Firefighter Axe Location in Sons of the Forest

Since the Firefighter Axe is useful for both daily usage and fighting, obtaining it is an essential mission in Sons of the Forest. This book offers players insightful guidance and practical strategies to help them locate the Axe and increase their chances of surviving the game.

What is a Firefighter Axe?

With its powerful stats, the Firefighter Axe is a popular endgame weapon that may be used for a variety of purposes. Its adaptability is limitless; it can easily handle both big and minor tasks. Its blocking stat and impressive damage output make up for its slower swing speed, which provides good protection against mutants. For every survivor, this update is indispensable, whether it is being used for rigorous logging tasks or self-defense. It is highly recommended that you obtain a Firefighter Axe before to beginning large-scale forest harvesting operations.

Firefighter Axe In Game Appearance

Firefighter Axe location

To locate the Firefighter Axe, venture into Maintenance Bunker A, situated on the northwest side of the map amidst rugged terrain and dense foliage. Refer to the image below for precise guidance on identifying the Firefighter Axe’s location within the intricate layout of the bunker’s corridors and chambers.

Firefighter Axe Location

Navigating The Firefighter Axe Location

It’s not easy to secure the Axe since a particular tool is needed to enter the bunker. Having the Shovel will allow you to dig and uncover the bunker’s entrance, which will allow you to get the Axe.

Firefighter Axe Bunker Entrance

You must begin clearing land to expose Maintenance Bunker A’s entrance now that you are aware of its location and possess the shovel. You have to persevere since this will require some time and patience.

Digging Up Dirt

Once you’ve finished digging out the dirt, proceed to open the hatch and head down into the bunker. Follow the path until you reach the final door room, where you may encounter some baby mutants. Be prepared to eliminate them as you progress.

Entrance To The Firefighter Axe Bunker

Acquiring The Firefighter Axe

After clearing out some baby mutants in this room and collecting other useful items, including Golf cart batteries, resins, lightbulbs, and a solar panel, take a moment to examine the center wall. Here, you’ll discover the Firefighter Axe securely nestled in its emergency case, ready for you to wield in your journey.

Locating The Firefighter Axe

Important Items

Similar to other caves or bunkers featured in Sons of the Forest, this one not only contains the Firefighter Axe but also conceals an array of secrets and valuable items that will be indispensable for your future undertakings. If you wish to view the full guide of this bunker, where we guide players to obtain the Maintenance Keycard and Other Important Items, click here or on the image below.

Maintenance Keycard and Other Important Items Guide

Exit To The Firefighter Axe Location

Exiting this bunker is straightforward; simply head back to the ladder you used to descend and climb back up to exit the bunker.

Firefighter Axe Location in Sons of the Forest Guide

If you want to know exactly where to find the Firefighter Axe and other essentials, our complete YouTube tutorial has all the information you need. It offers accurate locations and thorough directions to help you on your travels!


Getting the Firefighter Axe is a significant improvement over the regular axe you have most likely been using since the beginning. Check out our Interactive Map to learn more about the fantastic locales of Sons of the Forest. We eagerly await your submissions to be shared with us on our official community discord channel! Finally, a compilation of the most recent game instructions and news may be found on our Sons of the Forest Homepage. When you have time, you are welcome to look!


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