Where to find Artifact F in Sons of the Forest

Greetings, fellow survivors! Could you explore Sons of the Forest’s secrets further? The strange items that are strewn around the game are probably familiar to all players, regardless of experience level. Prepare yourself for this exciting journey as we serve as your guide, showing you where Artifact F is located.

What is an Artifact?

Transforming items into gold and enabling teleportation are two of the Artifact’s amazing powers. You will need the teleporter blueprint to teleport, and each teleporter has to be triggered with the Artifact in it to work. Only when they are active can teleporters function.

Artifact F Appearance

However, before you can utilize the Artifact, you must assemble all components on your crafting menu, necessitating the acquisition of all necessary items first. For information on the location of each Artifact, refer to our Sons of the Forest webpage. Once everything is assembled, you’ll receive instructions on how to reload it, which requires Solafite Ore. To switch between usage modes, press R.

Crafting The Artifact

Artifact F Location

In Sons of the Forest, the Luxury Bunker, which is situated in the eastern region of the map, is where you may find Artifact F. Most gamers find this cave challenging because of its many passageways and hidden rooms.

Artifact F Location

Navigating The Artifact F Location

It is not an easy undertaking to get Artifact F. You must finish the game to get this item, which means you must have acquired every crucial item—such as the Golden Armor, which you’ll need later on—in the game.

Cave Entrance

Once you’re at the entrance of the luxury bunker, enter inside, and you will notice a complete change in the scenery because you’ve already finished the game.


Once you’re inside the bunker, head down the corridors and follow the path until the end. Once you’ve reached the end, continue going down until you reach a yellow door on the left that you need to enter.

Yellow doors

It’s best to stick to the left path after entering these yellow doors. Once you’re through the area and reach a lobby-like area of the bunker, you will notice a corpse with a note beside it. This indicates that you’re on the right path.

Lobby for Penthouse

Keep moving forward and go through the right door leading to a penthouse inside the bunker. Then, go through the left door to enter the bedroom. Locate the bathroom within this room. Inside the bathroom, you will find a big hole in the wall that you can go through.

Bathroom hole

Armor Plating Blueprint

Once you’re through the hole in the bathroom, follow its path, and you will reach the golden doors with a man standing in front of them. Alongside this door is a skeleton holding the newest Armor Plating Blueprint.

Armor Plating Blueprint

You will need to head back and craft this plating to build an Armor Plater that you can use later on. Below are the materials you’re going to need to craft this blueprint.

Material ImageMaterial NameQuantity
Golf Cart Batteries4x

Once you’ve crafted the Armor Plater, put some Solafite ore into it and then place the Golden Armor inside. Just like with the Solafite Plating, you will need to defend this against a bunch of mutants while it is doing its thing. Once the enchantment is done it will then turn into Ancient Armor.

Ancient Armor

After acquiring the new armor, return to the Golden doors where you will find the Armor Plating Blueprint to proceed to the next area. You must equip your newly acquired armor to open the Golden doors. Once that’s done, follow the long path to the Hell Cave.

Unlocking golden doors

Once you’re in this area, you will have a companion, Timmy, whom you just need to follow to pass through this cave.

Companion Timmy

Continue along the path, which will finally lead you to the Hell Cave. We suggest using your Cross in this area if you encounter any enemies. Continue following Timmy to the deepest part of the cave, where there is smoldering lava around, so you will have to be careful not to step into it.

Hell Cave

Once you’re in a magma stream, you must be prepared, as this area will give you the time of your life. Here, you’re going to have to fight another boss to continue and obtain Artifact F.

Boss Area

Fighting The First Boss

Killing this boss can be tough; you’ll need to use a bunch of your ammunition to take down this terrifying creature. After defeating the boss, proceed to the end of this area, where you will find a small gap you can enter.

First Boss Fight

Following this path, you will find a lot of resources you can collect to compensate for everything you used to defeat the boss earlier.

Tons of loot

As you reach the end of this path, you will then face another huge golden door and a cutscene.

Cutscene #2

Final Boss Fight

Your fight does not stop there; as soon as the cutscene ends, you will need to face the Final Boss. A key tip in fighting this boss is to use all the explosives you’ve acquired in the previous area of the cave.

Final Boss

After defeating the Final Boss, another cutscene will trigger, showing the artifact activation and indicating a location. You can then choose to pursue the artifacts or leave via helicopter.

Artifacts Activated

Choosing to pursue the Artifact triggers a five-line beam in the sky, guiding you toward Artifact F’s location. Follow it to acquire the artifact. This beam unlocks the entrance to the newest cave added to the game.

Lightning Beam

Acquiring The Artifact F

Once you’ve found the new cave entrance, descend using the rope. Follow the path downward until you encounter the area where the lighting beam emits. Here, the final piece of the artifact awaits your claim.

Acquiring The Artifact F

Once you have all the pieces of the artifact, you can combine them.

Combined Artifact Pieces

Where to find Artifact F in Sons of the Forest Guide

For a comprehensive tutorial on finding and acquiring Artifact F in Sons of the Forest, watch the video below. We walk you through every step of the hunt for this elusive item.


Feel free to check out our Sons of the Forest Homepage if you love our Artifact F location guide. We have a ton of guides available there that can help you on your journey. Be sure to share your experience in our Official Community Discord! We also have an Interactive Map you can use to find different items you need.


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