Where to find Artifact D in Sons of the Forest

Get ready to explore Sons of the Forest’s universe! Regardless of your level of experience, you have undoubtedly seen the enigmatic objects strewn across the game. As we begin on this adventure together, brace yourself for the voyage ahead as we become your dependable guides, guiding you to the elusive Artifact D.

What is an Artifact?

The Artifact may be used for teleportation and to change into gold, among other things. You need the teleporter blueprint to teleport, and for each teleporter to work, the Artifact needs to be activated. Teleporters function only when they are turned on.

Artifact D Appearance

Before utilizing the artifact, however, you must assemble all components on your crafting menu, necessitating gathering everything first. Refer to our Sons of the Forest webpage for the locations of each artifact. Once everything is assembled, you’ll receive instructions on how to reload it, requiring Solafite Ore. To switch between usage modes, press R.

Crafting The Artifact

Artifact D Location

The location of Artifact D is on the southwest part of the map, near the snowy mountain. It is specifically inside the Golden Armor Cave. There may be a few entrances to this cave, but the point below is the best entrance to access the Artifact. Please refer to the image below to identify the precise location of the cave entrance.

Artifact D Location

Navigating The Artifact D Location

After finding the cave entrance, proceed inside cautiously. To navigate the cave successfully and retrieve Artifact D, ensure you have the Rebreather beforehand, as it enables you to swim deeper underwater.

Cave Entrance

After entering the cave, follow the path to the end until you encounter a skeleton seated on a couch. Beside it is a small water area that you need to swim through.

Skeleton near water source

After putting on the rebreather, check your oxygen tank capacity as this swim could be long. Dive into the water next to the skeleton and follow the path. When you reach the end, get out of the water and climb up. Be careful in this mutant-infested area, and make sure your weapons are ready.

Killing mutants

Proceed along the lengthy, straight path until you reach another room. At the end of the room, you’ll find entrances to the next area blocked with wooden planks. Smash through them and continue forward until you reach the entrance to the Golden Passage, similarly obstructed.

Golden passage

After passing the golden passage proceed to the left side. Follow the path, and there you will notice rocks ascending upwards.

Left path

Acquiring The Artifact D

Go through these rocks, and you will notice another golden room. This is where you finally locate the Artifact D room. Continue moving forward, and at the end of it, you’ll find Artifact D.

Acquiring The Artifact D

Exit To The Cave

Simply follow your path back to the golden entrance to exit the cave. Return along the same route until you come to the water, where you must swim to get out. Don’t leave just yet, however! Here, more adventure awaits, along with priceless discoveries like the Rifle and the Golden Armor.

Diving to exit the cave

Where to find Artifact D in Sons of the Forest Guide

We can help you locate Artifact D precisely in Sons of the Forest. Check out our specialized video tutorial for comprehensive, easy-to-follow directions on finding this elusive item.


Our Artifact D locating guide hopefully proves to be useful to you! Check out our Interactive Map if you want to find even more amazing spots inside Sons of the Forest. Share your works with us on our Official Community Discord channel; we’d love to see them! Finally, for the most recent game information and news, check our Sons Of The Forest Homepage.


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