Where to find Artifact A in Sons of the Forest

Hi everyone, survivors everywhere! Could you explore Sons of the Forest’s secrets further? You’ve probably run upon the strange objects strewn around the game, regardless of how new you are to the game or how experienced you are. Prepare yourself for this exciting journey as we direct you to the location of Artifact A in this post!

What is an Artifact?

The Artifact may be used for teleportation and transformation into gold, among other things. You must have the teleporter blueprint to teleport, and you must use the Artifact to activate each one. Only teleporters that have been activated can teleport.

Artifact A Appearance

However, you must first combine all Artifact pieces on your crafting menu to utilize the artifact, necessitating the collection of all pieces beforehand. For the locations of each artifact, visit our Sons of the Forest homepage. Once you have all the pieces, you’ll receive instructions to reload it, requiring Solafite Ore. Simply press R to toggle between usage modes.

Crafting The Artifact

Artifact A Location

Cave A, sometimes referred to as the Rebreather Cave, contains Artifact A in Sons of the Forest. Situated in the northwest region of the map, this cave is well-known for its complex passageways and hidden rooms, which pose a challenge to the majority of gamers.

Artifact A Location

Navigating Artifact A Location

When you find the cave where Artifact A is located, be careful. Many treasures in the region are just waiting for you to find, including priceless resources, so take your time and carefully collect them all while being aware of any hazards that may be hiding in the shadows.

Entrance Cave

Important Laptop

Upon entering this dark Cave, you’ll notice numerous items scattered on the ground for you to collect. Among these items is a laptop, which unlocks the location of the entertainment bunker.

Important Laptop

Newspaper Notes

In the same room as the laptop, you’ll find a newspaper note near a corpse. Pick it up, then proceed to the next area of the cave. With the newspaper note in hand, continue advancing through the cave, following the path where you found the note. Be prepared to encounter mutants along the way; you’ll need to deal with them to proceed to the next area.

Newspaper Notes

There are two paths that you will encounter as you proceed. Choose the right route if collecting Artifact A is your primary goal in this cave. On the other hand, you can choose the left route if you want to investigate other things, such as the Rebreather.

Right Pathway First

Proceed straight ahead on the right until you get to another two-way street. To get Artifact A, you must go in the left direction here. Nevertheless, you may return later and take the right path to gain a Stun Gun.

Left Pathway Second

After choosing the left pathway, you’ll encounter an entrance obstructed by wooden planks. Break through them, and you’ll uncover a rope that descends deeper into the cave.

Going down the rope

Cross Light Blueprint

After descending the rope, continue along the path. When you reach the end of the path, head to the left where you’ll need to crouch down to access the area. You’ll notice several skeletons scattered around this part. Once you’re in this area, explore to locate the Cross Light Blueprint lying on the floor.

Cross Light Blueprint

After acquiring the Blueprint, advance to the next area. You’ll come across an entrance blocked by wooden planks with a cross hanging on it. Smash through it and continue moving forward.

Blocked Door

Acquiring The Artifact A

At the end of this short path, head to the left side, where you’ll find the Artifact A room. Look for an item emitting electric waves, and there you have claimed Artifact A.

Acquiring The Artifact A

Where to find Artifact A in Sons of the Forest Guide

Check out our dedicated video guide for step-by-step instructions on locating artifact A.


For additional guides similar to this one, which also includes the location of the other Artifacts, see our Sons of the Forest Homepage. Check out our Interactive Map if you want to find even more amazing places in Sons of the Forest. Please feel free to share your works with us on our Official Community Discord channel; we would love to see what you have discovered!


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