Where to Find the Multi-Trap Blueprint in Sons of the Forest

In the dynamic world of Sons of the Forest, discovering the Multi-Trap Blueprint unlocks advanced defensive strategies against multiple threats. This guide embarks on the quest to reveal the elusive location of this blueprint, offering essential insights for players.

What is a Multi-Trap?

The Multi-Trap, which was added in Patch 13, is a strong defensive device that provides a way to fight numerous enemies at once and protect your base against coordinated attacks. Experienced survivors wishing to strengthen their defenses in Sons of the Forest choose it because of its effectiveness and adaptability.

Multi-Trap Appearance

Multi-Trap Blueprint Location

To get the Multi-Trap Blueprint, you must locate a cave on the map’s southwest side. For detailed instructions on where the Trap Blueprint is located in the complex network of passages and rooms within the cave, see the figure below.

Multi-Trap Blueprint Location

Navigating The Multi-Trap Location

When you’re in the southwest part of the map, search for a cave entrance near a rock formation in the forest that descends into the ground. The hole you find in the ground marks the entrance to the cave.

Cave Entrance

Once you’ve found the entrance to the cave, you may enter and go to the edge of the trail, where a rope will lead you deeper into the cave. Ascend the rope to carry on your descent.

Rope Leading Down

Acquiring The Multi-Trap Blueprint

Once you’re down in the cave, you can roam around the area to see if there is anything valuable you can find for your journey ahead. Once done, you will notice an entrance to a room with a table. On top of the table is the Multi-Trap Blueprint.

Multi-Trap Blueprint

Once you have acquired the trap blueprint, you can now proceed to exit the cave. Head to the rope to ascend to the entrance and exit the cave. However, if you want to continue and search for more valuable items in this area, you will notice another entrance blocked with wooden planks. Break through these woods, and you can proceed into the cave.

Next Area of Cave

Crafting The Multi-Trap

When you’ve managed to get the Trap Blueprint, it’s time to use it to fortify your fortress and eat those hideous creatures. These are the materials you’ll need to create the trap:

Material ImageMaterial NameQuantity
Golf Cart Batteries1x
Vodka Bottle2x

Once you have everything you need to construct the Multi-Trap, open your crafting book and draw a mark at the location. After marking, just go ahead and arrange all of the components on the pattern to make the Trap.

Crafting The Multi-Trap

Where to Find the Multi-Trap Blueprint in Sons of the Forest Guide

To assist you on your adventure in Sons of the Forest, watch our video below for a comprehensive explanation of how to get the Multi-Trap Blueprint and a crafting guide.


For improving base security against many dangers, such as hostile wildlife and raiding adversaries, Sons of the Forest’s Multi-Trap is an essential weapon. It provides a flexible and dependable method of defense against a variety of threats hiding in the shadows. Its ability to accurately target and neutralize enemies enables players to strengthen their positions and ensure their survival in the face of wilderness perils.

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