Where to Find the Grind Trap Blueprint in Sons of the Forest

Within the imaginative world of Sons of the Forest, acquiring the Grind Trap Blueprint introduces fresh avenues for survival and defense. This guide sets out on a journey to reveal the elusive whereabouts of this blueprint, providing crucial tips for players aiming to strengthen their bases and repel dangers.

What is a Grind Trap?

The Grind Trap, also called the Grinder, is a cunningly designed tool that is prepared to turn any unwary adversaries that go too close into powder, turning them into minced meat. It becomes a powerful complement to your defensive toolkit as a result.

Grind Trap

Grind Trap Blueprint Location

You have to find a little settlement on the northeast part of the map to get the Grind Trap Blueprint. To pinpoint the exact placement of the Grind Trap Blueprint in the complex network of passageways and rooms within the cave, see the figure below.

Grind Trap Location

Navigating The Grind Trap Location

After locating the small village, you will find several huts in the forest. You can first roam around this location to find valuable items like a Note. After that, you need to make your way to the hut with a half-triangle ceiling on it. Inside, you will find an entrance to the cave blocked by several wooden planks that you can destroy using your axe.

Hut Entrance

Important Note

Once under the surface, proceed to another entrance, which is blocked by boards of wood. However, you can gather the crucial note adjacent to a skeleton, which offers insightful information or hints about the cave’s past, prospective threats, or undiscovered riches, before shattering it.

Important Note

After passing through the entrance, descend the rope to reach the water below. Proceed to the ground and follow the path upward. Continue onward until you encounter another blocked entrance. Break through it and carefully descend further.

Heading to The Grind Trap

Acquiring The Grind Trap Blueprint

Following the path, you will encounter yet another rope that you need to use to descend deeper into the cave. Once you’re down, head left where you will notice a waterfall. Go under it, and stuck into a piece of wood is the Grinder Trap Blueprint.

Grind Trap Blueprint

??? Artifact

A huge bonus in this cave is that after you’ve acquired the Grinder Trap, head back to the rope, and on the right side of it, you will notice a group of skeletons reaching for something. Head towards them, and you will find a piece of the ??? Artifact, a mysterious and coveted item rumored to possess extraordinary powers and secrets waiting to be unlocked by intrepid explorers.

??? Artifact

Crafting The Grind Trap

The Grinder Trap Blueprint may now be used to strengthen your base’s defenses and ward off those terrifying beasts. These items are necessary to build the Trap:

Material ImageMaterial NameQuantity
Golf Cart Batteries1x
Knight V1x

After acquiring all the components required to construct the Grind Trap, locate the desired location by marking it in your crafting book. After marking, just go ahead and arrange all of the components on the pattern to make the Trap.

Crafting The Grind Trap

Where to Find the Grind Trap Blueprint in Sons of the Forest Guide

Click the video below for a comprehensive walkthrough on how to get the Grind Trap Blueprint and a crafting tutorial to help you on your way to killing all the enemies threatening your base.


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