Sons Of The Forest Spring Trap

With Patch 03 Sons Of The Forest developer Endnight Games have introduced yet another new trap to the ever growing collection of traps for us to play around with: The Sons Of The Forest Spring Trap, making sure you or your enemies get bounced all over the place.

Sons Of The Forest Spring Trap  Appearance

Spring Trap

A Cheap trap made of common items useful to propel either you or an enemy up and into the air or away from somewhere, Just like most traps within Sons Of The Forest it requires a manual reset after each use. Its a fun trap to use both in your every day base design as a way of getting to high places in your bases easily and as a way to keep your enemies out of those places.

Known “Bugs”

  • If you open your inventory while getting launched by the Spring Trap you will teleport up about 3 times higher then you are meant to.
  • The new E.U.C Knight V can be launched insanely far by this trap
Sons Of The Forest Spring Trap reset

Crafting Cost

Crafting a Spring trap is actually surprisingly easy, most of the materials required can be collected easily within the early game loot zones and foraged from the beaches.

  • 2 Wire
  • 1 Turtle Shell
  • 7 Sticks
Sons Of The Forest Spring Trap Crafting Cost

If this quick post on the Spring Trap helped you and you are interested in more Sons Of The Forest Patch 03 content make sure to check out our other guides relating the latest patches.


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