Where to find Artifact C in Sons of the Forest

Are you prepared to solve Sons of the Forest’s mysteries? Regardless of your level of experience, you have probably come across mysterious items strewn all around the game. So get ready, and let’s go on this trip together. In this post, we’ll be your guide, showing you where Artifact C is.

What is an Artifact?

Among other things, the Artifact can be used for teleportation and transmutation into gold. You require the teleporter blueprint to teleport and must activate each teleporter with the Artifact. A teleporter can only function if it is activated.

Artifact C Appearance

However, before you can utilize the artifact, you must assemble all components on your crafting menu, necessitating gathering everything first. For the locations of each artifact, consult our Sons of the Forest webpage. You will receive instructions on how to reload it after assembling everything, which necessitates Solafite Ore. Press R to switch between usage modes.

Crafting The Artifact

Artifact C Location

Artifact C is located inside Cave B, sometimes referred to as the Rope Gun Cave, on the western portion of the map. To locate the exact position of the cave entrance, please refer to the picture below.

Artifact C Location

Navigating The Artifact C Location

Once you’ve located the cave’s entrance in the scary forest, you need to smash through the wooden boards that are preventing you from entering. You can locate Artifact C without the need for any other equipment, however, it can facilitate your investigation if you have the Rebreather because it will enable you to go deeper into the ocean.

Cave entrance

Once you’ve entered the cave, you’ll find items scattered across the area that you can pick up. Follow the straight path, and you’ll reach an area populated by numerous mutants. Be sure to eliminate all of them to safely pass through this area.

Killing mutants

After dispatching the mutants in this area, head to the right side of the cave, where you should find a rope leading further down into the cave.

Rope to go down the Artifact room

Once you’re deeper in the cave, follow its narrow path cautiously to avoid falling. As you progress forward, you’ll come across another entrance blocked by wooden planks with a double cross hanging on it. Smash through the planks to proceed to the next area.


After breaking through the wooden planks, you’ll need to descend the ropes again. From there, you’ll need to swim to the other side of the cave. While it’s possible to do this without the Rebreather, having it would certainly make your life easier.

Swimming through the Artifact room

Acquiring The Artifact C

Swimming forward in the water will grant you access to the Artifact C room. Simply smash the wooden planks blocking the entrance to the room. Once you’ve done that, follow the path downward. There, you will find the elusive Artifact C.

Acquiring The Artifact C

Exit To The Artifact C Location

To just get out of this cave, simply swim up to the previous location and find your way to the ropes once more. Once you’re upright, proceed along the same route until you get to the location where you eliminated several mutants. You may now carry on exploring this cave, where you will discover several more crucial objects including the cross and the rope gun.

Exit To The Artifact C Location

Where to find Artifact C in Sons of the Forest Guide

Watch our YouTube video below to learn the precise location of Artifact C!


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