Cross Location in Sons of the Forest

When you first start playing Sons of the Forest, obtaining the Cross location is among the simplest tasks. It acts as a formidable tool against demons in addition to symbolizing for players a deep spiritual journey. This guide provides crucial information and tactics to help gamers in their pursuit of heavenly protection and enlightenment, while also illuminating the road to locate this holy relic.

What is a Cross?

A highly situational weapon, crafted from an unknown material, it proves invaluable in the final cave, allowing you to combat demons without depleting ammunition from your conventional weapons. Specifically, crosses can incinerate demons upon contact. However, when aimed at cannibals, it fails to produce any effect.

Cross In Game Appearance

Cross Location

To successfully locate the cross, you’ll need to venture into a cave where you’ll also find the Rope Gun. Positioned on the east side of the map amidst rugged terrain, it awaits discovery. Refer to the image below for precise guidance on identifying the cross’s location within the intricate layout of the cave’s chambers and corridors.

Cross Location

Navigating the Cross Location

Once inside the cave, you’ll encounter various random items scattered throughout the area. Collect them before proceeding along the straight path. Upon entering another room within the cave, exercise caution as it is infested with mutants. Ensure to eliminate them all to safely navigate through the Cross location.

Killing Mutants

Important Items

Similar to other caves or bunkers featured in Sons of the Forest, this one not only contains the Cross location but also conceals an array of secrets and valuable items that will be indispensable for your future endeavors. If you wish to view the full guide of this cave, where we guide players to obtain the Rope Gun, The ??? Artifact, and Other Important Items, click here or on the image below.

Where To Find The Rope Gun Guide

Acquiring The Cross

Once you’ve eliminated every mutant in the vicinity, move in the direction of the brilliant light—a glimmer of hope amid the shadows. The holy cross, which is sitting on the rock in this peaceful light, is a sign of heavenly protection and spiritual guidance that is just waiting to be claimed.

Acquiring The Cross

Exit To The Cave

To exit this cave, return to the location where you were before you vanquished every mutant. Be careful—this is a steep location where you may fall easily.

Exit To The Cross Cave

Where to Find the Cross in Sons of the Forest Guide

Click the YouTube video below to watch the whole video we created explaining how to acquire the cross.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How effective is the cross against demons?

The cross is invaluable against demons, as it can incinerate them upon contact, providing a powerful means of defense in the final cave scenario where hordes of demons relentlessly assail the player.

Is the cross a reusable weapon?

Certainly, the cross is typically reusable indefinitely, rendering it a valuable asset for players venturing through the final cave and confronting demonic threats in Sons of the Forest.

Can the cross be upgraded or modified?

Typically, there are no options available for upgrading or modifying the cross in Sons of the Forest. It stands as a unique weapon with a specific function within the game’s narrative and mechanics.


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