Chainsaw Location in Sons of the Forest

If you find yourself farming trees far too slow and far too often look no further, today we will walk you through the Chainsaw location in Sons of the Forest.
Spoiler Alert! prerequisites: ShovelMaintenance Keycard

Chainsaw Location


The chainsaw is an end game battery powered tool, it is the fastest way to gather wood currently in the game. Currently the battery consumption is bugged but it is safe to assume a future patch will change this.
as you can see when visiting the Chainsaw location its also a pretty decent melee weapon although it cannot block its speed gives it a decent damage output over something like your starter knife.


Chainsaw Location

Upon entering the cave you will want to head down to the corridor and follow the bright white light, this takes you into what appears to be a waiting room, Take a right and go to the door with the keycard access point. Behind the door you will find a large rec center. Go straight and take a left past the benches and head into the restaurant area. Keep going straight until you reach the spiral staircase and head up them. Beware, there is a fair few nasty mutants around.

After heading up the stairs and walking past the pools keep going straight through into the bar area and you will be greeted with the Guitar. After picking up the guitar make sure to go slightly to your right into the seating area of the bar. In the seating area on the right in the fourth bay you will find a fair few dead bodies and a Guest keycard on the table. After picking up the keycard you can double back through the seating area back into the pool area and take a left to the keycard pad.

Open up the door using the keycard and walk through the corridor, take your first left and follow the wall through the library area until you can take another left into the home theater. There will be a single body on the bean bag chairs and in that body you can find the chainsaw location. You can now choose to follow the cave through or double back out the way you came, beware there is a lot of mutant activity down in the guest keycard location.

Chainsaw Map Location



When you’re down in the lab make sure to also pick up the following items:
Guest keycard

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