Where to find the Rope Gun in Sons of the Forest

In Sons of the Forest there is many interesting items that can be found during the playthrough of the game. The Rope Gun is required to get further in the game, so here is a simple guide on how to obtain this Gun so you can progress through the game.

Entrance of the Rope Gun cave

Firstly you’ll have to get yourself to the entrance of the cave. You can see in the photo below, it is extremely close to the starting point of the game.

Rope Gun

DO NOT go inside this cave without preparing for chaos. This cave is extremely long and tough, it is a good idea to bring some friends to help you. It is strongly advised to bring a gun that you can find easily. Please check out our guide on how to get a gun here.

Rope Gun

Once you have stocked up on firepower and medicine, head inside and tackle through the cave, you will also notice one big monster blocking the way. If you throw a grenade at the big blob monster, he will die instantly. This will help you progress.

Rope Gun

Now that you have slowly battled your way through the cave, you can see a Rope Gun on the floor. Pick this up and look up, you’ll notice an incredible rope line that you can attach yourself too and glide down!

Rope Gun

Finally you can follow the cave through and come to an exit. You are now ready to advance further on your journey.

You can use our Interactive Sons of the Forest map to find all the other items. For more SOTF content, click here.


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