Sons Of The Forest – Patch 11 – New Large Battery Location / Electric System Guide

In Patch 11, you’ll venture into a dangerous realm where you’ll face mutant monsters, some of which may resemble humans, while others are completely distinct. To protect yourself and your loved ones, you’ll need to utilize a range of weapons, including pistols, axes, and stun batons.

Hey Survivors, we’ve updated the electricity system for Patch 11 by adding a new battery pickup that is required to keep things going at night, and by putting a cap on how many objects can be powered by a single source until your lights start to dim and finally overload. Batteries can be discovered in various bunkers and close to malfunctioning golf carts.

Patch 11

New Large Battery Location

As previously indicated, there are a lot of abandoned golf carts in the world, and these new, huge batteries can be found on them. The golf course has more than others, but it’s not like they are extremely uncommon because you can even find them on shelves inside bunkers.

Did you realize that after you save and reload, they respawn? Yes, you read that correctly. Therefore, spawn a camper, reload, and obtain more if you want a large number of them. It is absurd that a player can carry three of these batteries, which can weigh between 10 and 15 kilograms in real life.

New Large Battery Location

Electric System Guide

The first change in Patch 11 is that a new, huge battery item has been introduced, and the electricity system has been modified so that the electric fences and lights must now be powered by batteries at night. They are essentially just automobile batteries, and golf carts often have them.

Now that wires can connect solar panels to power grids in Patch 11, they can be installed without the need for a supporting structure. The positioning of solar panels has been altered as well. In the past, solar panels could be easily attached to a roof, a ceiling, a foundation, etc. It is now free form. No longer does it snap to the ground. Four solar panels can fit on a single base. Each one can have a battery affixed to it, in which case everything functions much the same. Solar panels used to function even when not exposed to the sun. It is encouraging to know that this electricity grid is being improved.

Electric System Guide1

They have also added limits on how many objects or units the solar panel can power up before they overload the grid.

Solar Panels still need to have a wire attached to them and drawn to the log or whatever it is that you are trying to power. The free wires connected to beams and pillars now use a wire model instead of a zip tie for the supporting ring visual.

The developers also added electrical grid sounds, a humming sound that happens whenever you place or attach an electrical grid into an object or structure.

Electric System Guide2

Patch 11 – New Large Battery Location / Electric System Guide Conclusion

Sons Of The Forest is a survival horror simulator where you experience total freedom to approach life in whichever way you choose. You select your own actions, destinations, and survival strategies. You won’t be given missions you don’t want to do or be given directives by NPCs. You make the decisions and issue the instructions.

If you want to check out all of the patch notes, please go to Sons Of The Forest Patch 11 so that you will know about the new spear and effigy cannibals, new cutscene, and more! We can not wait for you to join our Official Community Discord and share your masterpieces with us. Visit our Interactive Map if you need assistance finding your way about the island! Keep in mind to stay alive when in the woods!



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