Where to find Artifact G in Sons of the Forest

Sons of the Forest introduces the new Artifact G. Regardless of your experience level, you have probably come across one of the odd objects strewn throughout the game. Prepare yourself for this exciting journey as we serve as your guide, showing you where Artifact G, the last missing piece of the puzzle, is located.

What is an Artifact?

The Artifact possesses numerous powers, including the ability to teleport and change objects into gold. To teleport, you’ll require the teleporter blueprint, and each teleporter must be activated with the Artifact to operate effectively. Teleporters serve their purpose only when activated.

Artifact G Appearance

However, before you can utilize the Artifact, you must assemble all components on your crafting menu, necessitating the acquisition of all necessary items first. Refer to our Sons of the Forest webpage to discover the location of each Artifact. Once everything is assembled, you’ll receive instructions on how to reload it, requiring Solafite Ore. To switch between usage modes, press R.

Crafting The Artifact

Artifact G Location

To acquire Artifact G, you can venture to one of these cave entrances. The cave-in issue is situated on the eastern shore of the large lake, east of the snowy region in the center of the island. For precise guidance on identifying the location, please refer to the image below.

Artifact G Location

Navigating The Artifact G Location

When you find the entrance to the cave, carefully make your way inside. It’s important to note that you need to get the Rebreather before you can find Artifact G. Long underwater swimming is made possible by this equipment, which is essential for getting to the Artifact G location.

Cave Entrance

While exploring the cave after entering, it’s advisable to stay on the right side. Seek out a small area with deep water where you can swim while using the rebreather. The cave is expansive, but if you continue toward the rear and the lowest point, you’ll eventually reach the correct spot. To exit on the other side, endeavor to swim past the severed body parts as you follow the long underwater tube.

Using Rebreather to dive


At the end of this area, there will be a man’s body slumped against the cave wall; retrieve anything of value from it, then proceed forward, ensuring the same wall remains to your left. Eventually, you’ll encounter two more soldiers, one of whom is holding a rifle.


After acquiring the gun, turn around and retrace your steps. This time, veer to your right and swim a short distance to reach the opposite side. Continue moving forward—whether running or walking—until you reach a rope, then climb it.

Climbing rope

After passing by a group of golden structures, you’ll descend to two more sets of golden buildings. The third set of golden buildings resembles a small shelter as it has a roof. You’ll encounter a wall with a cross on it. Smash through it, then descend into the water.

Golden structure

Navigate through this area of the cave by swimming, then ascend directly while staying on the golden structures. At the end of those golden structures, take the left path to reach the Night Vision Goggles located there.


When you observe water cascading from the cave’s ceiling, continue forward and then turn right. To traverse the golden barriers and reach the other side, you’ll need to swim. You’ll encounter more golden barriers and a passage through them; however, stick to the straight path. Additionally, you’ll come across a deceased cult member with a Coke can beside them.

Left path - gold structure

Continue moving to your left until you spot more golden structures on the ground. Next, you’ll come across two additional deceased cult members with shotgun shells nearby. This time, veer to your right and proceed past those golden buildings.

Another gold structure

Break down those barriers and grab the rope to descend, or simply drop down as you won’t sustain any fall injuries. Swim through the right passage until you encounter a solafite mineral. If you notice any of those, dive with your rebreather to cross to the other side. Then, turn right and proceed through the right passage. You’ll notice numerous solafite minerals on your left side and in front of you, along with a dead body wearing a spacesuit outfit. Subsequently, a golden spaceship will appear.


Acquiring The Artifact G and Golden Armor

After successfully locating the spaceship, you’ll need to circle to the back of it. Once there, you must destroy the barrier to gain entry. To obtain Artifact G, approach the cockpit, where you will find a skeleton wearing the Shiny Golden Armor and holding the elusive Artifact G.

Once you’ve located the spaceship, you’ll have to go around to the rear of it. Once there, to go in, you have to blow up the barricade. Approach the cockpit to uncover the elusive Artifact G held by a skeleton dressed in Shiny Golden Armor. This is how you get Artifact G.

Artifact G
Golden Armor

Exit To The Artifact G Location

After successfully acquiring Artifact G and Golden Armor, it’s time to head for the exit. Exit the spaceship, and adjacent to it, you’ll find a path ascending upward. Keep moving upward until you reach a rope to climb. After that, you’ll need to climb another rope. Continue forward until you encounter another rope to climb upward. Following the path, you’ll arrive at a water source where you need to dive down. After resurfacing, be cautious as this area is teeming with mutants. Press forward until you reach another rope that needs to be climbed again.

Going up to the exit

Artifact D

This cave doesn’t just contain one artifact but two of them. Continuing forward, you’ll encounter another rope, this time leading downwards along with the waterslide. This area is also filled with mutants, so exercise caution. Follow a rigid path to continue progressing until you reach an entrance blocked by wooden planks. Once you’ve passed through this area, you can still obtain Artifact D by following a path upwards into a golden passage.

Artifact D

Multi-Trap Blueprint

On the other side of the room, blocked by another set of wooden planks, you’ll find the Multi-Trap Blueprint. After acquiring it, proceed towards the golden pathway to exit the cave. Follow its path and turn right after defeating a group of mutants. Afterward, you’ll need to dive into the water, and at the end of it is the exit.

Multi-trap Blueprint

Where to find Artifact G in Sons of the Forest Guide

Check out our video instruction below for a detailed walkthrough on how to get Artifact G in Sons of the Forest. We present the full search and acquisition procedure for the elusive Artifact G.


We hope our location information for Artifact G is useful to you! For a deeper dive into the captivating spots in Sons of the Forest, consider exploring our Interactive Map. Feel encouraged to showcase your creations on our Official Community Discord channel—we’re excited to see what you’ve made! For the latest updates and game tutorials, head over to our Sons Of The Forest Homepage.


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