Where to find the Golden Armor in Sons of the Forest

Golden Armor is required to gain access to the Golden Door, which reveals the final area of the game. So grabbing the Golden Armor is a MUST.

Thanks to Patch 13, the Golden Armor can be obtain in the same cave as the Rifle. We have made a guide below on how to get the Golden Armor.

Player 2 Golden Armor

Finding the Golden Armor

In order to get through the cave, it will require you to have the Rebreather as there is some water zones. Once you are ready, get yourself to one of the locations on the map.

Where to find the Golden Armor in Sons of the Forest

Remember when entering the cave to bring a lighter and the Rebreather for an easier time navigating. The cave in issue is located on the eastern shore of the big lake, east of the snowy area in the center of the island.

New Cave 1

As you explore the cave after entering it, look for a small area of deep water where you can swim while using a rebreather. The cave is quite large, but if you keep heading in the direction of the rear and the lowest point, you’ll eventually find the proper spot. In order to get yourself out the other side, try to swim past the severed body parts as you follow the long underwater tube.

New Cave 2

The man’s body is slumped against the cave wall; take anything you can from it, then move forward, keeping the same wall to your left. In the end, you’ll find two more soldiers hanging out, one of whom is holding a rifle. Take that gun, turn around, and return. This time, turn to your right and swim a little to get to the opposite side. Just keep moving forward—running or walking—until you come to a rope, then climb it.

New Cave 3

After passing by a group of golden structures, you’ll descend to two more groups of golden buildings. Because it has a roof, the third set of golden buildings resembles a small shelter. You’ll come across a wall with a cross on it. Smash it, then descend to the water. To be honest, it’s a very long slide. Swim, then ascend directly while staying on the golden structures. Take the left path at the end of those golden structures to reach the Night Vision Goggles that is located there.

New Cave 4

When you notice water cascading from the cave’s ceiling, keep going and turn right. To cross the golden barriers and reach the other side, you will need to swim. You’ll notice more golden barriers and a way through them; nonetheless, stay on the straight path. You’ll also see a dead cult member who has a Coke can next to him. After the deceased cultist, just keep going to your left until you see more golden structures on the ground. Then you’ll see two more dead cult members with shotgun shells nearby. This time, stay to your right and proceed past those golden buildings.

New Cave 5

Smash down those barriers and grab the rope so you can descend, or just drop because you won’t sustain any fall injuries. Swim in the right passage until you come across a solafite mineral. To cross to the other side if you notice those, dive with your rebreather. Turn right and go through the right passage. On your left side and in front of you are numerous of those, as well as a dead body wearing a scuba diving outfit. After that, a golden spaceship will appear, and you must destroy the barrier to enter it. To obtain the Golden Armor, approach the cockpit.

New Cave 6

Recently, the Golden Armor was relocated from its previous location to this one. The armor is necessary to advance in the game, so you must explore the new mountain cave system!

New Cave 7

Video Guide

Once you’ve found the cave system, you can follow the route shown in the video below. You will need a rebreather to navigate the underwater part of the cave safely.

We hope you enjoyed the Golden Armor guide. If you want to know more about the awesome locations of Sons of the Forest, make sure to check out our Interactive Map. We can’t wait for you to share your creations with us on our Official Community Discord! Lastly, our Sons Of The Forest Homepage is a list of latest news and guides of the game. You can have a look when you are free!





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