Pickaxe Location in Sons of the Forest

Reaching the Pickaxe location in Sons of the Forest is crucial since it provides players with a flexible tool for mining Solafite. To help gamers obtain the essential equipment and navigate the difficult route leading to the pickaxe, this guide offers valuable tactics and insights.

What is a Pickaxe?

A vital tool for extracting solafite ore and mining solafite deposits, the pickaxe is located in the Solafite Cave. It also complements the Solafite Upgrader flawlessly, increasing its usefulness for obtaining resources.

Pickaxe Appearance

Pickaxe Location

To obtain the Pickaxe location, you’ll need to locate a rocky mountain where you’ll find a rope leading to a cave. This cave is positioned on the northeast part of the map. Refer to the image below for precise guidance on identifying the Pickaxe’s location within the intricate layout of the cave’s corridors and chambers.

Pickaxe Location

Navigating the Pickaxe Location

You’ll have to make your way down to the cave after finding the rope on the stony mountain. You must first collect the Rebreather, which allows you to dive underwater for extended periods, to find the Pickaxe location. To go to the Pickaxe location, you need to have this ability.

Entrance To Pickaxe Location

Once inside the cave, follow the path until you reach a cascade. Go with the water flow, but beware of the risk of falling at the end. Hop onto the right to find a path, but be cautious as it can be steep.


There are a few things to gather once you’re down, including an oxygen tank. Use your Rebreather to get through this portion of the cave underwater to continue. After you follow the trail, you will come to a fork in the road. Proceed to the left, since the right leads to a dead end.

Utilizing Rebreather To Dive into Water

Solafite Plating Blueprint

After taking the left path, you will notice an area blocked by wood planks. Smash these using your Axe, and there you will find the Solafite Plating Blueprint. If you’d like to learn more about this item, click here!

Solafite Plating Blueprint

??? Artifact

To acquire the ??? Artifact, you may go on to the rope that you must descend to move forward in this cave. Once down, take the long, straight route. A cross that hangs from the ceiling will signal that you are getting close to the ??? Artifact. Once you’re down the rope, you’ll need to travel back up the rock by following the trail. You’ll discover the priceless ??? there. An artifact.

??? Artifact

If you acquire the ??? Artifact, return to the entrance blocked by wooden planks. If not, you can proceed left or towards the unblocked section to find the Pickaxe. Reach the waterslide to access the next area. Once you’re down, you will have to swim. If you wish, you can swim forward, and there you will find an extra oxygen tank you can use later.

Entrance Covered with Wooden Planks

After acquiring the oxygen tank, you will need to return to the water and dive down, following its path. Once you reach a certain area, ascend onto the ground, and next to it is another water part that you need to swim through again.


Acquiring The Pickaxe

You will see two routes when you get to the last ground area after following the trail. Select the left one and move forward. The pickaxe embedded in the solafite ore is located there. After grabbing the pickaxe, start mining the solafite ore.

Acquiring The Pickaxe

Exit To The Pickaxe Location

Proceed onward in this area to the exit after getting the Pickaxe and some Solafite Ore. There is a rope at the end. Climb this rope. The exit is the next place you’ll come to. Remember that once you’re down, there’s no turning back, so be sure you have everything you need before you go.

First Rope To Exit

Once you’ve dropped down, move forward until you reach another rope. Climb up and follow the path to completely exit the cave.

Exiting The Cave

Where to Find the Pickaxe in Sons of the Forest Guide

You may get precise information on the location of the pickaxe and other important items, along with comprehensive directions, in this comprehensive video guide that will aid you on your journey!


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