Shotgun Location in Sons of the Forest

Uncover the Shotgun location in this invaluable guide giving you insights and strategies in your journey. If you think you need more firepower in Sons of the Forest, this guide is for you. Delve into the immersive world of Sons of the Forest, where securing the Shotgun significantly enhances your arsenal and survival chances.

What is a Shotgun?

The Shotgun asserts its dominance as a formidable weapon in Sons of the Forest, particularly excelling with Buckshot for close-range combat, swiftly neutralizing enemies. While highly effective against even the most resilient adversaries, it’s prudent to use it sparingly to preserve scarce ammunition for critical situations.

Shotgun Inventory

Shotgun Location

To locate the Shotgun, you will have to hike up into the forest, positioned on the northwest side of the map near a GPS locator. Refer to the image below for precise guidance on identifying the Shotgun’s location within the intricate layout of the bunker’s corridors and chambers.

Shotgun Location

Navigating The Shotgun Location

It’s difficult for players, especially those who are just starting out, to get through the Shotgun location in Sons of the Forest. You need to find a wooden cross marked on the ground after you arrive at the area indicated on the map. When looking for something, you might want to take your time. To excavate the grave, though, you must first collect the Shovel before you can grab the Shotgun.

Shotgun Location Landmark - Cross

Acquiring The Shotgun

Once you have successfully pinpointed the Shotgun’s location and acquired the Shovel, proceed to dig up the grave. There, amidst the somber scene, lies the body of a deceased individual grasping the mighty Shotgun.

Acquiring the Shotgun

Shotgun Stats

The Shotgun is one of the most powerful weapon you can have in the game right now. It is a high-powered 8-shot pump-action shotgun that delivers a heavy punch to the enemies standing in front of it. However, the Shotgun has a slower rate of fire compared to a 9mm pistol, which you probably own by now. It boasts two different animations and a rail slot, enabling you to attach extras such as a laser sight. You can also switch the ammo type you’re using in your Shotgun by looking down and pressing the ‘R’ button when the pop-up appears.

Shotgun Stats

Shotgun Location in Sons of the Forest Guide

Check out our video on obtaining the Shotgun as well as the other important items you can find in the cave.


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