Patch 12 ??? Artifact Location


You can find all the Sons of the Forest Artifacts on our Interactive Map.

The keen eyed among us will have found the first ??? Artifact Location after last weeks Patch 11, With Patch 12 we get another ??? Artifact Location to explore.

??? Artifact Location

??? Artifact Location

Find your way to the ??? Artifact Location in the top right of the map, look for a small hole in the ground with some rope leading you down, make sure to have a light source and the rebreather on standby to be able to navigate this cave. You can find the location easily using our interactive MAP

??? Artifact Location

Navigating the cave

During your way down into the depths you’ll run into an underwater passage requiring a rebreather to get through, after you’ve passed this obstacle you will run into part of the recipe for the new enchantment table.

After picking up the recipe and moving on you will find another hole with a rope to continue going down into the depths. Following the rope down, you find yourself in the deepest part of the cave, continue to press forward and soon you will see a gold structure. Within the golden structure you will find the latest ??? Artifact Location.

Video Walkthrough

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