Advanced Enchanting Guide – Sons of the Forest

We are now able to enchant our weapons with the introduction of the enchanting table! Well, its more of a turtle pit, but for the purpose of this guide we are going old-school MMO style and calling it an enchanting table!

Crafting the Enchanting Table

Unlike other structures you can build in Sons of the Forest, you will first need to find the recipe which can be found by exploring the new cave that was introduced in Patch 12.

Once you have the ability to build the Enchanting machine you will need the following resources:

  • 11 Sticks
  • 4 Batteries
  • 7 Boulders
  • 3 Wire
  • 3 Turtle Shell

Where & Time to Enchant

After some testing and enchanting, we found that every item takes 120 seconds to fully enchant. Oh, and its recommended to enchant OUTSIDE – enchanting inside can have some… interesting effects!

Enchanting Items and their Effects

Before you start enchanting an item, make sure your base is ready for defence. Every time you enchant an item a bunch of creatures and mutants will spawn! Some are easier than others, so make sure you are ready, it’s going to get wild!

Every time you enchant an item it costs 6 Solofite.

Item NameEffect 1Effect 2
RevolverGold SkinNo Effect
ShotgunGold SkinNo Effect
Firefighter AxeGold Skin
PickaxeGold Skin
GuitarGold Skin
CrossGold SkinNo Effect
RifleGold SkinNo Effect
Tactical AxeGold Skin
MacheteGold Skin
Crafted ClubGold Skin
Modern AxeGold Skin
PutterGold Skin
KatanaGold Skin
PistolGold SkinNo Effect

We hope you found this Advanced Guide to enchanting in Sons of the Forest helpful, if you have any questions feel free to jump into our Community discord.




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