Where to Find the Spin Trap Blueprint in Sons of the Forest

In the intricate world of Sons of the Forest, locating the Spin Trap Blueprint introduces players to innovative defensive tactics. This guide embarks on the journey to unveil the location of this blueprint.

What is a Spin Trap?

Take pleasure in the thrilling experience of creating and using this trap in Sons of the Forest. When an attacker approaches, watch how the trap’s wings spread out and spin quickly, eliminating any threats that venture close and protecting your base.

Spin Trap Appearance

Spin Trap Location

To obtain the Trap Blueprint, venture to a hut situated on the northeast part of the map. Utilize the image below for precise guidance in pinpointing the Trap Blueprint’s location amidst the surrounding terrain and structures.

Spin Trap Location

Acquiring The Spin Trap Blueprint

Once you’ve located these huts in the forest, head straight towards the farthest hut or the biggest one. On the table of this hut, you will find the Trap Blueprint.

Acquiring The Spin Trap Blueprint

Crafting The Spin Trap

It’s time to use the blueprint you’ve managed to get to fortify your fortress and take out the terrifying creatures. You will need the following to create the Trap:

Material ImageMaterial NameQuantity
Golf Cart Batteries1x
Light Bulbs1x

Once you’ve obtained all the materials needed to make the Trap, open your crafting book and mark the spot where you want to build it. Once marked, simply approach the layout and place all the gathered materials to create the Trap.

Crafting The Spin Trap

Where to Find the Spin Trap Blueprint in Sons of the Forest Guide

If you’re looking for a comprehensive guide on acquiring the Spin Trap Blueprint, along with detailed crafting instructions, our video below provides an in-depth walkthrough to assist you on your journey through Sons of the Forest.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it necessary to obtain this trap to progress further in the game?

The game may be played without using the trap, no. Though they might be optional and improve gameplay rather than being necessary for advancement, traps like the Spin Trap can provide benefits like light, protection, or attack, respectively. Your playstyle and the game’s objectives will determine the traps you build and utilize.

What are the other traps available in the game that I can use?

In Sons of the Forest, players are armed with an array of traps and tools essential for defending their base, orchestrating ambushes, and facilitating hunting and exploration. These include the Grinder Trap, made to pulverize enemies with spinning blades upon activation; the Spin Trap, swiftly eliminating approaching threats with its spinning blades; and the Multi-Trap, a versatile mechanism adept at capturing multiple foes simultaneously, adding depth to strategic gameplay.

Are traps effective against all types of enemies?

Traps typically prove effective against a wide range of enemy types, yet their effectiveness can drop based on factors such as the enemy’s size, strength, and agility. Explore various trap types through experimentation to discern the most effective strategies for countering specific threats.


In Sons of the Forest, the Spin Trap is essential for strengthening base defense against a variety of enemies. It allows players to fortify their fortifications and guarantee their survival in the face of the horrors of the wilderness by precisely locating and eliminating opponents.

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