Where to Find the Shovel in Sons of the Forest

In the immersive world of Sons of the Forest, survival is paramount, and every tool becomes a lifeline amidst the unknown. Among these crucial tools, the humble shovel stands out as a versatile necessity, indispensable for both defense and construction. As players venture into the mysterious depths of the game’s environment, the quest for the shovel becomes a vital pursuit. But where exactly does one find this invaluable implement? In this guide, we embark on a journey to uncover the elusive location of the shovel in Sons of the Forest, providing insight and strategies to aid players in their survival endeavors.

What is a Shovel?

The shovel in Sons of the Forest is used for extracting small sections of soil. It’s essential for accessing Maintenance Bunker A, which houses various items such as a Firefighter Axe, Tuxedo, Laser sight, 3D Printer, Maintenance Key card, and Shotgun. Similar to poking the ground with a stick in the initial game, digging may result in discovering coins and small stones. Additionally, two achievements are associated with using the shovel.

The Shovel In Game

Shovel Cave Location

To begin the journey of acquiring the Shovel, one must first ascertain its location. Below is a map of the entrance to the Shovel Cave. Positioned near the ice cave, it can be spotted nestled at the left-center point of the map.

Shovel Cave Location

We highly recommend tagging along with your friends as this will be a long journey. Also, remember that this cave is filled with wild creatures that you must face to advance and locate the Shovel.

Entrance To The Shovel Cave

Once you’ve found the Shovel cave, proceed inside cautiously. You will find this area filled with items that you can collect, so make sure to take your time to collect them all.

The Shovel Cave Entrance

NOTE: To successfully navigate the cave and secure the shovel, you’ll need to procure two vital tools: the Rebreather and the Rope Gun. The Rebreather ensures you can explore underwater passages without concern for oxygen depletion, while the Rope Gun facilitates safe traversal of vertical shafts and cliffs. Armed with both of these tools, you’ll be fully prepared to delve further into the cave’s depths and unveil its hidden mysteries.

Important Items

Similar to other caves within Sons of the Forest, this one harbors not only the Shovel but also conceals a plethora of secrets and valuable items that will prove instrumental in your forthcoming endeavors.


Upon entering the Shovel cave, three dead bodies are suspended on sticks, with the ‘Slingshot’ weapon, a valuable rock-based weapon. To learn more about this weapon, click here!


Once inside the cave, proceed along the designated path until you reach the edge, where you’ll observe an opportunity to utilize the previously acquired rope gun. Employ it to swiftly zip across to the opposite side, advancing your journey deeper into the cave.

Utilizing Rope Gun

Once you’re deep into the cave, take your time to search the area and there you will find an extra tank for your rebreather which you will need to use because the next area requires you to go underwater.

Air Tank for Rebreather

Wetsuit Outfit

After traversing through the water, exercise caution as this area is inhabited by mutants. Kill them to ensure safe passage deeper into the cave. Once the area is secured, thoroughly search the surroundings, where you’ll discover a Wetsuit Outfit that will aid you in your underwater exploration.


Once you’ve acquired the wetsuit, proceed to follow the path. There, you will need to go down the waterslide, follow a long path, and kill a bunch of mutants on your way.


Flashlight Attachment

Once you’re in a large area where many mutants are chasing you, your task is to eliminate them all to secure the Flashlight attachment. To equip it onto your weapon and improve visibility in dimly lit surroundings, ensure you have a pistol or shotgun rail available for attachment.
Please note, to use the Flashlight attachment you need the pistol and the shotgun rails.

Flashlight Attachment

Important Laptop

Within the same area where you obtained the flashlight attachment, you’ll also discover a pivotal laptop. This device holds the key to unlocking the location of Maintenance Bunker A.

Important Laptop

Shovel Room

After navigating the terrifying cave swarming with mutants, you’re on the brink of obtaining the Shovel. Utilize the rebreather once more to traverse the area, and upon completion, prepare to face yet another group of mutants. Once you’ve killed them, your perseverance will be rewarded with the special prize of this room: the Shovel, positioned at the edge, awaiting your grasp.

Shovel Room

Exit To The Shovel Cave

After grabbing the shovel, you’ll need to backtrack to the waterslide to locate the exit. On your way back, keep an eye out for a collapsing wall that reveals both the exit and a massive mutant. Deal with this creature using the explosives found in nearby boxes. Once the mutant is taken care of, proceed along the path it was guarding and descend to exit the area. Remember, once you drop down, there’s no going back, so make sure you’ve gathered everything you need from the cave beforehand.

Giant Mutant - Cave Exit

Where to Find the Shovel in Sons of the Forest Guide

For precise details on locating the Shovel, including its specific location and step-by-step instructions, here’s our comprehensive video guide to assist you on your journey!


Discovering the Shovel in Sons of the Forest marks a significant turning point, unveiling new avenues for exploration. Nestled within the depths of the Shovel Cave, embarking on this journey is essential. Once obtained, the Shovel becomes a gateway to a realm of hidden treasures and resources beneath the surface, profoundly enhancing your gameplay experience in Sons of the Forest.

The Shovel Menu Appearance

We hope you enjoyed the Shovel location guide. If you want to know more about the awesome locations of Sons of the Forest, make sure to check out our Interactive Map. We can’t wait for you to share your creations with us on our Official Community Discord! Lastly, our Sons Of The Forest Homepage is a list of the latest news and guides of the game. You can have a look when you are free!


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