Solafite Plating Blueprint Location in Sons of the Forest

Finding the Solafite Plating Blueprint takes crafting skills in Sons of the Forest’s vast universe to a whole new level. To give gamers who want to improve their survival and craftsmanship valuable information and tactics, this guide aims to locate the elusive blueprint.

What is a Solafite Plating?

With the introduction of Patch 12, players could now improve qualifying weapons into their Solafite variants thanks to the Solafite Plating feature. This upgrade entails using a structure that the player builds to melt solafite and coat the object.

Solafite Plating

Solafite Plating Blueprint Location

To obtain the Solafite Plating Blueprint location, you’ll need to locate a rocky mountain where you’ll find a rope leading to a cave. This cave is positioned on the northeast part of the map. Refer to the image below for precise guidance on identifying the Solafite Plating Blueprint’s location within the intricate layout of the cave’s corridors and chambers.

Solafite Plating Blueprint Location

Navigating The Solafite Plating Blueprint Location

After locating the rope on a rocky mountain, you’ll need to descend to reach the daunting cave. Crucially, to uncover the Solafite Plating Blueprint, you must first obtain the Rebreather. This device enables prolonged underwater swimming, vital for reaching the Plating Blueprint location.

Entrance To Cave

Once inside the cave, follow the path until you reach a cascade. Go with the water flow, but beware of the risk of falling at the end. Hop onto the right to find a path, but be cautious as it can be steep.

Waterslide Part

After descending, gather essential items including an oxygen tank. Utilize your Rebreather to navigate through this underwater portion of the cave. Following the trail, you’ll reach a fork in the road. Proceed to the left, as the right path leads to a dead end.

Utilizing Rebreather

Acquiring The Solafite Plating Blueprint

After taking the left path, you will notice an area blocked by wood planks. Smash these using your axe, and there you will find the Solafite Plating Blueprint. This cave doesn’t just hold this valuable blueprint; it also contains other significant items you can use in the future. Click here if you want to learn more about them.

Acquiring The Solafite Plating Blueprint

Crafting The Solafite Plating

Now that you have the Solafite Plating Blueprint, you may use it to upgrade your weapons by applying a gold coating to give them more magic. You will need the following to create the plating:

Material ImageMaterial NameQuantity
Golf Cart Batteries4x
Turtle Shells3x

Once you’ve gathered all the materials required to craft the Solafite Plating, open your crafting book and designate the location where you want to construct it. Once marked, approach the layout and place all the collected materials to assemble the Solafite Plating.

Crafting Solafite Plating

Enchanting Items

After successfully assembling the Plating, you need to insert six Solafite Ores into it to make it function. Click here if you want to learn how to obtain these ores.

Putting Solafite Ores

After putting the Solafite ores into the Plating, you may now add the item you want to give a gold coating to, as well as apply some bonus stat increases to some of the weapons. 

Putting Desired Item

It doesn’t stop there, though. These objects may be made enchanted to cause lightning strikes and a dramatic shift in the weather. Remember to guard the object, or else a horde of mutants will be drawn to it.

Defending The Solafite Plating

You will be rewarded with a stunning piece of equipment and additional stats on some of the mutants when you have vanquished them and the enchantment is completed, so don’t worry. Click this link to find out more about enchantment!

Enchanted/Coated Weapon

Solafite Plating Blueprint Location in Sons of the Forest Guide

If you want to watch a full detailed guide on how to obtain the Solafite Plating Blueprint as well as a crafting guide, click on our video below to guide you on your journey.


You will find the Solafite Plating Blueprint to be a useful resource in the future. See our Interactive Map for further information on the fantastic locales of Sons of the Forest. We look forward to you sharing your works with us on our official community discord channel! The most recent game news and information may be found on our Sons of the Forest Homepage. When you’re free, you can have a peek!


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