Where to find Artifact E in Sons of the Forest

Explore the fascinating world of Sons of the Forest, where secrets abound, just like Artifact E. With the aid of this guide, you may get all the available artifacts in the game, as we’ll lead you through the process of obtaining Artifact E.

What is an Artifact?

The Artifact boasts multiple functions, including teleportation and transmutation of items into gold. To teleport, you’ll need the teleporter blueprint, and each teleporter requires activation with the Artifact to operate. Teleporters are functional only when activated.

Artifact E Appearance

However, before utilizing the artifact, you must assemble all components on your crafting menu, necessitating gathering everything first. For information on the location of each artifact, visit our Sons of the Forest homepage. After assembling everything, you’ll receive instructions on how to reload it, requiring Solafite Ore. Press R to switch between usage modes.

Crafting The Artifact

Artifact E Location

To obtain Artifact E, you’ll need to locate a small village situated on the northeast side of the map. In this area, you’ll also have a chance to obtain the Grind Trap Blueprint, which you can use to fortify your base against other enemies. Refer to the image below for precise guidance on identifying the artifact’s location within the intricate layout of the cave’s corridors and chambers.

Artifact E Location

Navigating The Artifact E Location

Upon locating the small village, you’ll encounter several huts scattered throughout the forest. Take some time to explore this area to discover valuable items like a Note.

Note in one hut

After you’ve explored the areas and collected a bunch of items from the huts in this area, your next step is to locate the hut with a half-triangle ceiling on it. Inside, you’ll find an entrance to the cave blocked by several wooden planks, which you can destroy using your axe.

Half-triangle ceiling hut

Important Note

After making your way underground, take some time to explore the area and get familiar with it. Once you’re done, proceed to another entrance blocked by wooden planks. However, before breaking through, take a moment to collect the important note next to a skeleton.

Important Note

After passing through the entrance, descend the rope to reach the water below. Proceed to the ground and follow the path upward. Continue onward until you encounter another blocked entrance. Break through it and carefully descend further into the cave.

Climbing down the rope

Grind Trap Blueprint

Following the path, you’ll encounter yet another rope that you need to use to descend deeper into the cave. Once you’re down, head left where you will notice a waterfall. Go under it, and stuck into a piece of wood is the Grind Trap Blueprint.

Grind Trap Blueprint

Acquiring The Artifact E

After acquiring the Grinder Trap, return to the rope, and on its right side, you’ll notice a group of skeletons reaching for something. Head towards them, and you’ll find Artifact E.

Acquiring The Artifact E

Exit To The Artifact E Location

After finally acquiring the artifact, you will now head to the exit of the cave. To do that, return to the rope where you descended and climb up. Follow along its path until you reach a rocky part where you will need to climb. Continue along the long path until you reach another rope that you need to climb. Once done, you will be in a familiar place and find the staircase to return to the hut.

Exit to the cave

Where to find Artifact E in Sons of the Forest Guide

If you’re determined to locate Artifact E in Sons of the Forest precisely, don’t worry—we’ve got you covered. Check out our dedicated video guide for detailed, step-by-step instructions.


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