Firefighter Axe Location in Sons of the Forest

If you’ve spent some time playing Sons of the Forest and you’re looking for an upgrade from the Tactical Axe or the Modern Axe. Then this is the guide for you. It will show you how to get to the Firefighter Axe in Sons of the Forest.

You MUST have the Shovel first, as this is required before you can find the Firefight Axe.

Firefighter Axe Location

The Firefighter Axe can be found in Maintenance Bunker A, you can use our Interactive Map to locate this or see the images below. It is located in the top left side of the map.

Once Reaching this location, you will need to equip your shovel and dig out the ground, which will reveal a hatch. Open the Hatch and drop down there.

Proceed straight on ahead and you will notice mutant babies which you will need to kill first. The Firefighter Axe will be located on the wall in the supply room.

Firefighter Axe Location in Sons of the Forest

If you come back on yourself and go into the other room, you will notice some other important items.

  • Maintenance Keycard
  • Lasersight Modification
  • 3D Printer
  • Bed to save your location

Fun fact about this room, if you try to light any fire in there the still functioning sprinkler system will kick in and make sure the fire gets delt with.

Fire Fighter Axe

Firefighter Axe Stats

The Firefighter Axe is an end game weapon which has some impressive stats making it a favorite for any type of work. Nothing is to big or to small for this axe. It does have a slow swing speed but an impressive damage output with a good blocking stat to defend yourself from the mutants.

This is the perfect upgrade for any survivor looking to do anything from self defense to some hardcore logging sessions. We highly recommend looking into getting this before spending considerable time harvesting the forest around you.

Firefighter axe stats

If you enjoyed this guide on the Firefighter Axe location and want to know more about the awesome locations of Sons of the Forest make sure to check out our Sons of the Forest Map


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