Crossbow Location in Sons of the Forest

Getting the Crossbow location in the Sons of the Forest is a big achievement since it gives players a lethal and quiet weapon for hunting and enemy defense. This guide sets out on the mission to locate the Crossbow, offering gamers helpful tips and tactics to help them find this powerful weapon.

What is a Crossbow?

In Sons of the Forest, the Crossbow provides a flexible choice for ranged combat, even if it isn’t as powerful as guns. It has become popular among players who value its quiet efficiency and precise aiming because of its reusable bolts and simple reloading mechanism. Learning to use a crossbow gives your arsenal a further tool for protection or hunting.

Crossbow Appearance

Crossbow Location

To obtain the Crossbow location, you’ll need to navigate the forest and locate a rocky hillock that has an entrance to a cave. This cave is positioned on the northwest part of the map. Refer to the image below for precise guidance on identifying the Crossbow location within the intricate layout of the cave’s corridors and chambers.

Crossbow Location

Navigating The Crossbow Location

After you locate the cave’s entrance, you can enter it to find the crossbow position. But keep in mind that you need the Maintenance Keycard to enter this cave and get the crossbow.

Crossbow Cave/Bunker Entrance


As you explore the cave, continue along the path until you arrive at the bunker entrance. Open the hatch and descend carefully. Keep an eye out for valuable items and an important “NOTE” scattered throughout this area.


After collecting the items and the note from the area, locate the double door in the right corner. To unlock it, you’ll require a Maintenance Keycard. Exercise caution in this location; while the first chamber may be lacking of adversaries, mutants await in the second. Ensure your weapon is ready to handle them.

Double Doors - Requires Maintenance Keycard

Acquiring The Crossbow

After killing all the mutants in the second room, your attention will be drawn to a cluster of plants. Move toward the second row, where a crossbow bolt lodged in the wall catches your eye. Follow its trajectory to discover a fallen body beside the coveted Crossbow, awaiting to be claimed by you.

Acquiring The Crossbow

Where to Find the Crossbow in Sons of the Forest Guide

If you ever need a piece of precise information on where the crossbow and other important items are located, as well as the precise position and progressing direction of your journey, then check out our comprehensive YouTube video tutorial here!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which attachments can be equipped on the Crossbow?

Attaching a flashlight or laser pointer to the accessory rail atop the crossbow is feasible, though it hampers aiming-down-sights functionality. While the flashlight leaves a slight opening above the iron sights, allowing for limited usability of the crossbow with it attached, the laser pointer obstructs the iron sights entirely, rendering aiming practically impossible, particularly as the crossbow cannot be fired from the hip.

Is the ammunition for the crossbow reusable after firing?

Crossbow bolts may be recovered from the surrounding area or the bodies of defeated opponents, making them reusable after shooting. With the help of this special function, players may save their ammo supply and conserve resources, which improves their strategic choices and gameplay sustainability.


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