Where to Find the Cross Light Blueprint in Sons of the Forest

In the depths of Sons of the Forest, discovering the Cross Light Blueprint offers players an invaluable tool for illuminating dark corners and bolstering defensive capabilities. This guide embarks on the quest to uncover the elusive location of this blueprint.

What is a Cross Light?

In Sons of the Forest, the Cross Light shines brightly, aiding in base location when lost and illuminating dark areas during nighttime exploration, ensuring enhanced visibility and fortified defenses.

Cross Light Appearance

Cross Light Blueprint Location

To obtain the Cross Light Blueprint, you’ll need to locate the entrance of the Rebreather Cave, which is on the northwest side of the map. Refer to the image below for precise guidance on identifying the Light Blueprint’s location within the intricate layout of the cave’s corridors and chambers.

Cross Light Blueprint Location

Navigating The Cross Light Blueprint Location

Once you locate the cave containing the Cross Light Blueprint, continue with extreme caution. There are so many things in the area just waiting for you to pick them up, so make sure you take your time and collect them all completely.

Cave Entrance

Important Laptop

As you enter the horrendous Cave, you will notice tons of items on the ground that you can pick up. One of the things in here is the laptop, which unlocks the location of the entertainment bunker.

Important Laptop

Newspaper Note

In the same room as the laptop, there’s a newspaper note near a corpse. Pick it up, then continue to the next area of the cave.

Newspaper Note

With the newspaper note in hand, continue advancing through the cave. Stick to the path where you discovered the note, but remain prepared to confront some mutants along the way. You’ll need to handle them to progress to the next area.

Different Pathways

You’ll come across two paths as you go. Choose the correct route if getting the Cross Light Blueprint is your main objective in this cave. However, we advise beginning on the left track if you’re interested in investigating other goods, such as the Rebreather.

Killing Mutants

Once you have found the correct road, keep going until you come to another two-way path. You have to take the left way here. But if you want to get your hands on the Stun Gun, go ahead and click this link!

Right Path and Then Left Path

Once you’ve gone through the left pathway, you will notice an entrance blocked by wooden planks. Smash it, and it will reveal a rope that leads deeper into the cave.

Going Down The Ropes

Acquiring The Cross Light Blueprint

After going down the rope, proceed to follow the path. Once you reach the end of the path, you will have to go to the left where you need to crouch down to access the area. You’ll find a bunch of skeletons hanging around in this part. Once you’re in this area, explore to find the Cross Light Blueprint lying on the floor.

Acquiring The Cross Light Blueprint

Crafting The Cross Light Blueprint

It’s time to use the Cross Light Blueprint to sharpen your night vision and make the terrifying creatures easier to see when you’ve successfully obtained it. What you’ll need to make the trap is as follows:

Material ImageMaterial NameQuantity
Light Bulbs9x
Half Planks1x

Once you have everything you need to create the Light, locate the desired location for its construction by marking it in your crafting book. After marking, just go ahead and arrange all the items to produce the light on the plan.

Crafting The Cross Light

Where to Find the Cross Light Blueprint in Sons of the Forest Guide

Click the video below for a comprehensive walkthrough on how to get the Cross Light Blueprint and for crafting advice. It will help you on your way.


We hope that our Cross Light Blueprint location guide will be useful to you in Sons of the Forest’s gloomy environment. Tell us on the official community discord channel. You can discover a ton more guides on the Sons of the Forest Homepage, so be sure to check out other tutorials similar to this one. To help you navigate the vast area SOFT has to offer, we also provide an Interactive Map.


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