Sons Of The Forest – Patch 11 – The New ? Item Guide

Hello Survivors! In Sons Of The Forest Patch 11, the New ? item is located in Cave A, or the Rebreather cave within the whole new Cave extension. Without further ado, let’s get into it!

Cave A

The New ? Item Guide

Make sure you’ve eaten and aren’t thirsty before entering the Rebreather Cave. To enter the cave, you must hold E. If you have guns in your inventory, you can equip them to make murdering foes simpler and, yes, louder. However, if you are a melee type of man, it is great as long as you know when to hit them.

If you want to see easier in the dark, especially in the caves, you can activate the “cheatstick” code by typing it in then press F1 to type “cavelight on”. You will see 3 military soldier bodies and a laptop on your left side at the start. Go right because it is the only way. I hope you are all enjoying this New ? Item Guide.

cavelight on

Again, there is no signal when you are in a cave. Keep that in mind at all times. Bats will be flying around the corners. You’ll also see a lot of foot cutouts hanging throughout the cave. There is also some flesh on the ground. You’ll come across a floater in the cave’s water, a yellow object hanging within the cave, a yellow water bucket, a mini-light device on the ground, and a dead body near the water bucket. You can either kill every foe you encounter or simply pass through them unharmed.

The first intersection of the cave will let you choose if you want to go left or right. Go right and you will see a radio there that you can turn off if you are easily irritated by the sound it produces. As you walk by, you will see crates on the sides and bodies or skeletons that are hung inside the cave. Beware, because you will encounter some Ronnies or Fingers inside the cave.

In Sons of the Forest, you may come across cave-dwelling enemies referred to as “Ronnies” or “Fingers.” These mutants can be encountered on the surface or in caverns, and the developers have used both names interchangeably. So feel free to use either name!

Ronnies or Fingers

After defeating that wave of foes, you will come upon a dead soldier with a grenade and ammo to collect if you so desire. Go to the soldier’s left and cross the bridge. Then you’ll come upon a wooden barricade that you must dismantle. After you destroy it, you will notice a rope knot. To go down, hold E. Continue walking until you reach the large rock formation in the center.

Turn left and then turn left again to find another wood barricade. Destroy it, walk through it, and then turn left. Enter that gold structure, and you will finally see the New? that you are looking for. To obtain the New ? item, press E.

New ?

The New ? Item Guide Summary

They have added the New ? Item to the new cave extension. We found out that it’s going to be a part of an item that we build over time. The Forest did that with the Flintlock Pistol. If you want to check out all of them, please go to Sons Of The Forest Patch 11! We can’t wait for you to share your creations with us on our Official Community Discord. If you need help navigating the island, please visit our Interactive Map! Remember to stay alive in the forest!



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