Sons of the Forest NEW Rifle Location and Guide

As you go through the game Sons of the Forest, you’ll run against progressively formidable foes. Finding the Rifle Location is crucial to increasing your firepower when battling these enemies since you will need all the weaponry you can obtain in the game. This guide offers vital information to help gamers on their adventure as it embark on a mission to discover the rifle’s secret location.

What is a Rifle?

Patch 13 was released with the new sleek bolt-action rifle with a red dot scope, ideal for precision shooting over long distances without magnification. This combination allows players to efficiently eliminate distant targets with accuracy. However, the rifle’s slow reload and limited ammo capacity make it less suitable for direct combat engagements. It inflicts less damage than the Crossbow and slightly more than the Compound Bow with Carbon Fiber Arrows. Moreover, rifle ammo is scarce, requiring judicious use.

Sons of the Forest NEW Rifle Location

Rifle Location

To acquire the Rifle location, head to cave D on the eastern side of the map, situated along the eastern shore of the large lake, east of the central snowy area. Refer to the image below for precise guidance on locating the Rifle within the cave’s complex layout. As you can see in the image below, there are multiple entrances to the cave, and the Rifle location is placed near these entrances, serving as a reliable entry point and defense against any nearby threats.

Sons of the Forest NEW Rifle Location

Navigating The Rifle Location

When you find the entrance to the cave, carefully make your way inside. It’s important to remember that you need to get the Rebreather before you can find the Rifle position. Long-term underwater research is made possible by this gadget, which is necessary to go to the Rifle site.

New Cave 1

Once you’re inside the cave, follow the long straightaway of this area. You’ll know you’re on the right path if you see a yellow marking on the wall, similar to the image shown below.

Wall markings

You’ll need to kill a lot of mutants here, so proceed with caution as you follow the road. Always staying to the right will help you stay on the proper route, which is crucial when traversing this cave.

As you reach the end of a tiny cliff, continue to veer right. Keep pushing forward along the path until you encounter a small area of deep water that you can swim through while wearing a rebreather. The cave is quite expansive, but if you continue moving toward the back and the lowest point, you’ll eventually find the right place. Try to avoid the dismembered body parts as you swim past them and follow the lengthy underwater tube to emerge on the other side.

New Cave 2

Once you’re done swimming through the water, you’ll encounter numerous mutants in your vicinity. You’ll need to eliminate them to progress further into the area.

Acquiring The Rifle

After eliminating all the mutants, proceed to the far side of the area where you’ll find a man’s body slumped against the cave wall. Continue forward with the same wall on your left. Eventually, you’ll come across two more soldiers hanging out, one of whom is wielding one of the most formidable weapons in the game, the rifle. Take the rifle from this person and begin practicing your aim with some headshots. Congratulations, survivor, you did it!

New Cave 3

Exit To The Cave

Exiting the cave is straightforward: backtrack to the entrance. Yet, this cave offers more than just the rifle; it also harbors the coveted Golden Armor, crucial for game progression. For a comprehensive guide on obtaining it, click the image below.

Where to find the Rifle in Sons of the Forest Guide

If you want to watch a full detailed guide on how to obtain the Rifle location, click on our video below to guide you on your journey.


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