Forest Guide

If you’re keen to find the precise spot of Artifact B in Sons of the Forest, we’ve got you covered. Explore our dedicated video guide for detailed, step-by-step instructions on uncovering this elusive artifact.


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