Where to find the Golden Armor in Sons of the Forest

One of the main steps to reaching the latter part of the game in Sons of the Forest is finding the powerful Golden Armor. Offering priceless advice and tactics to help players reach both mastery and survival, this book skillfully negotiates the challenging quest to locate the Golden Armor.

What is Golden Armor?

The Golden Armor in Sons of the Forest is a distinct progression item, providing players with a complete armor protection bar rather than the segmented version. It remains impervious to breakage or quality degradation during combat, serving as a permanent fixture that lasts indefinitely. While classified as armor, the Golden Armor functions more like an outfit item, effectively replacing the player’s conventional armor while retaining its defensive utility.

Player 2 Golden Armor

Golden Armor Location

To obtain the Golden armor, you can head to one of these cave entrances. The cave-in issue is located on the eastern shore of the big lake, east of the snowy area in the center of the island. Refer to the image below for precise guidance on identifying the location.

Where to find the Golden Armor in Sons of the Forest

Navigating The Golden Armor Location

Once you’ve located the cave’s entrance, proceed inside carefully. Note that you need to obtain the Rebreather before you can find the Golden Armor’s location. This gadget lets you swim underwater for a considerable amount of time, which is necessary to go to the Golden Armor location.

Entrance To The Cave

As you explore the cave after entering it, it’s best to stick to the right side. Look for a small area of deep water where you can swim while using a rebreather. The cave is quite large, but if you keep heading in the direction of the rear and the lowest point, you’ll eventually find the proper spot. To get yourself out the other side, try to swim past the severed body parts as you follow the long underwater tube

Utilizing Rebreather


The man’s body is slumped against the cave wall; take anything you can from it, then move forward, keeping the same wall to your left. In the end, you’ll find two more soldiers hanging out, one of whom is holding a rifle.


After taking the gun, turn around, and return. This time, turn to your right and swim a little to get to the opposite side. Just keep moving forward—running or walking—until you come to a rope, then climb it.

Going up the rope

After passing by a group of golden structures, you’ll descend to two more groups of golden buildings. The third set of golden buildings resembles a small shelter because it has a roof. You’ll come across a wall with a cross on it. Smash it, then descend to the water.

Golden path

To be honest, it’s a very long slide. Swim, then ascend directly while staying on the golden structures. Take the left path at the end of those golden structures to reach the Night Vision Goggles located there.


When you notice water cascading from the cave’s ceiling, keep going and turn right. To cross the golden barriers and reach the other side, you will need to swim. You’ll notice more golden barriers and a way through them; nonetheless, stay on the straight path. You’ll also see a dead cult member who has a Coke can next to him.

Another golden pathway

After the deceased cultist, just keep going to your left until you see more golden structures on the ground. Then you’ll see two more dead cult members with shotgun shells nearby. This time, stay to your right and proceed past those golden buildings.

Left Path - Close To The Spaceship

Smash down those barriers and grab the rope so you can descend, or just drop because you won’t sustain any fall injuries. Swim in the right passage until you come across a solafite mineral. To cross to the other side if you notice those, dive with your rebreather. Turn right and go through the right passage. On your left side and in front of you are numerous of those, as well as a dead body wearing a spacesuit outfit. After that, a golden spaceship will appear.


Acquiring The Golden Armor and Artifact G

You have to go around to the rear of the spaceship after you’ve located it. Once there, to go in, you have to blow up the barricade. Approach the cockpit to find a skeleton wearing Shiny Golden Armor and carrying the rare Artifact G. This is how you get Artifact G.

Exit To The Cave

After successfully acquiring the Golden Armor, it’s time to head for the exit. Exit the spaceship, and next to it is a path going up. Keep moving up until you reach a rope to climb upwards. After that, you will have to climb another rope. Keep moving forward until you reach another rope to climb up. Following the path, you’ll reach a water source where you need to dive down. After ascending, be careful as this area is filled with mutants. Push forward until you reach another rope you need to climb again.

Climbing Up The Ropes To Exit

Artifact D

Moving forward, you will find another rope, this time going down along with the waterslide. This area is also filled with mutants, so be careful. Follow a stiff path to keep moving forward until you reach an entrance blocked by wooden planks. Once you’re through the area, you can still get Artifact D by following a path upwards into a golden passage.

??? Artifact

Multi-Trap Blueprint

On the other side of the room, blocked by another set of wooden planks, is the Multi-Trap Blueprint. After acquiring it, head towards the golden pathway to exit the cave. Follow its path and head to the right after defeating a bunch of mutants. After that, you will need to dive into the water, and at the end of it is the exit.

Multi-Trap Blueprint

Where to find the Golden Armor in Sons of the Forest Guide

Check out our complete video tutorial to help you on your adventure for exact information on the location of Golden Armor and other crucial elements, such as step-by-step directions and a particular location!


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