Where to find the Golden Armor in Sons of the Forest

Golden Armor is required to gain access to the Golden Door, which reveals the final area of the game. So grabbing the Golden Armor is a MUST.

Before, it was in the same POI as the Katana, but thanks to Patch 02. The developers have implemented a whole new cave system and moved the Golden Armor. We have made a guide below on how to get the Golden Armor.

Finding the Golden Armor

In order to get through the cave, it will require you to have the Rebreather as there is some water zones. Once you are ready, get yourself to one of the locations on the map.

Where to find the Golden Armor in Sons of the Forest

Remember when entering the cave to bring a lighter and the Rebreather for an easier time navigating. Upon entering you’ll be met with a quite nice water reflection aesthetic, but remember this new mountain cave system is full of creatures looking to murder you.

A common theme throughout the cave system is a lot of the gold material and structures found within the game. For those that have progressed through the game, this gold holds a fair amount of significance. Head through this section.

In the new mountain cave system, vertical climbable ropes have been added to assist with the verticality and depth of the caves. It should also be noted that there are several underwater sections of the cave, however they’re linear, so do not worry!

As referenced earlier, as we progress through the newly connected system, various gold unearthly structures start appearing. Progress through this bridge-like construct to get deeper in the cave.

After following the cave route through, you are eventually met with a very long rockslide – reaching far deeper into the cave in a one-way system. Slide all the way to the bottom and continue onward.

Eventually, you are going to end up hitting a left and right split, highlighted by a flashlight with several dead cultists. Fortunately, the right side of the split doubles back on itself and brings you back to this room. As a result, we recommend heading right first.

As mentioned above, should you need to find a point of remembrance, the dead cultists surrounding the light is a key spot to think of in the split room.

A secondary marking can be found on the right side of the split. It is also noteworthy that the north-most Supply Cave entrance can lead you to this section quicker, however, it is also a one-way system. The marking shows several cultists worshipping a currently unknown object.

Heading back through the left split, eventually you will come across a water-filled tunnel sporting a couple of gold bars across the left side. Make sure to follow this along as this section leads you to the best part of the new mountain cave system currently!

Finally, after progressing through the tunnel room and slaying several demons – you arrive at the newly placed Golden Armor! Once obtaining this, head to the rope and get yourself out the cave.

The Golden Armor has recently been moved here from its previous location. The armor is essential to progressing the game, making the new mountain cave system a must explore!

We hope you enjoyed the Golden Armor guide, Our Sons of the Forest Map HERE!


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