Chainsaw Location in Sons of the Forest

In Sons of the Forest, obtaining the Chainsaw location is essential since it provides a useful instrument for gathering materials and a deadly weapon against the creatures that lurk in the forest. Come along as we unravel the mystery surrounding the whereabouts of the Chainsaw and give gamers all the tools they need to succeed.

What is a Chainsaw?

In Sons of the Forest, the chainsaw is a very useful instrument that’s perfect for combat-style tree-cutting. Strong in constructing bases and acquiring resources, its powerful assault makes it a very effective weapon against enemies. Even though the chainsaw depends on batteries and energy meters, when it has enough power, it may be a lethal and useful addition to your toolkit.

Chainsaw In Game Appearance

Chainsaw Location

To locate the Chainsaw, venture into the bunker where you’ll also find the guest keycard. Positioned on the west side of the map amidst rugged terrain and deep bunkers, it awaits discovery. Refer to the image below for precise guidance on identifying the Chainsaw’s location within the intricate layout of the cave’s corridors and chambers.

Chainsaw Location

We advise you to go with friends because this will be a long journey. Remember that to advance and locate the Chainsaw, you will need to battle the untamed animals that call the cave home. You’ll be more successful and safe if you collaborate.

Navigating the Chainsaw Location

To successfully navigate the bunker and obtain the Chainsaw location, your initial objective is to acquire the Maintenance Keycard. This essential item is housed within Maintenance Bunker A, necessitating access beforehand. Exercise caution upon discovering the cave, as you venture inside and encounter the bunker.

Chainsaw Location - Entrance

You will see a door leading to a safe room as soon as you enter the bunker, which offers a handy way to preserve your progress without any hassles. A book lies on the left side of the secure room, just waiting for you to take it and add it to your library.

Safe Room

Once you’ve explored the secure chamber to your heart’s content, keep going until you get to the double doors—unlocking which requires the Maintenance Keycard. This section should be approached with caution as it is full of roving mutants that might pose a threat to your progress.

Maintenance Keycard Door

Guest Keycard

After killing numerous mutants, proceed towards the area illuminated by an orange light. Navigate to the left side, where you’ll find an entrance leading to a spiral staircase. Ascend the staircase and cross the pool to access the bar area. There, you’ll discover the Guest Keycard resting atop the table, waiting to be claimed. To learn more about the Guest Keycard, click here!

Guest Keycard Location

Acquiring The Chainsaw

After successfully acquiring the guest keycard, return to the pool area. On the right side, you’ll notice a double door that requires unlocking with the guest keycard. Unlock it and follow the hallway until you reach another room. In this room, head towards the left end side of it, where you’ll find the entrance to the cinema room. Be cautious as there may be a mutant roaming in this area, so eliminate it first. Once clear, proceed to the front of the room where you’ll discover the menacing Chainsaw stuck in a corpse.

Acquiring Chainsaw

Important Items

Similar to other caves or bunkers featured in Sons of the Forest, this one not only contains the Chainsaw but also conceals an array of secrets and valuable items that will be indispensable for your future undertakings. If you wish to view the full guide of this bunker, where we guide players to obtain the Guest Keycard and Other Important Items, click here or the image below.

Guest Keycard and Other Important Items Guide

Exit To The Chainsaw Location

Return to the bar’s entrance and look for the twin doors on the right side to leave this bunker. Proceed down the corridor, then turn right at the stairs. There is a door that leads to the bunker’s egress there.

Chainsaw Location Exit

Chainsaw Location in Sons of the Forest Guide

Presented below is our comprehensive video tour, which will aid you on your journey. It has specific information about the Chainsaw location as well as other crucial elements, such as clear instructions!


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