Sons Of The Forest Armor Rack

With the latest patch hitting Sons Of The Forest today we finally got a much requested feature from the first game, Armor Rack ‘s.

Sons Of The Forest Spring Trap

With patch 03 Sons Of The Forest developer Endnight Games have introduced yet another new trap to the ever growing collection of traps for us to play around with: The Sons Of The Forest Spring Trap

Night Vision Goggles Location

The Night Vision Goggles have been added to Sons of the Forest. A welcomed addition to those who are not a fan of the Lighter or the Flashlight.

Grounded Patch 1.2

The team at Obsidian are constantly providing the Grounded Community with top quality updates. Its clear that they listen to what the players want and implement some of the good ideas. This Grounded Patch 1.2 Update brings a wealth of new functionality and content for you to dig into!