Shotgun Location in Sons of the Forest

If you’ve been lacking the fire power you think you need in Sons of the Forest this is the guide for you, here we are going to take a look at the Shotgun location.
Spoiler Alert! Prerequisites: Shovel

Shotgun location

Shotgun Stats

A high powered 8 shot pump action shotgun, its slower to fire then something like the 9mm pistol but it packs a lot more punch for when you need just that bit of extra fire power. It has two different animations, a slot for rails allowing you to add extra attachments like the laser sight to the shotgun.

Shotgun Location

The shotgun location is marked on your gps with a POI tag, the closer you get to the actual grave the stronger your GPS will beep. You can find the spot easily by looking for the cross in a small clearing. Dig up the casket and enjoy your new shotgun.

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