Night Vision Goggles Location

You’ll frequently find yourself having to explore the frightening forest at night in Sons of the Forests. For this reason, having the appropriate tools to see in the dark is crucial. This problem is intended to be solved by the Night Vision Goggles. Come along with us as we walk you through obtaining the Goggles step-by-step.

What are Night Vision Goggles?

These goggles provide gamers with unmatched sight in the pitch-black wilderness, making them indispensable survival equipment. Although they provide a big advantage, to stay alive in the game, users have to deal with restrictions like decreased efficacy in bad weather and limited battery life.

Night Vision Goggles

Night Vision Goggles Location

The Goggles are on the southwest side of the map; you will need to climb up into the forest to find them. For exact instructions on where to get Goggles, please refer to the picture below.

Night Vision Goggles Location

Acquiring The Night Vision Goggles

Once you arrive at the goggles’ location, you’ll see a small camp with many tents erected. You can gather a variety of treasure items for use at a later time in these tents. You’ll locate the Night Vision Goggles next to a dead body not far from the farthest tent.

Acquiring The Night Vision Goggles

Teleporter Blueprint

Once you’ve found the goggles, you can proceed to test them out in the cave beneath this area. In the center of the cave, you’ll discover a rope leading down into its depths.

Going Through The Cave

After descending into the cave, follow the path until you reach its end. Proceed to the right, and at the end of this area, you will discover the Teleporter blueprint.

Teleporter Blueprint

Night Vision Goggles Location Guide

Here is our in-depth video tutorial on where the goggles are and other important items, including their exact position and detailed directions!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do night vision goggles require batteries?

Yes, night vision goggles require batteries to function efficiently, as they rely on power to illuminate surroundings in low-light conditions. Players must be vigilant in managing their battery usage, ensuring they have an adequate supply to sustain prolonged exploration in dark environments without risking sudden loss of visibility.

Can the night vision goggles be clearer?

Unfortunately, when you equip the goggles, you’ll find that the vision is somewhat blurry, possibly due to how the developers designed them. Currently, there’s no way to improve the clarity of the goggles’ picture when in use.

How long do night vision goggles last on a single battery charge?

The duration of the goggles on a single battery charge varies depending on usage and the quality of the batteries used. Players should carry spare batteries to avoid being caught without power in the dark.

Can I use night vision goggles underwater?

The goggles may offer limited visibility underwater, but their effectiveness is significantly reduced due to the distortion caused by water. Players should exercise caution when using them in aquatic environments.

Are night vision goggles effective in all environments?

While night vision goggles provide excellent visibility in low-light conditions, their effectiveness may be reduced in adverse weather or highly obstructed environments.

Can enemies detect me when using night vision goggles?

Enemies in Sons of the Forest may still detect players using the goggles, especially if they make noise or use other sources of light that reveal their presence.


The Night Vision Goggles location guide is hopefully useful to you. Check out our Interactive Map to learn more about the fantastic locations of Sons of the Forest. On our official community discord, we can’t wait for you to showcase your work! Last but not least, the most recent game instructions and news are listed on our Sons Of The Forest Homepage.


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